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Calls for European Tour name change

Colin Montgomerie has called for the European Tour to change its name to better reflect the increasingly global nature of golf.

It follows similar suggestions from Andrew Chandler, the head of International Sports Management and one of golf's most powerful agents.

"It has always has been a bit odd that we have the European Tour in Singapore, in Korea, in China," Montgomerie said in Singapore, where he is conducting coaching clinics.

"Now we are in Russia, the Middle East, Asia. We're everywhere. So I think a name change might work.

"I think that to reflect where we are at, something like the International Tour would be appropriate. I think over half our events now are not actually based in Europe."

As it expands, the European Tour has increasingly focused on the Middle East and Asia, where booming economies and a growing appetite for the game mean vast sums of money are available.

The tour's 2008 schedule includes 16 events in Asia, the Middle East and South Africa.

"You can either see that as a problem or as an opportunity," Chandler was quoted as saying by Britain's Guardian newspaper last week.

"I see it as an opportunity -- an opportunity to establish an alternative to the PGA Tour encompassing all of the other tours, in Europe, Japan, Asia, Australia.

"The European Tour is well placed to take the lead in establishing that new tour -- call it a world tour."


November 20, 2007

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