du Maurier Classic
du Maurier Classic
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Scores from the 2nd round
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Scores from the 3rd round
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Scores from the 4th round
Golf Today report of last years event
 Dates: Thursday, August 10th through Sunday, August 13th
 Site: The Royal Ottawa Golf Club, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada
 Course Architect: Tom Bendelow, Willie Park, Jr.
 Par: 72
 Yardage: 6,403
 Hole-by-Hole: 1 - Par 5 491 Yds         10 - Par 4 321 Yds
               2 - Par 3 186 Yds         11 - Par 3 168 Yds
               3 - Par 4 404 Yds         12 - Par 3 154 Yds
               4 - Par 5 523 Yds         13 - Par 4 435 Yds
               5 - Par 4 392 Yds         14 - Par 5 471 Yds
               6 - Par 3 145 Yds         15 - Par 4 427 Yds
               7 - Par 4 348 Yds         16 - Par 4 385 Yds
               8 - Par 3 199 Yds         17 - Par 4 347 Yds
               9 - Par 5 455 Yds         18 - Par 5 552 Yds
                   -------------              -------------
                    36 3,143 Yds               36 3,260 Yds
 Annual: 28th
 Defending Champion: Karrie Webb
 Runner-Up: Laura Davies
 Tournament Record: 270 (Brandie Burton, 1998 - Essex G&CC, Windsor, Ontario)
 54-Hole Record: 205 (JoAnne Carner, 1978 - St. George's - Toronto)
                     (Cathy Johnston, 1990 - Westmount - Ontario)
 36-Hole Record: 132 (Brandie Burton, Pat Hurst, 1998 - Essex G&CC, Ontario)
 18-Hole Record: 64 (JoAnne Carner, 1978 - St. George's - Toronto)
                    (Jane Geddes, 1985 - Beaconsfield - Ontario)
                    (Dawn Coe-Jones, 1993 - London Hunt - Ontario)
                    (Betsy King, Brandie Burton, 1998 - Essex G&CC - Ontario)
 9-Hole Record: 30 (Beth Daniel, Patti Rizzo, 1990; Michelle Redman, 1995)
                   (Karrie Webb, Meg Mallon, 1996)
 Total Purse: $1,200,000
 Shares: 1st Place - $180,000; 2nd Place - 111,711; 3rd Place - 81,519
                        Key Players to Watch
                                    Finish Last Eight Years
 Player                 1992   1993   1994   1995   1996   1997   1998   1999
 ------                 ----   ----   ----   ----   ----   ----   ----   ----
 Karrie Webb            dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-2    T-27   T-14   Won
 Laura Davies           T-20   dnp    T-38   mc     Won    T-16   T-22   2nd
 Juli Inkster           3rd    T-52   mc     3rd    T-12   T-5    T-14   3rd
 Dawn Coe-Jones         T-28   3rd    T-7    dnp    T-56   mc     T-4    4th
 Catriona Matthew       dnp    dnp    dnp    mc     T-12   dnp    T-14   5th
 Lorie Kane             dnp    mc     mc     T-67   T-36   T-30   mc     T-6
 Maggie Will            T-44   T-59   T-52   mc     mc     mc     dnp    T-6
 Mi Hyun Kim            dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-6
 Rosie Jones            T-50   T-25   T-16   T-16   T-10   T-7    T-22   T-9
 Carin Koch             dnp    dnp    dnp    mc     mc     mc     T-63   T-9
 Sherri Turner          dnp    dnp    T-57   dnp    dnp    mc     mc     T-9
 Jill McGill            dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    74th   mc     dnp    T-9
 Michele Redman         mc     mc     T-31   T-25   T-23   T-41   T-14   T-13
 Se Ri Pak              dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-41   T-13
 Beth Daniel            dnp    T-17   mc     T-46   T-36   dnp    T-54   T-13
 Maria Hjorth           dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-41   T-17
 Cristie Kerr           dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    mc     T-54   T-17
 Tammie Green           T-6    T-14   mc     4th    T-44   T-37   T-11   T-20
 Charlotta Sorenstam    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-52   T-14   T-26
 Kristi Albers          T-6    T-25   T-70   mc     T-62   mc     T-41   T-26
 Nancy Scranton         T-44   mc     T-64   mc     dnp    77th   T-67   T-26
 Kelly Robbins          T-13   T-30   T-7    mc     mc     T-3    mc     T-31
 Sherri Steinhauer      Won    T-10   T-11   dnp    wd     T-24   T-9    T-34
