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Nicklaus Jr gains US PGA Tour Card

The charge was vintage Nicklaus -- only it belonged to Gary, not Jack.

Gary Nicklaus, the 30-year-old son of the greatest golfer ever, shot a 7-under-par 63 in the final round of qualifying school today and earned his PGA Tour card for the first time in nine attempts.

"Now I get to see how good I really am," Nicklaus said. "I've played a few tour events, but I haven't played a ton, and I'm excited to get out there and move on to new challenges. Hopefully, this is the last time I ever come to this tournament again."

Blaine McCallister, a five-time winner on the PGA Tour, won the six-round event at Doral Golf Resort by closing with a 67 for a 19-under 401.

The top 35 and ties earned their cards for the 2000, while the next 50 and ties earned a spot on the Tour (formerly Nike Tour).

The fourth of five children, Gary tied for 12th and became the first Nicklaus to make it through the pressure cooker known as Q-school. His father never needed Q-school, having won the U.S. Open as a rookie in 1962 and accomplishing the career Grand Slam before Gary was even born.

"It's an honor to be his son," Nicklaus said. "Not only is he the greatest golfer who ever played, but he's a wonderful father and a great person. I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm sure he's pretty happy."

Jack Nicklaus, who had watched every shot his son played through five rounds on the Gold and Silver courses at Doral, missed the great finish. He was in Latrobe, Pa., to attend the funeral service for Arnold Palmer's wife, Winnie, who died Saturday.

"I've been telling Gary all along that he's a lot better player than he gives himself credit for being," said Nicklaus, who got telephone updates after each hole. "I told him to go out there and prove it, and he did. To come through the tour qualifying schools -- and to come through with flying colors -- now gives him the opportunity to take his game to the next level.

"Who knows? I might even take up golf again."

As usual, there were plenty of horror stories here at Doral in the final round of what many believe to be the toughest tournament on American soil.

Brian Tennyson was at 10-under with three holes to play. He bogeyed the 16th, three-putted the 17th for another bogey and then hit a short iron over the 18th green and into the water for a double bogey. He missed the cutoff by two strokes.

Vic Wilk was at 9-under until he made a triple bogey on the 18th and missed his card. Brian Claar took a double bogey on the 17th to finish at 7-under, missing his card by one stroke.

Another prominent son, Dave Stockton Jr., bogeyed the final two holes. His 12-foot par putt on the 18th came up short.

"Tell me I didn't leave my last putt short to lose my card," Stockton moaned.

He didn't. Stockton wound up at 8-under 412, right on the number. Including ties, 40 players earned their cards.

The most impressive round belonged to John Rollins, who started the final day two strokes out of the top 35 and shot a 62.

"I had nothing to lose," Rollins said.

Those who failed to earn their cards included former PGA Tour winners Chip Beck, Ken Green, Mike Hulbert, Bob Gilder, Jim McGovern and Grant Waite.

Nicklaus started the final round near the cut line in a tie for 30th, but made the turn in 4-under 31 and was steady toward the end.

"Considering the circumstances, starting the day on the bubble and having to shoot a good score, if it wasn't the best round I've ever played, it was right there," he said.

Nicklaus now gets a chance to perform on the circuit where his father raised the standard of excellence. From the time he went to Ohio State, his father's alma mater, he has grown accustomed to higher expectations because of the Nicklaus name alone.

"I've had media since I was 10 years old," Gary said. "It's going to be a different arena and a different crowd and more people, but it's just moving on to the next step, starting a new chapter and getting on with my life."

Nicklaus turned pro in 1991 and spent the past decade on mini-tours and in Europe. He played the Nike Tour this year and finished 70th on the money list, his best tournament a tie for third in the Wichita Open.

He also has played 25 PGA Tour events in his career, only making the cut twice.

Qualify for PGA Tour

Blaine McCallister, $50,00070-69-68-66-61-67-40119-under

Jay Williamson, $31,50067-69-69-65-69-64-40317-under
Ben Bates, $31,500 66-70-70-64-68-65-403
Neal Lancaster, $31,50070-69-67-65-65-67-403
David Peoples, $31,500 67-69-67-68-65-67-403
Sean Murphy, $31,500 70-68-68-63-64-70-403

Robin Freeman, $25,000 70-67-65-66-69-67-40416-under
Jerry Smith, $25,000 67-71-66-65-67-68-404
Craig Spence, $25,00067-68-67-67-66-69-404

Brian Gay, $25,000 68-68-68-67-66-68-40515-under
Michael Clark, $25,000 69-66-70-63-68-69-405

Gary Nicklaus, $25,000 68-66-71-68-70-63-40614-under
Bob May, $25,000 67-70-70-66-67-66-406
Steve Hart, $25,00065-70-71-67-66-67-406
Pete Jordan, $25,000 67-70-69-67-64-69-406

