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I am a researcher for a wildlife film making company called Peartree Films. I am working on a project about animals on golf courses. I am looking for stories and Golf courses which have unusual features to do with animals/Funny stories.

Maybe you know of some courses which have unusual rules because of animals - Hazards to do with animals in England and worldwide. Please can you help!! Thank you for your time. Sheralee.

Editor: Offhand I can't think of any really funny incidents about animals on golf courses, except that I have seen reported for tournaments in Florida, incidents with aligators that have either been in sand traps or on the verge of water hazards that have caused golfers to give them a wide berth.

I have also read stories, but do not know where, of crows picking up golf balls.

At Wilmslow Golf Club in Cheshire they had a particular bird who regularly stole golf balls until someone eventually shot the offender Dogs have also been cited as culprits in stealing golf balls.

There are various instances reported in the Golfers Handbook where golf balls have killed animals and fish which includes such instances as a cow being killed after being struck on the forehead by a golf ball.

A man playing at Troon who killed two gulls at successive holes with is tee shot. An 11 year old schoolboy in Scotland who killed the first grouse of the season with his tee shot on a local course.

Other strange instances such as a 2 lb trout being hit and killed by a ball which went into a river.

There is an incident of a man playing in Massachusetts who struck a goose standing by a water hazard. Apparently the bird took revenge by waddling over to the ball and kicking it into the water. Other instances mention cows and monkeys chewing golf balls but none mention any specific cases.

Hope this is of some help.

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