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Sergio Garcia hits back at cheat claims

Sergio Garcia has hit back strongly at accusations that he cheated by taking an illegal drop during the final round of the Players Championship at Sawgrass.

The Spaniard was accused by Cliff Kresge's caddie Jerry Knapp of taking the illegal drop from a drainage area next to the green on the par-five second at Sawgrass.

Ryder Cup star Garcia was stung by the accusations and fiercely defended himself saying he would never even contemplate cheating.

"Cliff's caddie wanted to make a big deal, but it wasn't," said Garcia.

"I took relief from the drainage. They were calling me a cheater [but] I've never cheated in my whole life. I'd rather shoot 85 than shoot 65 cheating."

After Garcia birdied the hole, it took some time for the situation to be calmed as he was visibly upset at being accused of cheating.

"I felt a little bit of adrenaline going through my body. I finally relaxed towards the fourth or fifth hole," he added.

Garcia obviously used the incident to galvanise his efforts though and he shot six-under during his final round to finish second behind Phil Mickelson.

"The last two weeks I felt very good with my swing," he said.

“Unfortunately, last week I putted like a coward, but this week I found a couple of things and started rolling the putts very nicely.

“Even the ones I missed were good quality putts. I just couldn't make a putt the first couple of days. Finally, on the weekend, I loosened up a bit and things started happening.

“On the other hand, I gave myself so many birdie chances, I guess you've got to make some.”


May 15, 2007

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