John Rollins, $25,00067-67-73-66-72-62-40713-under
Rick Fehr, $25,000 68-68-68-69-67-67-407
David Morland, $25,000 68-70-67-70-65-67-407

Jimmy Green, $25,000 73-68-68-66-66-67-40812-under
Bobby Cochran, $25,000 66-67-71-66-69-69-408
Jeff Brehaut, $25,00068-68-68-65-69-70-408
Keith Nolan, $25,000 63-70-70-67-67-71-408

Joe Ogilvie, $25,000 69-70-69-66-70-65-40911-under
David Edwards, $25,000 71-69-66-70-67-66-409
Cameron Beckman, $25,000 64-68-70-70-70-67-409

Doug Dunakey, $25,00072-72-66-64-70-66-41010-under
Mike Springer, $25,000 70-68-68-70-68-66-410
Aaron Bengoechea, $25,00070-69-69-68-63-71-410
Bob Burns, $25,000 70-69-70-68-62-71-410

Paul Curry, $25,00069-72-68-67-68-67-4119-under
Bob Friend, $25,00069-70-70-69-65-68-411
Jason Buha, $25,00069-66-69-66-70-71-411
Craig Bowden, $25,00066-66-69-70-69-71-411
John Restino, $25,00068-66-76-70-67-64-411

Jason Caron, $25,000 72-67-69-65-70-69-412
K.J. Choi, $25,000 66-67-74-68-70-67-412
Dave Stockton, $25,000 68-73-70-62-67-72-412
Bart Bryant, $25,000 72-73-65-70-67-65-412
Brett Wetterich, $25,000 70-70-69-73-65-65-412

Qualify for Tour

Shane Bertsch, $4,00064-72-70-68-70-69-4137-under
Briny Baird, $4,00069-67-71-67-70-69-413
Brian Claar, $4,00068-69-67-72-68-69-413
Angel Franco, $4,000 71-70-71-66-66-69-413
Mathias Gronberg, $4,000 67-69-72-71-65-69-413
Greg Gregory, $4,000 70-69-69-72-65-68-413
Ryuji Imada, $4,00069-70-71-70-66-67-413
Jaxon Brigman, $4,00072-70-71-66-68-66-413
Jeff Gallagher, $4,000 72-71-68-70-69-63-413

Brett Quigley, $4,00069-76-69-66-64-70-4146-under
Grant Waite, $4,00067-71-71-67-69-69-414
Vic Wilk, $4,000 68-68-70-71-66-71-414
Fran Quinn, $4,000 70-68-71-68-68-69-414
Dick Mast, $4,00070-71-68-68-68-69-414
Ted Purdy, $4,00071-67-72-69-66-69-414
Jeff Hart, $4,00071-70-68-67-71-67-414
Tripp Isenhour, $4,000 68-70-70-75-68-63-414
Brian Tennyson, $4,000 68-70-68-66-67-75-414
Conrad Ray, $4,000 69-73-70-70-68-64-414
Carl Suneson, $4,000 70-69-73-68-69-65-414
Richard Zokol, $4,00069-71-70-70-70-64-414
Joakim Haeggman, $4,00070-72-69-72-63-68-414
Jim McGovern, $4,000 73-72-67-69-66-67-414

Chris Smith, $4,00070-67-71-66-68-73-4155-under
Sonny Skinner, $4,00070-70-70-69-68-68-415
Roger Rowland, $4,00068-72-69-66-73-67-415

Greg Parker, $4,00067-72-70-67-68-72-4164-under
Kevin Blanton, $4,00069-71-68-66-69-73-416
Tjaart van der Walt, $4,00068-67-74-64-69-74-416
Rob Moss, $4,000 70-71-72-69-70-64-416
Perry Moss, $4,000 76-71-68-70-67-64-416
Kevin Pendley, $4,00071-69-70-68-69-69-416
Jack Ferenz, $4,00069-75-68-67-69-68-416
Tommy Biershenk, $4,00070-70-70-70-69-67-416

Guy Hill, $4,000 67-72-72-66-69-71-4173-under
Kelly Grunewald, $4,00071-74-65-69-67-71-417
Ian Leggatt, $4,00068-69-75-68-66-71-417
Michael Long, $4,000 69-72-74-66-68-68-417
Keith Fergus, $4,000 70-72-70-68-69-68-417
Spike McRoy, $4,00070-70-72-67-71-67-417

