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New Asia Pacific "Super Tour" idea mooted

New Zealand Golf says it will look favourably at a possible alignment with a proposed new Asia Pacific region golf tour.

The OneAsia tour, possibly involving India, Asia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, has been mooted with the Australasian PGA Tour today suggesting that it could be a reality by 2009.

New Zealand Golf said the new concept had been discussed in conceptual form only.

However, any plans for a new tour would be taken seriously although they are still committed to the European tour.

"We have two years remaining in our contract with the European tour as the co-sanction partner in the New Zealand Open," New Zealand Golf chief executive Bill MacGowan said.

"We have spoken with the European tour at the New Zealand Open last week about the future and will continue those discussions.

"At the same time there are advantages in an alignment with the Asia Pacific region. If Asia, Japan and India form this new tour then there would be obvious benefits for New Zealand Golf to be involved."

MacGowan said he understood the agreement in principle for the Asian and Japan tours to join was a major step forward towards developing a third tour behind the USA and Europe.

He said the alignment with a major tour was important in attracting top quality players to New Zealand and providing a key platform for New Zealand's emerging professional talent.

"It absolutely makes sense that all the bodies in the region act together to try to create something bigger than the disparate parts," MacGowan said.

December 7, 2007


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