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A Turn for the Better
Eduardo Romero

Reminding yourself to turn your left shoulder behind the ball is the key to eliminating the reverse-pivot and creating power.

To me , the key to hitting the driver well is getting my left shoulder moving across to the right in the backswing (main image). I like to create a smooth and wide swing arc in the first few feet I move the club away from the ball.

If I achieve this, then my left shoulder moves across and aims to the right of the ball (as I look at it) at the top of my backswing.
This is a position you should try to copy. If you don't create width in the takeaway, it's easy for your left shoulder to drop down instead of turning (see inset).

If your left shoulder points either straight down at, or to the left of, the ball, the chances are you are in the middle of making a reverse-pivot and you will never enjoy creating good power or distance.

Tee it high, let it fly

If you use one of the new breed of titanium drivers, it's important that you tee the ball up high, as the sweet-spot is nearer to the top of the clubface. Use an extra long tee. This enables you to position the sweet-spot next to the ball at address.

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