 Dottie Pepper          T-20   mc     T-14   T-12   dnp    T-27   T-14   T-34
 Liselotte Neumann      T-20   mc     3rd    2nd    T-6    2nd    T-48   T-34
 Joan Pitcock           mc     T-74   T-57   T-16   T-19   T-41   T-63   T-45
 Cindy Figg-Currier     dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-36   T-5    mc     T-45
 Hiromi Kobayashi       mc     T-30   T-62   T-18   T-23   T-16   T-9    T-49
 Emilee Klein           dnp    dnp    dnp    T-18   T-12   T-7    T-34   T-49
 Cindy Flom             T-13   T-21   mc     T-22   mc     75th   T-59   T-49
 Deb Richard            mc     T-17   T-47   mc     mc     T-16   T-4    T-53
 Cathy Johnston-Forbes  mc     mc     T-72   mc     mc     T-52   T-48   T-59
 Amy Fruhwirth          dnp    mc     dnp    T-25   T-10   T-41   mc     T-59
 Gail Graham            mc     T-14   T-38   T-33   T-32   mc     T-4    T-64
 Meg Mallon             T-13   T-64   T-4    T-12   4th    T-30   T-4    T-66
 Pat Bradley            mc     mc     T-52   mc     T-53   mc     mc     T-66
 Dana Dormann           T-50   7th    mc     T-18   T-8    T-41   T-14   T-69
 Danielle Ammaccapane   T-33   T-10   mc     T-9    T-36   T-16   T-48   T-69
 Michelle Estill        T-20   mc     T-38   T-7    T-23   T-66   T-4    mc
 Donna Andrews          T-6    T-30   mc     T-46   mc     T-11   T-22   mc
 Hollis Stacy           T-33   T-52   mc     T-9    T-36   T-41   T-27   mc
 Lisa Hackney           dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-9    T-34   mc
 Helen Alfredsson       dnp    T-8    T-31   T-9    mc     T-14   T-34   mc
 Jenny Lidback          mc     T-21   T-16   Won    T-56   T-37   T-41   mc
 Martha Nause           mc     T-42   Won    mc     T-69   T-41   T-54   mc
 Barb Mucha             T-6    mc     T-52   T-61   T-12   T-24   T-71   mc
 Colleen Walker         T-28   T-42   T-57   mc     dnp    Won    mc     mc
 Kelli Kuehne           dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    mc     mc
 Amy Alcott             mc     T-25   T-14   T-33   T-36   T-52   mc     mc
 Jan Stephenson         T-42   T-59   T-64   T-38   T-19   T-59   mc     mc
 Michelle McGann        T-67   T-25   2nd    mc     mc     mc     mc     mc
 Nanci Bowen            dnp    dnp    mc     mc     T-23   T-37   T-73   wd
 Brandie Burton         mc     Won    T-22   T-53   mc     T-11   Won    dnp
 Annika Sorenstam       dnp    dnp    T-22   T-46   T-6    mc     2nd    dnp
 Pat Hurst              dnp    dnp    dnp    T-25   5th    mc     T-11   dnp
 Betsy King             T-28   2nd    T-4    T-5    mc     T-3    3rd    dnp
 Alicia Dibos           dnp    T-30   T-16   T-37   T-62   mc     T-11   dnp
 Chris Johnson          T-44   T-10   T-47   mc     T-44   T-9    T-27   dnp
 Nancy Lopez            dnp    dnp    T-22   dnp    T-2    dnp    T-27   dnp
 Kris Tschetter         mc     mc     mc     T-12   T-49   T-16   T-54   dnp
 Patty Sheehan          T-13   dnp    T-11   T-25   dnp    dnp    T-59   dnp
 Val Skinner            T-50   mc     dnp    T-12   T-12   mc     T-67   dnp
 Jane Geddes            T-25   mc     T-4    T-5    T-56   T-11   mc     dnp
                  Past du Maurier Classic Winners and Runners-up
 1999 -- Karrie Webb (277) -- Laura Davies
         (Priddis Greens Golf & Country Club, Calgary, Alberta)
 1998 -- Brandie Burton (270) -- Annika Sorenstam
         (Essex Golf & Country Club, Windsor, Ontario)
 1997 -- Colleen Walker (278) -- Liselotte Neumann
         (Glen Abbey Golf Club, Oakville, Ontario)
 1996 -- Laura Davies (277) -- Nancy Lopez, Karrie Webb
         (Edmonton Country Club, Edmonton, Alberta)
 1995 -- Jenny Lidback (280) -- Liselotte Neumann
         (Beaconsfield Golf Club, Pointe-Claire, Quebec)
 1994 -- Martha Nause (279) -- Michelle McGann
         (Ottawa Hunt Club, Ottawa, Ontario)
 1993 -- *Brandie Burton (277) -- Betsy King
         (London Hunt and Country Club, London, Ontario)
 1992 -- Sherri Steinhauer (277) -- Judy Dickinson
         (St. Charles Country Club, Winnipeg)
 1991 -- Nancy Scranton (279) -- Debbie Massey
         (Vancouver Golf Club, Coquitlam, British Columbia)
