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Change Tee Heights
Ernie Els

For many players (and that includes some on tour), trying to work a shot with the driver is intimidating, mostly because they have trouble hitting just a regular no-nonsense shot with that club.

Some players make an exaggerated grip change, open or close the stance dramatically, or open or close the face of the club. That's
how a lot of problems get started.

All those changes make it hard to get a feel for how a shot will come off. You can't see the shot in your mind, so you don't swing confidently.

I don't want to make any shot harder than it has to be. When I hit my driver, I always start from the same basic setup, then make subtle adjustments from there to get the ball flight I

Most important, I never change my grip — it's the same for a high power fade and a low draw. I do the minimum that will get the job done.

Usually, that means a slight adjustment in ball position, or teeing it higher or lower. Then I think about finishing more around my body for a draw, and in a higher, more extended position for a fade.

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