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Release Your Power
Ernie Els

It's easy to hear the word 'release' and get caught up in how the hands and arms are rotating through impact. The movement of my hands and arms might be more noticeable because it's going on in front, but in reality there's more to releasing the club than that.

True 'release' comes only when my upper and lower body work together with my hands and arms. My forearms are rotating, but that's happening in sequence, with my hips and my shoulders uncoiling towards the target on the downswing.

I certainly want my forearms to be rotating through impact and my right wrist to turn so my right palm is facing the ground after I hit the ball. If you hang on through impact, that forearm rotation stops; if you flip the right hand at the ball, the hands do too much work.

But even if you rotate your forearms perfectly, it won't do you much good if you don't get the rest of your body involved.

That's nothing more than a false release - like throwing a punch with everything frozen in place but your arm. You'll put a weak slap on the ball instead of a solid hit - and a solid hit is what you're looking for.

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