 1990 -- Cathy Johnston (276) -- Patty Sheehan
         (Westmount Golf & Country Club, Kitchener, Ontario)
 1989 -- Tammie Green (279) -- Pat Bradley, Betsy King
         (Beaconsfield Golf Club, Montreal, Quebec)
 1988 -- Sally Little (279) -- Laura Davies
         (Vancouver Golf Club, Coquitlam, British Columbia)
 1987 -- Jody Anschutz (272) -- Ayako Okamoto
         (Islesmere Golf Club, Laval, Quebec)
 1986 -- *Pat Bradley (276) -- Ayako Okamoto
         (Board of Trade Country Club, Toronto, Ontario)
 1985 -- Pat Bradley (278) -- Jane Geddes
         (Beaconsfield Golf Club, Montreal, Quebec)
 1984 -- Juli Inkster (279) -- Ayako Okamoto
         (St. George's Golf & Country Club, Toronto, Ontario)
 1983 -- Hollis Stacy (277) -- JoAnne Carner, Alice Miller
         (Beaconsfield Golf Club, Montreal, Quebec)
 1982 -- Sandra Haynie (280) -- Beth Daniel
         (St. George's Golf & Country Club, Toronto, Ontario)
 1981 -- Jan Stephenson (278) -- Nancy Lopez, Pat Bradley
         (Summerlea Country Club, Dorion, Quebec)
 1980 -- Pat Bradley (277) -- JoAnne Carner
         (St. George's Golf & Country Club, Toronto, Ontario)
 1979 -- Amy Alcott (285) -- Nancy Lopez
         (Richelieu Valley Country Club, Montreal, Quebec)
 1978 -- JoAnne Carner (278) -- Hollis Stacy
         (St. George's Golf & Country Club, Toronto, Ontario)
 1977 -- Judy Rankin (214) -- Pat Meyers, Sandra Palmer
         (Lachute Golf & Country Club, Montreal, Quebec)
 1976 -- *Donna Caponi (212) -- Judy Rankin
         (Cedar Brae Golf & Country Club, Toronto, Ontario)
 1975 -- *JoAnne Carner (214) -- Carol Mann
         (St. George's Golf & Country Club, Toronto, Ontario)
 1974 -- Carole Jo Callison (208) -- JoAnne Carner
         (Candiac Golf Club, Montreal, Quebec)
 1973 -- *Jocelyne Bourassa (214) -- Sandra Haynie, Judy Rankin
         (Montreal Golf Club, Montreal, Quebec)
 * - Won in playoff.
 Note: Designated as a major in 1979. Formerly called La Canadienne
       (1973) and Peter Jackson Classic (1974-82).
                      2000 Grand Slam Finishes
                        NABISCO     MCDONALDS      USOPEN
 Karrie Webb              Won          T-9          Won
 Meg Mallon               3rd          T-17         T-2
 Juli Inkster             T-17         Won          T-23
 Dottie Pepper            2nd          T-23         wd
 Cathy Johnston-Forbes    T-4          mc           dnp
 Michele Redman           T-4          T-17         T-23
 Helen Dobson             T-6          wd           mc
 Chris Johnson            T-6          mc           mc
 Rosie Jones              T-8          T-28         T-4
 Kim Saiki                T-8          T-33         mc
 Pat Hurst                T-10         T-17         T-12
 Se Ri Pak                T-15         T-3          T-15
 Kelly Robbins            T-17         T-12         T-9
 Annika Sorenstam         T-17         T-12         T-9
 Sherri Steinhauer        T-17         T-40         mc
 Charlotta Sorenstam      T-17         mc           T-27
 Carin Koch               T-17         T-40         T-31
 Alison Nicholas          T-27         T-23         mc
 Brandie Burton           T-31         mc           mc
 Laura Davies             T-35         T-6          T-9
 Cristie Kerr             T-35         wd           T-2
 Lorie Kane               T-35         mc           T-17
 Nancy Lopez              T-43         T-65         T-46
 Patty Sheehan            T-47         T-46         mc
 Beth Daniel              T-47         T-33         T-8
 Helen Alfredsson         T-57         mc           mc
 Catrin Nilsmark          T-57         T-56         dnp
 Rachel Hetherington      T-62         mc           mc
 Liselotte Neumann        72nd         mc           mc
 Kelli Kuehne             mc           mc           T-6
 Michelle McGann          mc           mc           T-60
 Betsy King               mc           T-23         T-46
 Hiromi Kobayashi         mc           mc           T-31
 Jane Crafter             mc           T-6          dnp
 Amy Alcott               mc           mc           dnp
 Stefania Croce           dnp          2nd          dnp


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