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QuestionWe often play stapleford competitions and have had extensive
discussion about who should have the honour on the tee.

Usual rules suggest the person who 'wins the hole' but debate has occurred
as to whether the winner is the person with the lowest score or the person
with the highest number of points. (E.g. does it go to the scratch player
who scored 4 on a par 4, gaining 2 points or the 28 handicapper who scored 5
for 3 points?)

Furthermore, if both score 2 points (scratch player gets 4 for 2 points
whilst 28 handicapper gets 6 for 2 points) does it go to the player who held
honour from the previous hole or does it go to the scratch player for the
lower score?

We would much appreciate clarification on this.

Editor: I don't think there is any recognised official rule governing this.
My own thought is that if you are playing "Stableford" (Actually not
stapleford the form of scoring is based on a system developed by Dr
Stableford) then its the number of points scored not the gross best score.

But I have never seen any official ruling on this - probably best to agree
before teeing off how the honour will be defined. If its in a competition I
would get a ruling from the competition secretary before play commences.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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