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Players reaction to golf in the Olympics

As a golfer, I am honored.  By having golf be a part of the Olympics, golfers will be more interested in the Olympics, and then sport of golf will get noticed more as well.  I am looking forward to playing golf in the Olympics.

Q.Your reaction to golf getting the nod for 2016?
TIGER WOODS:  I think it's great for golf.  It's a perfect fit for the Olympics, and I think we are all looking forward to golf getting into the Olympics.

Q.  What would it mean for someone to be a part of the Olympics?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, you'd have to ask Olympic athletes.  We as golfers have never had it, so this will be a new experience for golfers who get to participate in the Olympics.

Having talked to other athletes who have gotten a chance to experience the Olympics, they have absolutely loved it and had the greatest time.
Q.  Your reaction to golf getting the thumbs up and what it will mean for golf to be an Olympic sport?
PHIL MICKELSON:  Everybody is very excited that golf became an Olympic sport, and we are working hard on our games so that over the next six years we are able to make the team and represent our country in the Olympics.

Q.  Growing up, did you ever want to be part of a sport that was part of the Olympic Programme?
PHIL MICKELSON:  I think this is important for the game of golf.  It's important for the growth of the game of golf and it's exciting what it will mean on a worldwide level for this great game.  And for us to be able to showcase the game in the Olympics is a unique opportunity.
SEAN O'HAIR:  I think it's awesome.  You're going to be able to play for your country at the Olympic level, I would believe it's kind of The Ryder Cup, but added to, because you're playing against the whole world.
I think it's huge for the game.  I think it's great for the Olympics.  You know, I don't see any negatives to it.  I think it's fantastic.

Q.  What would it mean, not necessarily knowing where you'll be in seven years, but to play for your country?
SEAN O'HAIR:  Even with these things, you want to represent your country and I think that this is almost a little bit more fun than playing by yourself on TOUR.
So playing in the Olympics and having a chance to win the Gold Medal and be a part of kind of the Olympians that we watch, because I always watch the Olympics.  I watch the Winter Olympics, the Summer Olympics.  It's going to be a lot of fun to have that opportunity.
STEWART CINK:  It's great for golf.  I don't know if it's great for me or not because I'll be 43 and I might be over the hill by then.  But it's exciting.  I think that when a sport gains Olympic status, it gets a lot more attention, and national sports institutes tend to pay a lot more attention, so it will only do good for the game of golf.

Q.  As far as when you were growing up watching the Olympics, what would it have meant to you to be a part of a sport that's part of the Olympic Programme?
STEWART CINK:  Well, I see the Olympics as the pinnacle of all the sports that are involved. You know, many other sports, it's such a do-or-die situation in the Olympics, where you wait so long, there's your chance and it comes and goes so quickly and the pressure is so intense.
To perform under that kind of pressure has always been sort of the dream come true for any athlete.
I'm delighted to hear golf was elected to the Olympic Games. We have the number one athlete in the world in our sport, so why shouldn't golf be an Olympic Sport.


Q.  Your reaction on golf getting into the Olympics?
ANTHONY KIM:  It just means the game is going to grow and it can never hurt to have younger kids playing in the Olympics, and having golf be a part of it, it's going to be\by big deal and hopefully it will inspire a bunch of kids from a lot of different countries to take up the game and make the game better.

Q.  What would it mean for you to be part of the Olympics and to represent your country?

ANTHONY KIM:  That's something I haven't really thought about.  It was never an option.
But now that it is, it's probably going to be a tremendous honor whenever you get a chance to represent your country, and especially in the Olympics.

This is a great day for the game of golf.
I want to congratulate all those who worked and campaigned so passionately over the last couple of years to make this day a reality. It is obvious that the unified voice of golf was not only heard but embraced by the International Olympic Committee. When I was asked last year to be a part of this global effort, I was delighted to be involved because I believe so strongly in our game and what it represents—honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and good will. All of us who have spent our lives playing and enjoying the game of golf fully understand why it deserved a spot on the Olympic program, and now the sport I have always called the greatest game of all can be shared with the rest of the world on the greatest stage in sports.
 To have golf voted into the 2016 Olympic Games adds to the wonderful news from last week that the games would be played in South America. I am very happy that my fellow players and I will have a chance to experience the Olympic Games as competitors instead of spectators.

Having golf added to the 2016 Olympic Games is awesome news. It will accelerate the growth of the game globally. It means a world class athlete like Ryo Ishikawa, a teammate of mine this week at The Presidents Cup, can have the opportunity to win an Olympic medal for his country, something none of us in golf would have thought possible when we were growing up in the sport. It also opens the door for so many kids around the world and in Canada who may be playing junior golf today and competing for a gold medal in seven years.


October 9, 2009

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