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No changes at Firestone after Woods incident

One year later, the three-story clubhouse at Firestone is still a hot topic of conversation. And it still doesn't have white stakes around the perimeter to mark it out-of-bounds.

"Same as it's been for 50-something years," PGA Tour rules official Slugger White said Tuesday.

Tiger Woods' victory in the Bridgestone Invitational last year came with an enormous break in the second round when his 9-iron from the rough on the ninth hole sailed over the green, bounced off a cement path and onto the clubhouse roof, then fell off the other side into a service driveway where a member of the kitchen staff picked it up and drove away.

After a chaotic search, he was given free relief from the immovable obstruction -- the clubhouse -- and some of his peers (Sergio Garcia the noisiest) complained of unfair treatment.

White said Colonial has the only clubhouse he could recall that is marked out-of-bounds, and tour officials saw no need to change simply because of one bizarre incident. The only difference this year is that Warner Road -- the street separating the South course from the North course at Firestone -- is listed as out-of-bounds.

Dillard Pruitt was the official who made the ruling, using a two-way radio to figure out where Woods was allowed to drop, which turned out to be between the first tee and the driving range. Woods wound up with a bogey, and he ultimately beat Stewart Cink in a playoff.

Pruitt said had no one found the ball, Woods might have received a really good break -- a free drop behind the green, because that's where the ball was last spotted before being lost in the obstruction.



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