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Stay Low After Impact
Butch Harmon

Extend your right arm for pure contact and better ball flight.

Good ball-strikers tend to "stay with the shot" well after impact. That means they continue to accelerate the club-head and keep it relatively low to the ground, letting it come up only when it can't track close to the ground any longer. This is a sign they've really caught the ball flush and created a strong, piercing ball flight.

This happens for two reasons. First, they extend their right arm completely through impact, maintaining the width of the arc they had throughout the downswing. The right arm does not extend toward the target after the ball is gone; that's a common misconception. It stays in front of your upper body as your body continues to unwind, and moves back inside the target line.

Secondly, good ball-strikers make a full weight transfer to the left as they complete their swing. You can't finish low if you hang back on your right side. Proof of the weight shift is your right heel.

If you've turned your hips aggressively and moved to your left side through impact, your right heel should be off the ground and closer to the target than your right toe.

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