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Chi-Power Golf Part 27 - What you can learn

On the basis that the mind and body must work in unison to achieve perfect motion, the physical and mental disciplines and principles of T’ai Chi can have significant crossover benefits to your golf

Standing Meditation

Power is generated from the ground upwards and all motion is rooted in the feet, which then moves through the core and is expressed in the upper body. Therefore, it follows that a balanced, athletic posture is essential in order to generate optimum power in the golf swing. Practice these three postures for a total of 15 minutes (five minutes each posture) at least twice a week.

Start your Standing Meditation by holding the Wu Chi Posture (hands by your sides), continue by raising your hands to shoulder-height for the Holding the Ball posture (image 2056) and finish by placing your hands on the Navel (T’an tien).

Transfer Those Thoughts in to your Set Up

1. Empty your chest

Emptying or hollowing the chest is the first key to developing rooting as it relaxes the upper body, freeing the neck, releasing the shoulders and emptying the lungs – you’ll find that exhaling deeply is a natural part of this process which releases pent up energy and tension.

2. Drop your mind to your navel

Lowering your centre of awareness, by concentrating your mind at the navel, is a key focus in T’ai Chi and extremely useful for your golf. As you gently focus on your navel, you will find that you start to breathe more deeply and this in turn sends increased oxygen along with your ‘feel-good’ chemical signals (endorphins) to your brain.

3. Sink into the feet

Eastern philosophy tells us that your energy (Chi) follows your thinking, so if you focus on your feet you will feel more stable and rooted. As an additional aid to developing lower-body stability, think of the knees spiralling outwards while you are in the address position and throughout your swing.

Warm Up Exercises

The navel area (T’an Tien) is the body’s centre of gravity; it acts as a fulcrum, or pivot point, around which motion is generated, thus the inside of the body moves the outside of the body. Practice the following exercises as part of your warm-up routine before playing golf.

(Left) The navel area is the body’s centre of gravity, and acts as the fulcrum about which motion is generated

(Centre) In posture, turn from the waist to control the movements of the arms

(Right) Rotate your body centre all the way to a finish, arms following

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width wide and simply turn from your waist, allowing the movement of the arms to be generated by the motion of the waist, which in turn is initiated by a slight downward pressure into each one of your feet in turn.

2. Separate the feet more into a wider stance and deliberately shift your weight from one foot to the other, keeping the hips fairly neutral but allowing the waist to turn freely and propel the arms. If you do this correctly, you’ll feel a ‘lag’ as the upper body receives instruction from the lower body to move and does so sequentially rather than at the same time.

To learn more about Chi-Power Golf, visit where you can find out about personal tuition, talks and workshops, and also sign up for a free newsletter, "The Mindful Golfer".

To contact Jayne Storey, ring 07986 447250

Reproduced with kind permission of Golf International Magazine

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