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Whatever standard of golfer youmay be, investing in a Putting AlignmentMirror is the quickest route to better fundamentals and a repeating stroke. There are numerous ways in which it can help you (visit my website for the comprehensive lesson!) but here are just a couple that will improve the path of your stroke and the quality of your impact with the ball – both of which are vital to hitting better putts more often.

Dr Paul Hurrion


Groove a better swing-path through the ‘gate’

Improve the path of your stroke and eliminate inconsistent heel/toe strikes for more accurate and solid impact

TigerWoods is renowned for the way he can stand on a practice putting green and hole out from four to six feet or so, running the putter-head through a ‘gate’ of tee-pegs. I have watched him stand and hole putts like this for half an hour and not miss a single one. He often favours using just his right hand/arm, and it’s like watching a machine.

Apart from anything else, it’s an incredible feat of strength – which putting is to a much greater degree than you might imagine.

(left) With your shoulders level, square the putter face between the line of tees within the mirror. The right hand is then placed gently on the left shoulder

(right) Feel that the unit of your left shoulder and left arm works as one to draw the putter back smoothly

(left) Left shoulder rocks up to swing the putter through the line of tees for solid
contact with the ball

(right) Putter and left arm maintain relationship all the way to the finish

Here is my own take on that drill. As I advocate the right hand lowputter grip, I encouragemy students to practicewith the left hand only, as this engenders a terrific sense of feel for pulling the left hand/armand the putter through the ball and down the target line. Placing the right hand gently on the upper part of the left armreminds you that the stroke is createdwith the gentle rocking of the shoulders, the left shouldermoving down to create the backswing and then up to return the putter to impact and through to the finish.

To start, square your putter face to the target line, and then place a couple of tees just outside the toe and the heel of the putter (there are slots in themirror specifically for this purpose). Thus you create a ‘gate’ to test the accuracy of your stroke (you can narrowit as you becomemore proficient). The aimof the drill is tomake a full strokewithout touching either of the tees on the through-swing.Keep your eyes fixed on the back of the ball, your right hand comfortably on the upper part of the left arm, and gently rock the shoulders to createmomentum. The left armand the putterwork in tandem.Gradually bring the tees closer together to reduce yourmargin for error and to test the path of your stroke evenmore.

This sequence above shows a good backswing, the putter nice and low away from the ball, but it then rises a little too steeply for my liking into the follow through, causing the putter to miss the two forward balls. This type of stroke is often the result of a player believing that stroking ‘up’ on the object ball imparts extra topspin to give a better roll on the green – a common misconception that only distorts the overall shape of the putting stroke. So work on this drill until you achieve the perfect ‘rise’ angle for solid putting


Identify the correct putter ‘rise’

Stay low to the target for a solid, consistent strike

Take your normal address position and square the putter to the target. But in addition to the ball you are aiming to hit, place two further balls at the end of themirror, as you see above. According to the symmetry of a good stroke the putter-head should just clip the very top of those two balls as it swings through to the finish. If your putter passes up and over the two forward balls, you have toomuch of an upswing or ‘rise angle’ in your stroke (this often occurs in themistaken belief this type of action enhances topspin). As you rehearse this drill, make sure that youmaintain the ‘connection’ in your stroke, the arms and the body working together andmaintaining their shape. Your eye positionmust also remain in the same position – and remember equal distance back and through equal’s good pace control....

(left) I advocate the left below- right grip, as that helps you to keep the shoulders level

(right) The putter head remains low to the ground on the way back, the face square to the path along which it is moving

(left) As putter-head tracks low to the ground through the gate, the face
makes solid impact with the ball

(right) ‘Connection’ of arms and torso is maintained and the putter just clips the two forward balls as it is swung freely down target line

Online now!

Visit our website today to watch Dr Paul Hurrion run through each of these drills step-by-step in a series of video lessons – The Paul Hurrion Putting Studio. With commentary and further invaluable insight from one of the world’s leading putting experts, this is an opportunity too good to miss. For more information on the Paul Hurrion Signature range of putters from GEL Golf, and details of your nearest GEL fitting centre, visit

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Reproduced with kind permission of Golf International Magazine

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