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World Amateur rankings are launched

The World Amateur Golf Ranking from the Royal & Ancient Golf Club have officially gone live, with reigning U.S. Amateur champion Richie Ramsay of Scotland holding down the top spot, R&A officials have announced.

Players representing seven different countries are in the top 10, including England's Jamie Moul at No. 2, Spain's Pablo Martin at No. 4, Kyung Tae Kim of South Korea at No. 5 and America's Chris Kirk ranked No. 7 in the world.

Created as the universal standard for entry into the British Amateur, the ranking is a weekly performance table of the world's top 1,200 players in men's amateur golf in 450 ranking events. The WAGR table currently includes players from 46 different countries.

"WAGR clearly identifies the top amateur players in the world based on current form and presents them with the opportunity to play in The Amateur Championship," said R&A Director Mike Tate. "Other organizers have indicated that they may wish to adopt the WAGR standard for their own tournaments and we are happy to maintain the ranking year round as a service to the game."

Here are the current top 20 in the rankings:

1. Richie Ramsay, Scotland 1167.57
2. Jamie Moul, England 1137.21
3. Rory McIlroy, Ireland 1120.83
4. Pablo Martin, Spain 1105.77
5. Kyung Tae Kim, Korea 1046.88
6. Rhys Davies, Wales 1044.23
7. Chris Kirk, USA 1034.00
8. Nigel Edwards, Wales 1026.09
9. Webb Simpson, USA 1020.41
10. Billy Horschel, USA 1013.46
11. Gary Wolstenholme, England 1012.73
12. Bronson LaCassie, Australia 974.58
13. Jonathan Moore, USA 972.41
14. Julien Guerrier, France 946.00
15. Seve Benson, England 944.74
16. Johan Carlsson, Sweden 930.30
17. Robert Riesen, USA 928.57
18. Dustin Johnson, USA 920.69
19. George Coetzee, South Africa 912.50
20. Niklas Lemke, Sweden 912.50


January 24, 2007


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