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Vijay Singh focusing on new swing

For a player of Vijay Singh's standards, the 2007 season has not been a particularly consistent one.

The Fijian started well, with wins at the Mercedes-Benz Championship and the Arnold Palmer Invitational, but struggled through a mediocre middle of the season, which was punctuated with cuts at the PGA Championship and The Barclays.

Singh puts his lackluster performance down to swing difficulties.

"I was disappointed in the way I played. Although I had two wins, I was really very discouraged," he said. "Hence I checked my golf swing, and the golf swing went from a very good position in the top to a not-so-good position so I had to change my takeaway to fix that.

"That took a long time to fix. Any time you change something so drastic like that it takes longer than you think, and to grow comfortable with it, too. In the meantime I've worked hard on it."

According to Singh, the trouble started during the new FedEx Playoffs.

"The real major change started at Barclays in New York, and I said, I'm not going to be off it. If I keep doing that, by the end of three or four events, I should be okay. By Atlanta I was playing a lot better, but I still felt very uncomfortable."

Since then Singh has been working on his swing, and attributes the success of the changes to a new trainer, Jeffrey Frank, and a focus on fitness. He says he's feeling fitter and stronger than he was three or four years ago.

I feel a lot stronger now than I did then. The trainer I have now is 41, and his body looks like he's 21. There's no reason why I shouldn't feel the way I see it and the way he sees it, there's no reason why I shouldn't feel as strong as he is or as he feels. We're not even worrying about the age. We're just worrying about how the body tone is, how the body is feeling. Age does not matter at the moment it's absolutely just a number.

"Right now, I mean, the golf shots I'm hitting are so much better. The ball flight is a lot stronger and it's crispier than what I was doing in the middle of the season. Everything is looking pretty good so far."

Singh say his new focus will also reshape his next season's fixtures.


December 25, 2007

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