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Colin Montgomerie backs change to irons

Colin Montgomerie has given his backing to suggested rule change regulations at golf clubs that would make it more difficult for players to escape the rough.

The 67-year-old would prefer to revisit the old days when technology didn't rule and accuracy in a golfer's shot was more important than how far they could strike it.

"You have difficult shots that are easier to pull off," he told BBC Five Live.

"Anything that makes it tougher is a plus for the game.

"Now with extra technology and people hitting the ball an awful long way we've found that statistically, accuracy doesn't matter the same as length.

"This is what they are obviously trying to get back to (with the new proposed rules).

"They want the benefit of the shot to be how accurate it is rather than how far it actually goes. All credit to them for acknowledging that statistic. Let's hope it works."



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