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FedExCup scoring tweaked for 2008

Tiger Woods won the FedEx Cup so handily last year that he skipped the first playoff event and could have stayed home during the Tour Championship to collect the $10 million prize. He wound up 12,578 points ahead of Steve Stricker.

Under the new points structure announced Tuesday, he would have won by only 8,308 points.

The PGA Tour finally tweaked the playoff portion of the FedEx Cup, and upon quick review, it appears the tour achieved its goal of giving more players a chance without making it unfair in those years when Woods doesn’t play as well.

Using last year as an example, and without getting too involved in math, these are the two improvements.

— Woods had a 3,133-point lead over Stricker when he arrived at the Tour Championship. Under the new system, Woods would have been 1,292 points behind.

— It increases from six players to 12 players who would have had a mathematical chance of winning the cup at the Tour Championship.

“The effect of these two changes will be some improvement in a player’s ability to make substantial gains in overall position based on excellent play in the Playoffs, while also increasing the number of players who will have a shot at winning the FedEx Cup,” Finchem said.

Woods was the No. 1 seed last year and his points were reset to have a 1,000-point lead over No. 2. Under the new system, his margin will be only 500 points going into the playoff.

The other change is to offer 2,000 more points for each player wherever they finish. For example, Rich Beem received 1,613 points for a tie for seventh at The Barclays. This year, a tie for seventh would award 3,613.

Finchem said that would help players move up in the standings.


February 27, 2008

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