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Tom Watson has hip replacement surgery

Eight-time major champion Tom Watson is recovering from hip replacement surgery, saying Thursday he wanted to improve the qualify of his life and still be competitive on the golf course.

The surgery to replace his anterior approach hip was Oct. 2 at St. John’s Health Center.

Watson, 59, left the hospital one day after surgery with the use of only a cane. He is rehabilitating at home in Kansas City, Mo.

“Tom Watson evaluated his options for hip replacement with a goal of returning to professional golf competition,” said Joel Matta, director of the Hip and Pelvis Institute at St. John’s who performed the surgery.

Watson said he plans to return for the Senior Skins Game in January.

He won twice on the Champions Tour this year and was 12th on the money list with $972,343 in only 10 starts.


October 17, 2008

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