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Coltart happy to beat Faldo and Langer

Andrew Coltart tonight delivered a damning put-down on Nick Faldo and Bernhard Langer - the men he beat to a Ryder Cup wild card.

Scot Coltart reserved his most severe criticism for Faldo, who has taken part in the past 11 events.

The Englishman, who has won both the Open and the US Masters three times, was "gutted" after being told by Europe captain Mark James that he would not be given a wild card.

But Coltart, 29, said: "I think he was a great benefit to the team two years ago but Nick hasn't really done anything in the last couple of years.

"He's been beaten and bettered by other, younger players. Maybe other players aren't in awe of him as they used to be and he's no longer one hole up standing on the first tee in the minds of his opponents.

"I think Nick was maybe being unrealistic. You can't go on forever."

James' decision to name Coltart as a wild card choice, along with Jesper Parnevik, was a huge surprise.

Langer, like Faldo one of Europe's top stars in the last two decades, had been widely expected to get the nod but he was snubbed.

Coltart told BBC Radio 5 Live: "They haven't played up to their expectations this year. Nick hasn't played well for the last couple of years.

"Without sounding too cool or harsh, I think these guys are cracking on a little bit and maybe it's time to stand aside and let some younger guys take over."