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Golf Today's Karen Stupples wins LPGA card

At the LGPA Qualifying school tournament Golf Today's sponsored LPGA player Karen Stupples narrowly won her tour card for 2000 when winning a seven player playoff for the final three places.

Karen, despite a first round 80 made the halfway cut right on the cut line and then proceeded to shoot 72 & a best of the day round of 69 in the final round. In difficult scoring conditions - 9 players shot 80 or more - only 6 players broke par and Karen jumped 20 places to move into contention.

We'll be bringing Karen's report as soon as we can

x-Earned an exempt card. y-Won spots after a seven-player playoff. The rest of the field earned conditional cards for the 2000 season

x-Kellee Booth, $6,000 70-70-70-70-280 8-under

x-Jean Zedlitz, $4,875 73-68-72-74-287 1-under
x-Pamela Kerrigan, $4,87573-68-72-74-287

x-Yu Ping Lin, $4,28372-73-71-72-288 even par
x-Dorothy Delasin, $4,28376-68-70-74-288
x-Debbie Koyama, $4,28368-73-67-80-288

x-Jenny Rosales, $3,75077-71-68-73-289 1-over
x-Carmen Hajjar, $3,75072-71-71-75-289

x-Luciana Bemvenuti, $2,75076-72-69-73-290 2-over
x-Shani Waugh, $2,75073-74-70-73-290

x-Patricia Johnson, $1,875 71-74-75-71-291 3-over
x-Patti Liscio, $1,875 69-71-71-80-291

x-Sally Dee, $,1,162 76-75-71-70-292 4-over
x-Michelle Murphy, $1,16278-72-70-72-292
x-Jen Hanna, $1,16271-74-72-75-292
x-Gloria Park, $1,16266-73-78-75-292

xy-Karen Stupples80-72-72-69-293 5-over
xy-Stephanie Sparks77-73-71-72-293
xy-Ashli Price-Bunch 77-67-75-74-293
Karen Pearce 74-73-71-75-293
Vicki Goetze-Ackerman72-78-71-72-293
Marie-Josee Rouleau73-72-75-73-293
Marianne Morris71-75-73-74-293

Jane Egan80-71-74-69-294 6-over
Katie Peterson 74-75-75-70-294
Oh-Yeon Kwon 74-76-71-73-294

Tish Certo 76-71-76-72-295 7-over
LaRee Pearl Sugg 72-75-75-73-295
Carrie Wood74-71-77-73-295
Debbie Harmon72-74-75-74-295
Diane Barnard75-72-73-75-295
Liz Earley 72-73-75-75-295
Fiona Pike 72-75-72-76-295
Heather Bowie73-71-74-77-295
Kate Golden70-72-76-77-295
Karen Lunn 71-72-74-78-295

Michelle Bell75-72-75-74-296 8-over
Jeong Jang 77-72-72-75-296
Kim Augusta71-76-73-76-296

Lisa DePaulo 74-76-75-72-297 9-over
Lori Atsedes 78-73-72-74-297
Natascha Fink78-72-73-74-297
Ellie Gibson 72-76-71-78-297
Nicole Lowien73-70-74-80-297
Connie Masterson 73-72-71-81-297

Caryn Wilson 76-72-77-73-298 10-over
Barb Scherbak75-71-75-77-298
Diana D'Alessio78-71-70-79-298
Lee Ann Walker 72-67-79-80-298
Tina Tombs 74-71-72-81-298

Connie Chillemi74-75-75-75-299 11-over
Melinda Daniels73-73-76-77-299

Siew Ai Lim84-67-73-76-300 12-over
Pam Wright 72-78-74-76-300
Amy Benz 74-75-75-76-300
Jenny Park 69-76-78-77-300
Mie Nakata 73-71-78-78-300
Debbie Williams71-71-75-83-300

Mary Kay Marino76-75-74-76-301 13-over
Johanna Head 72-77-74-78-301
Minny Yeo76-71-75-79-301

Caroline Blaylock73-77-75-77-302 14-over
Silvia Cavalleri 72-77-75-78-302
Nicole Jeray 79-72-72-79-302
Tina Fischer 76-72-75-79-302
Kim Brozer 78-69-76-79-302
Colleen Cashman76-72-74-80-302

Erika Wicoff 78-74-73-78-303 15-over
Elizabeth Bowman 75-74-75-79-303

Teresa Ishiguro78-71-76-80-305 17-over