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I want to obtain professional status in golf after I graduate from uni at the end of May. I am currently playing off 5 handicap and I aim to get that down to scratch within a year. How do I go about becoming a pro,etc.

Editor: The PGA course is a three year training period and must be attached to a class a professional who has full training facilities.

Most Pros at any golf club whether municipal pay and play or private is a class a pro. This gives the best rounded training to be a full professional and as the qualification is recognised throughout the world it means you can work at any club and have full teaching ability.

If you decide to go solely on the playing side, the starting points are either to try and qualify in a Euro Pro tour event. There may be a handicap qualification which I believe is four, and the moment you tee the ball up in a qualifying event, you are a pro and you cannot get your amateur status back for at least six months.

You can apply to the PGA tour at the Belfry to try and qualify for a Mastercard tour event. Again, once you tee up in a qualifying event you are classed as a pro. In either tour the standard is extremely high. There was a Mastercard tour event at Princes where the cut came at 1 under par.

One final word of caution. Talking to an Assistant at my own club who plays both the above tours, he reckons expenses for the year are a minimum of £6-8000.

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