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Players concern how FedExCup will affect Cup contests

Tiger Woods repeated Tuesday in a monthly newsletter that his body needed a break after winning consecutive weeks at Firestone and Southern Hills, and that he wanted to be sharp for the final three playoff events in the FedEx Cup.

"Plus, I want to be sharp for the Presidents Cup," he added.

That seems to be forgotten in what already is a crammed schedule on the PGA Tour.

All 24 players from the U.S. and International teams are in the PGA Tour Playoffs, and 11 out of 12 Americans are seeded inside the top 30. That means most players could be in four straight events before one week off, then the Presidents Cup that starts Sept. 27 at Royal Montreal.

"Obviously, when the Presidents Cup comes -- or at the end of the FedEx Cup -- I'm going to be tired," Woody Austin said. "Four weeks in a row is a grind for anything."

Worse yet is next year. The Ryder Cup will be played immediately after the four-week playoffs, leading to some speculation that Woods won't be the only player who takes a week off during the playoffs.

"I'm disappointed in the schedule," Jim Furyk said.

Someone asked Padraig Harrington if golf was less of a grind when he doesn't have to think about the Ryder Cup, and he immediately thought about next year.

"That's five in a row. That will be tough," he said. "That will be a big ask, a big take from any player who plays in all five events. The Presidents Cup this year ... is such a big event, or the Ryder Cup is such a big event. It does require effort. Coming in off something as big as this, it's a tough bit of work."

August 23, 2007


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