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Statement on anti-doping policy from the World Golf Foundation

St. Augustine, Florida, Sept. 20 – The major governing organizations in golf today announced that they have agreed in principle to an anti-doping policy for professional golf on a global basis that will be accomplished in two phases.

The first phase of the policy, which has been completed, encompasses the development of The Model Prohibited Substance and Methods List discussed later in this statement, a copy of which is attached.

The second phase of the Policy, which is anticipated to be completed prior to the end of this year, will include general standards for all the fundamental elements of an anti-doping program for golf organizations that become signatories to the Policy, while providing flexibility for such signatories to develop specific policies and procedures necessary or appropriate for their organizations. Such standards will encompass the Model Prohibited Substance and Methods List, as well as medical waiver procedures, testing protocols, results management, penalties, sanctions and reciprocity of outcomes.

Leading golf organizations who have lent their support. leadership and cooperation for the development of the Policy as a result of their representation on the Board of Directors of the World Golf Foundation and who will, subject to approval by their governing boards, become signatories to the Policy include:

Augusta National Golf Club
European Tour
Ladies Professional Golf Association
PGA of America
The R&A for The Open Championship
United States Golf Association for the U.S. Open, the U.S. Women’s Open and the U.S. Senior Open

Other leading golf organizations who have agreed to become signatories to the Policy include:

Asian Tour
Australasian Tour
Canadian Tour
Japan Professional Golf Tour
Sunshine Tour
Tour de Las Americas

The Model Prohibited Substance and Methods List (modified as necessary for individual golf organizations) will be incorporated into the respective tournament regulations of a number of signatories to the policy, effective in 2008. Player education and outreach on the Model Prohibited Substance and Methods List is ongoing and will be given increased emphasis by the signatories of the Policy moving forward.

An Anti-Doping office of the World Golf Foundation will be created in 2008, and will, among duties, coordinate and share information with golf organizations with respect to medical waiver procedures and therapeutic use exemptions under the Policy. Disciplinary procedures and penalties for violations of the Policy will be controlled and administered by the signatories to the Policy, and disclosed to other signatory organizations for consistency and coordination purposes. Testing protocols will also be within the purview of the individual signatory organizations and will be developed and approved by each organization on an individual basis. It is anticipated that signatories who will be testing under the Policy will commence and activate their testing programs in 2008.

Model Prohibited Substances and Methods List
1. Anabolic Agents
2. Hormones and Related Substances
3. Agents with Anti-Estrogenic Activity
4. Diuretics and Other Masking Agents
5. Stimulants
6. Narcotics
7. Cannabinoids
8. Beta Blockers
9. Enhancement of Oxygen Transfer
10. Chemical and Physical Manipulation

Substances that may be Prohibited
At the Option of the Golf Organization
11. Glucocorticosteroids
12. Beta-2-Agonists



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