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Logical Golf
Robert Baker

Logical Golf is a teaching system that has been developed through a close working relationship with many of the game's finest players and coaches. Like the game itself, we believe that teaching evolves through the greater understanding that we have for the bio-mechanics involved in making a solid swing, and over the following pages we are going to share with you some of the key lessons and specific observations that we have gleaned from the world's best exponents of the art.

Our hope is that you not only enjoy this visual feast of images, but that they help you to go out and turn our thoughts into a more natural swinging motion.


1. Fitting the left hand is the key to a fluid action

2. O'Meara's 'waggle' primes the swing sequence

3. 'Dive' into the perfect athletic posture

4. Blend your arm-swing with body turn

5. 'Finger-off' drill - full wrist hinge & flowing rhythm

6. 'Fly the plane' to visualise the line of your swing

7. Is your swing hitting a brick wall?

8. Use images to visualise the dynamic inside track

9. A valuable lesson from Jack Nicklaus

10. Generating energy with the body 'core'

11. How to Tiger-ise your swing

12. Fancy footwork enables you to fire the right side

13. Why the right shoulder must work 'under'

14. Fine-tune your sense of rhythm


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