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Trevor Immelman's Swing Sequence
Claude Harmon

Sit back and enjoy one of the finest uncomplicated swings in golf- and use the following pro-pointers to improve your own game.

Trevor Immelman's victory with his South African team-mate, Rory Sabbatini, in the World Cup of Golf last November, backed up with his win at the South African Open in his first tournament of 2004, was just reward for all the hard work he has put into his game over the last couple of years. Since he first burst on to the world stage as an amateur, Trevor has devel¬oped into one of the most exciting golfers of his generation, and his swing is rightly regarded as one of the finest in the business.

There really is no better model for all you keen young amateurs out there who are search¬ing for a technique that repeats itself. Trevor is not a tall man, and yet he uses his body fantastically well in the process of creating the rotary motion with his 'core' which he transforms into speed via a wonderfully 'connected' hand-and-arm action (and it doesn't hurt that he has a good strong pair of forearms, too).

I hope the following pages impress upon you that from a perfectly assembled set-up, the key to consistency is blending the hand/arm action with the role of the body. Pay special attention to the details of the set-up position and to the angles that are created and then maintained through the swing. If you tend to overswing, take a good look at the way Trevor blends a compact arm swing with a full shoulder turn - the ideal combination.

The one quality that is lost in these images is the effortless rhythm Trevor enjoys with every club in the bag. Trust me, when your motion is as effi cient as this, you really don't need to go at it too hard.

Set your sights on the target

You may be familiar with Trevor's unique and distinctive pre-shot routine with which he gets himself fully in tune with his target. He stands behind the ball and sights the clubshaft over the ball and directly on his target. He started doing this during his junior golf days and says that it helps him to get a perfect visual image of the shot he is about to play. Once he is happy with this visual, he walks a semi-circle in to the ball to finally prepare the set-up position. The important thing in all this is routine; he does this on every full shot, whether it's in a practice round or a major championship.

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