Kevin Dillen, $4,000 69-71-67-73-72-66-4182-under
Manny Zerman, $4,000 68-71-68-69-67-75-418
Steve Runge, $4,00070-68-70-67-71-72-418
Larry Rinker, $4,000 68-70-70-70-68-72-418
Bob Gilder, $4,000 69-73-71-70-68-67-418
Rob McKelvey, $4,000 70-69-68-69-72-70-418
Hiroshi Matsuo, $4,000 67-72-70-70-70-69-418
Steve Haskins, $4,00070-70-70-69-70-69-418
Rod Pampling, $4,000 69-72-68-68-73-68-418

Rob Bradley, $4,00068-68-72-68-69-74-4191-under
Marco Gortana, $4,00070-77-67-68-69-68-419
Brian Kamm, $4,000 71-71-67-71-70-69-419
Tom Kalinowski, $4,000 71-72-70-66-70-70-419
Chris Jorgensen, $4,00067-71-73-70-67-71-419
Chris Zambri, $4,000 74-71-72-68-64-70-419
Lewis Chitengwa, $4,00070-71-68-74-66-70-419
Kevin Johnson, $4,00071-70-74-68-65-71-419
Jeff Street, $4,00071-73-65-71-71-68-419

Failed to Qualify

Hugh Royer 69-75-71-73-66-66-420Even
Chip Beck70-73-72-73-66-66-420
P.J. Cowan 72-69-68-74-72-65-420
P.H. Horgan III69-74-68-71-70-68-420
Eric Meeks 72-71-71-70-68-68-420
Kent Jones 68-73-70-70-71-68-420
Craig Kanada 71-72-72-69-68-68-420
Jay Hobby69-73-69-64-72-73-420
Iain Steel 72-71-73-65-69-70-420
Vance Veazey 69-69-74-67-70-71-420

David McCampbell 70-74-70-70-69-68-4211-over
Charley Hoffman74-68-69-72-70-68-421
Warren Schutte 71-70-77-70-67-66-421
Scott Petersen 69-70-72-67-73-70-421
Zoran Zorkic 73-69-70-66-73-70-421

Rick Price 70-68-78-69-70-67-4222-over
Derrick Pursley73-74-70-68-70-67-422
Ahmad Bateman67-72-77-68-70-68-422
Randy Leen 72-68-72-69-72-69-422
Joe Acosta 70-72-69-75-67-69-422
Brad Ball72-73-71-69-67-70-422

Mike Grob70-72-69-69-74-69-4233-over
Harry Taylor 71-74-70-68-70-70-423
Jeff Cook72-69-72-71-70-69-423
Don Walsworth69-72-72-70-72-68-423
Jimmy Johnston 73-72-68-73-69-68-423
Jim Estes68-70-77-69-72-67-423
Dennis Zinkon74-72-70-69-66-72-423
Ray Franz74-71-67-67-69-75-423
Jody Bellflower68-74-68-73-66-74-423

Adam Armagost72-68-70-75-70-69-4244-over
Gary Webb70-72-71-71-67-73-424
Mike Hulbert 69-69-76-69-65-76-424

Kuni Kuniyoshi 73-75-68-69-70-70-4255-over
Rolf Muntz 70-74-73-68-71-69-425
Ken Duke 66-72-75-72-68-72-425
Steve Woods71-75-68-75-67-69-425
Bob Gaus 72-74-72-69-70-68-425
Eric Johnson 76-74-68-70-69-68-425
Pat Perez69-72-71-73-73-67-425

Vaughn Taylor70-73-72-71-69-71-4266-over
Greg Sweatt69-72-77-69-68-71-426

Chris Stutts 71-71-68-73-73-71-4277-over
Lee Rinker 68-74-70-71-73-71-427
Rick Schuller68-72-74-67-75-71-427
Keoke Cotner 74-70-73-72-68-70-427
Ken Green71-70-72-72-73-69-427
Larry Silveira 69-74-76-70-69-69-427

Mike Schuchart 74-74-67-71-71-71-4288-over

Brian Wilson 73-75-70-76-69-66-4299-over

Chad Magee 73-74-70-72-71-73-43313-over
Mike Emery 75-79-70-71-67-71-433

Alan McLean74-78-70-68-68-77-43515-over
Zach Johnson 77-79-70-68-68-73-435

Jason Gore 67-73-76-74-72-74-43616-over

Greg Shakespeare 72-77-72-72-73-72-43818-over
Andrew Price 73-74-76-72-73-70-438

Andrew Morse 73-74-74-73-70-75-43919-over

Darron Stiles72-75-72-71-74-76-44020-over

Victor Schwamkrug74-75-75-74-78-71-44727-over

Adam Adams 81-76-79-76-74-74-46030-over

R.W. Eaks70-74-69-72-71-WD
Marco Dawson 74-74-67-69-73-WD
Matt Peterson71-73-70-69-76-WD
Mike Sposa 73-70-72-74-72-WD
Denis Watson 72-71-71-72-78-WD