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Adam Scott out with a knee injury

Adam Scott withdrew from the Australian Open on Wednesday after failing to recover from a knee injury he picked up in a surf accident last week.

Scott hurt his right kneecap while running out of the surf at Coolum beach, Queensland state, where he was forced to pull out of the Australian PGA championship.

“I didn’t get enough time to recover,” Scott said. “I have a tear in the ligament in my knee and that’s flared up a fair bit. There’s still some swelling and I can’t walk properly at the moment or extend my leg fully.

“It’s not really the hitting that’s the problem, it’s the walking.”

Scott said he’d injured the knee six times.

The 28-year-old Australian, whose world ranking has dropped from a career-high No. 3 to No. 16 with only two tournament wins this season, has struggled with injuries and illness.

Scott, yet to win any of Australia’s three biggest tournaments, said he would have risked the injury if it was for one of the majors.

“I could hobble around this week but it would set me back and I wouldn’t be able to start 2009,” Scott said. “I’m trying to look at the big picture.

“It’s disappointing I can’t play but as far as my knee’s recovery, at least I can start 2009 (feeling) 100 percent.”


December 10, 2008

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