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Why the right shoulder must work 'under’

As the Knees Shift, So the Arms Come Down...

To summarise, from the top of the backswing you are looking for this ground-up sequence through the transition into the downswing. The ankles and knees reverse the momentum, enabling your body to 'settle’ into position, ready to deliver the clubhead through the ball.

As the left hip then begins to climb, you get this tremendous pulling down on the grip-end of the club (or, in this case, the hoola-hoop!), while the wrists remain loaded, ready to explode with a burst of speed.

Using your knees and lower body correctly gives the arms a chance to drop. Use your body in an attempt to muscle the ball (like the over-the-top move) and you simply destroy the sequencing of your swing.

…Left Shoulder Works Up , Right Shoulder Works "Under"

Do you find that while you have no problem striking short irons, you struggle to get the long irons airborne?

If so, the problem is likely to be that you are failing to 'stay down’ with the shot as a result of being anxious to get the club under the ball.


What you need to do is remind yourself of the importance of getting the right shoulder to work down and under your chin as you unwind.Here’s the drill.

Trap a club across the upper part of your chest, arms crossed. From a good set-up position, coil your body to create your backswing.

Then, as you unwind, make a concious effort to get the clubhead swinging down from the inside, the left shoulder working across and up as the right shoulder rotates under your chin.

This is a terrific drill for feeling and visualising the desired downswing path. Rehearse this in between hitting shots and you will find that working the right shoulder down and under improves both the flight and the accuracy of your longer irons.

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