Qatar Masters
Qatar Masters
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Preivew of this years tournament
News and report from the 1st round
Scores from the 1st round
News and report from the 2nd round
Scores from the 2nd round
News and report from the 3rd round
Scores from the 3rd round
News and report from the 4th round
Scores from the 4th round
Golf Today report of last years event

67 P Lonard (Aus)

68 D Lynn R Muntz (Ned)

70 S Leaney (Aus), M Brier (Austria), G Orr

71 M Gronberg (Swe), I Woosnam, G Owen, B Lane, R Claydon, A Cabrera (Arg)

72 A Butterfield, P Fowler (Aus), S Webster, S Gallacher, T Levet (Fra), M Davis, A Cejka (Ger), M Anglert (Swe), Kang Wook-soon (Kor), P Golding, S Hurley, V Phillips, P McGinley, S Struver (Ger), P Price, J Mellor

73 S Scahill (Nzl), Zhang Lian-wei (Chi), S Hansen (Den), G Evans, J Bickerton, D Carter, S Tinning (Den), D Borrego (Spa), W Riley (Aus), J Payne, S Kjeldsen (Den), I Garrido (Spa), F Cea (Spa), P-U Johansson (Swe), N Fasth (Swe), N Vanhootegem (Bel), MA Martin (Spain), C Hainline (US), J Skold (Swe), C Hanell (Swe), P Walton

74 B Dredge, T Gogele (Ger), J Haeggman (Swe), C Suneson (Spa), J Sandelin (Swe), J Coceres (Arg), M Farry (Fra), E Darcy, G Hamerton, JM Carriles (Spa), J Spence, R Russell, R Gonzalez (Arg), P Sjoland (Swe), G Hutcheon, R McFarlane, E Canonica (Ita), O Edmond (Fra), R Johnson (Swe), I Poulter

75 D Smyth, R Winchester, R Green (Aus), J Berendt (Arg), O Eliasson (Swe), J Rivero (Spa), E Romero (Arg), P Baker, G Rojas (Arg), S Luna (Spa), M Mackenzie, G Murphy, M Florioli (Ita), S Field, M Lafeber (Ned), D Park, C Rocca (Ita), R Chapman, P Affleck, I Pyman, J Robinson, M Blackey, B Davis

76 A Oldcorn, M Eliasson (Swe), K Storgaard (Den), Yeh Wei-tze (Tai), S Ballesteros (Spa), T Johnstone (Zim), A Coltart, A Bossert (Swi), M Lanner (Swe), S Allan (Aus), S Richardson, B Teilleria (Fra), P Mitchell

77 F Tarnaud (Fra), A Beal, N Ludwell, P Eales, P Nyman (Swe), H Nystrom (Swe), A Raitt, A McLardy (Rsa), D Lee, A Sherborne, R Jacquelin (Fra)

78 J Lomas, P Nyman (Swe), J-F Remesy (Fra), M Scarpa (Italy), J Rose, I Hutchings (Rsa), R Byrd (US), D Howell, D Fichardt (Rsa), G Emerson, I Giner (Spain), I Garbutt, R Derksen (Ned)

79 R Coles, R Wessels (Rsa), E Boult (Nzl), S Wakefield, T Gillis (USA), D De Vooght (Bel)

80 A Forsyth, P Quirici (Swi)

81 H Otto (Rsa), R Rafferty

82 G Brand Jnr

83 R Bain

85 F Lindgren (Swe)

87 G McGlinchey

Retired: J Singh (Ind)

Withdrew: A Forsbrand (Swe)


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