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I'm trying to find out how I could purchase tickets for ANY golf tours next year in the UK or easily accessible in Europe, this is for a 50th birthday present so a weekend at a tour in the UK or a day ticket would be wonderful.

Any info you could give me would be so much appreciated. I'm not a golfer and trying to find info. on tours has been difficulty. Many thanks in anticipation. Denise Cooper

Editor: The schedule for next year's European Tour is not announced until probably December of this year. However, if you buy any of the current golf magazines or look on www.golftoday.co.uk/tours/index.html the venues and approximate dates are reasonably closely followed the next year.

Normally you don't need to purchase tickets in advance except for something like the open championship where golf magazines usually carry ticket information from November/December of the previous year and offer you the opportunity to buy tickets at a discount until probably the end of April.

For all other tournaments you really don't need to buy tickets in advance. They can always be purchased on the day, but if you do want to buy in advance then probably two weeks prior to the tournament there will be advertising to the sponsor in the national and in the golf press giving you the opportunity to buy a season ticket and again probably get a discount on the full price.

The one real exception to the rule is the Ryder Cup where you can only get tickets on a very limited basis and the demand far outstrips supply so you have to apply for tickets probably 18 months in advance and a ballot is then held probably 12 months prior to the Ryder Cup and tickets allocated.

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