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A query about a commentary made by the BBC team at the Open, when Fred Couples made a hash of a bunker shot, it was said he would have been better taking a penalty as the ball was unplayable.

Does he have to drop the ball in the bunker, or does he take normal relief as for unplayable balls ie two club lengths not nearer the pin, back to where the original shot was played, or back in a line from where the ball lay?

The has created great discussion amongst members of our Golf Society, at The York, Easingwold, North Yorkshire.

Editor: The answer is Rule 28 "Unplayable Ball" Penalty 1 shot.

When in a bunker the player has the choice of

A) Dropping the ball within 2 club lengths but not nearer the hole.

B) Drop as far as you like behind where the ball lay keeping that point and the hole in line.

BUT in both A & B the ball MUST be dropped in the bunker. The third alternative is to play the shot again from as near as possible to the point where the previous shot was played.


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