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Paul Azinger not seeking schedule changes

U.S. Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger said he will not lobby for a change to the PGA Tour schedule that could give his team a week off before taking on the Europeans at Valhalla Golf Club next year.

Just under a year out from the 37th Ryder Cup, Azinger and his European opposite number Nick Faldo were in Louisville, Kentucky on Monday to inspect the Valhalla layout that will host the biennial competition.

While the U.S. captain liked the course he conceded the timing of the event could be a problem.

Players have already voiced their concerns over a gruelling FedEx Cup schedule that asks them to play four consecutive events culminating with the season-ending Tour Championship.

The PGA Tour schedule would become even more demanding next season with the Ryder Cup set for Sept 19-21, the week immediately following the Championship.

U.S. Ryder Cup stalwarts Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson chose not to play all the FedEx Cup events this season citing fatigue.

Azinger said he has heard talk that the PGA was considering altering the schedule, moving the Tour Championship to the week after the Ryder Cup giving his men more time to prepare as the U.S. bids to end Europe's hold on the Cup.

The Europeans have won five of the last six Ryder Cups, including the last two by record margins.

"I just found out the Tour championships only had three or four Europeans who were Ryder Cup players," Azinger told reporters.

"So there will be more Americans that will be Ryder Cup players, so the schedule is going to affect us more; there is more chance of burn out.

"I don't know what the PGA Tour intends to do, there's some rumours they may decide to play the Tour championship after the Ryder Cup."

"We do have more players that would be asked to play more events in a row so it would affect us differently."

Azinger conceded that his men could be at a disadvantage if the schedule was not altered but noted that it did not have any impact on the U.S. performance at last month's Presidents Cup where the Americans crushed an international team 19-1/2 to 14- 1/2 .

"I'm not going to lobby for a date change for the Tour Championship," said Azinger. "I liked the idea of the team playing right into the Presidents Cup.

"I'll just accept whatever it is and just deal with it however it unfolds."

Faldo also said he would keep an eye on players's schedules in the buildup to next year's competition.

"I'd be conscious of that, the guys coming off a long season," said Faldo. "We will adapt to that."



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