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Kenneth Ferrie set for new life on the PGA Tour

Kenneth Ferrie is ready to go back to school when he makes his PGA Tour debut in the New Year.

The 29-year-old from the North East of England, came through the gruelling two-and-a-half-months Tour qualifying campaign with a 14th place finish in the final stage in Florida to clinch a place on the main Tour.

“Obviously it’s going to be a learning curve for me, I spent the last three or four years knowing where I’m going in Europe, knowing which hotels to stay in and what airports to fly to. I know the courses and don’t need to play as many practice courses.

“Obviously I’m going back to square one but I’ve always enjoyed new challenges and doing new things. That’s what I see this as – a huge challenge. I think playing against the best players in the world will bring the best out of me."

Ferrie first came to prominence in the States following his final day challenge for 2006 US Open and his new association with The Masters has added to his celebrity.

“I did a bit with Sports Illustrated for the Masters and ended up being on the cover. So when I’m signing autographs, I hear people say: ‘Who’s this?’ They say: ‘That’s Ken Ferrie, the guy on Sports Illustrated.’

"It’s good because they follow the sport fanatically in America. It’s something I’m looking forward to, playing in front of a knowledgeable crowd who know who I am and know golf very well.

“If I could win in my rookie year, it would be fantastic. It’s not something I can control, what other people can do. A realistic goal I like to set this year is to compete in the FedEx Cup and go through a couple of rounds in that. As I do in the European, if I can make Valderama in Europe, it’ll be an okay year but not brilliant.

“If I’m making the top 60 every year and obviously in America it’s a limited schedule in my first year so if I make it into the FedEx Cup and go a couple of rounds, I’ll be happy with that.”


December 29, 2007

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