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Greg Norman settles his divorce

Greg Norman and his ex-wife settled their divorce after 25 years of marriage, a contentious split marked by a dispute over money and assets.

The star golfer and Laura Andrassy reached an agreement this month, and a judge completed the confidential settlement Friday.

"Their marriage has been dissolved," Andrassy's lawyer, Russell Ferraro Jr., said Monday.

Norman's lawyer, Martin L. Haines, III, said his client hoped the settlement "will quell some of the emotionalism that's been part of this case."

The 52-year-old Norman and tennis great Chris Evert, who also recently divorced, have been romantically linked. During a golf event in Australia last year, Norman said the two are "very, very close friends."

Norman and Andrassy will return to court to determine how they will split the tax liability on Norman's jet and whether Andrassy is entitled additional money she claims she lost because of delays in completing the divorce.


September 18, 2007

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