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Players having agent problems

Kenny Perry has an ambitious goal of playing the Ryder Cup in his home state of Kentucky.

Chad Campbell wants to get back into the top 50 in the world, if not higher.

Shaun Micheel hasn't won since his PGA Championship four years ago and is trying to get his game on the right track.

One thing they have in common is a contractual mess with their agent.

They are -- or were -- represented by David Parker of Links Sports Management Group in Plano, Texas. Perry said Parker informed them by e-mail last year that he was getting out of the business.

Still to be decided is what payment Parker has coming, and that's where it gets messy.

"My attorney is trying to meet with Dave's attorney and they're trying to come to a common ground," Micheel said. "Thus far, we haven't found that -- not really close. It's a tough way to start the year, but I'll just let my lawyer handle it and try to play good golf. I haven't spoken with Dave. I'm not sure I'll ever speak to Dave again."

Parker could not be reached for comment. The phone at Links Sports and his mobile phone are no longer in service.

Perry said he has five years left on a deal with TaylorMade and three years with Hartford Life. In most cases, Links Sports would be entitled to a fee each year until the contract expires.

"I told Dave I'd pay him all the contract money, but he wants it all up front," Perry said. "I said, 'When I get paid, you'll get your percentage.' He offered me a buyout deal, which was probably 95 percent of the contract. I could write him a huge check."

However, Perry said he had a contract with a company that went bankrupt, and he didn't receive anything.

"What if I write him a big check and something like that happens?" he said.

Campbell did not want to discuss the situation, other than to say it was disappointing.

"I'm just trying to get everything settled with him and get on my way," Campbell said.

Parker once boasted that in 2004 he had more Ryder Cup players than any other agency, a roster that included David Toms.

In 2005, Toms filed a lawsuit against Parker which eventually was settled out of court.

"I was the first guy with him. I got him in the business," Perry said. "I should have known a red flag was up when David Toms sued him."

Dennis Harrington, who worked with Parker, resigned from Links Sports in September and reached a non-compete settlement. Harrington started his own company, Orasi Sports, a few months later and is helping Campbell and others as a liaison.

"I just hope that Dave and the players can work something out," Harrington said. "It doesn't look very good."


January 15, 2008

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