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A few years ago when Tiger Woods burst onto the scene, the media over here were falling over themselves to try to find the UK equivalent and the next great black hope.

Around that time I seem to remember that some older black golfers set up their own golf society and it is this group that I am eager to contact.

Do you have any information about them or any such golf societies - names, addresses, phone numbers, websites - any info would be gratefully received.

Editor: I have seen reference to a society which I thought was called the Afro-Carribean Golfing Society but I can't find their url. I know the society I am thinking of had a website. It may be worth your contacting the English Golf Union who have a record of golfing societies registered with them and see if they can help. The url for the EGU is: http://www.englishgolfunion.org/

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