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Europeans in Ryder Cup caddie protest

Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke have written a letter to Europe's Ryder Cup committee to protest about the decision not to allow their caddies to fly to Boston on Concorde with them in three weeks.

"We think the caddies are a valuable part of the team and should travel with the team. As simple as that," said Westwood on Thursday.

"We sent the letter two weeks ago, but haven't heard anything yet.

"I'm not bothered who's on Concorde as long as the caddies are. They don't perform well with jet-lag just like players.

"An advantage we have always had is great team spirit. We've been fairly successful, so why break it up and change a successful formula."

The caddies did travel to America on the specially-chartered Concorde for the 1995 match, but this time scheduled flights have been arranged.

But that means that while the players will land in time for a first look at Brookline on the Monday of Ryder Cup week, those caddies involved in the final round of the Lancome Trophy in Paris the previous day will not arrive until mid-afternoon.