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US LPGA win for 15th straight time

The LPGA won the Nichirei International for the 15th straight year today, beating Japan behind strong play from Liselotte Neumann and rookie of the year Kim Mi-Hyun.

In the 12 stroke-play matches on the final day of the $702,000 tournament, the LPGA won 6.5-5.5 for a 15.5-8.5 victory. The LPGA led 9-3 entering the last of three days of competition at Soei Country Club.

Neumann and Kim each shot 3-under-par 69 for two of the six wins by the LPGA, which earned $450,000 for the victory.

Hiromi Kobayashi had the day's lowest score of 68 in leading Japan to five wins and one tie for its best performance this week. Kobayashi played for the LPGA in the 1998 event.

Neumann was even with Japan captain Fumiko Muraguchi after 13 holes, but she pulled ahead with two birdies on the next three holes and won by three strokes.

U.S. captain Lorie Kane lost 69-75 to Fuki Kido.

In a match between South Koreans, Kim beat Japan tour veteran Ku Ok-Hee 69-74. Kobayashi defeated Cindy McCurdy by eight strokes.

    FINAL SCORE: U.S. LPGA 15.5, Japan LPGA 8.5

    SINGLES SCORE: U.S. LPGA 6.5, Japan LPGA 5.5

    Laura Davies, USLPGA, halved with Kaori Higo, JLPGA, 71-71.

    Aki Nakano, JLPGA, def. Mardi Lunn, USLPGA, 74-79.

    Liselotte Neumann, USLPGA, def. Fumiko Muraguchi, JLPGA, 69-72.

    Tina Barrett, USLPGA, def. Junko Yasui, JLPGA, 70-74.

    Fuki Kido, JLPGA, def. Lorie Kane, USLPGA, 69-75.

    Rosie Jones, USLPGA, def. Yuri Fudo, JLPGA, 72-73.

    Sherri Steinhauer, USLPGA, def. Han Hee Won, JLPGA, 73-74.

    Aki Takamura, JLPGA, def. Janice Moodie, USLPGA, 73-76.

    Midori Yoneyama, JLPGA, def. Nancy Scranton, USLPGA, 74-77.

    Kim Mi Hyun, USLPGA, def. Ku Ok Hee, JLPGA, 69-74.

    Rachel Hetherington, USLPGA, def. Akiko Fukushima, JLPGA, 74-75.

    Hiromi Kobayashi, JLPGA, def. Cindy McCurdy, USLPGA, 68-76.