Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf
Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf
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News and report from the 1st round
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News and report from the 2nd round
Scores from the 2nd round
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Scores from the 3rd round
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 Dates: Friday, March 30th through Sunday, April 1st
 Site: World Golf Village (The King & The Bear Course), St. Augustine, Fl
 Course Architects: Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus (2000)
 Par: 72
 Yardage: 7,048 (Legends/Legendary), 6,121 (Demaret)
 Hole-by-Hole: 1 - Par 4 426/376 yds         10 - Par 4 406/356 yds
               2 - Par 4 435/353 yds         11 - Par 3 163/137 yds
               3 - Par 3 217/167 yds         12 - Par 4 412/349 yds
               4 - Par 4 383/350 yds         13 - Par 5 540/470 yds
               5 - Par 5 532/488 yds         14 - Par 3 200/154 yds
               6 - Par 3 194/147 yds         15 - Par 4 360/311 yds
               7 - Par 5 542/510 yds         16 - Par 4 441/384 yds
               8 - Par 4 437/373 yds         17 - Par 4 390/387 yds
               9 - Par 4 430/329 yds         18 - Par 5 540/480 yds
                   -------------              -------------
                  36 3,596/3,093 yds             36 3,452/3,028 yds
 Annual: 24th
 Defending Champions: Jim Colbert and Andy North
 Runner-Up: Bruce Fleisher and David Graham
 Tournament Record: 187 (Tom Bolt and Art Wall, 1980)
 72-Hole Record: 249 (Charles Coody and Dale Douglass, 1990)
 36-Hole Record: 121 (Charles Coody and Dale Douglass, 1990)
 18-Hole Record: 58 (Al Geiberger and Harold Henning, 1991)
 Total Purse: $1,800,000
 Shares: 1st Place - $340,000; 2nd Place - 200,000; 3rd Place - 150,000
 Legendary Shares: 1st Place - $48,000; 2nd - 32,000; 3rd - 22,000
 Demaret Shares: 1st Place - $39,000; 2nd - 26,000; 3rd - 21,500
                             2000 Finish
 Player                Score              Player                 Score
 ------                -----              ------                 -----
 Colbert/North          191               Sigel/Wargo             194
 Fleisher/D.Graham      192               M.Hill/Trevino          195
 Green/G.Morgan         193               Wadkins/Watson          197
 Bland/Mahaffey         194               Floyd/G.Gilbert         198
 Marsh/Nelson           194               Nicklaus/J.C.Snead      198
         Past Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf Winners and Runners-Up
 2000 -- Jim Colbert/Andy North (191) -- Bruce Fleisher/David Graham
 1999 -- Hubert Green/Gil Morgan (194) -- John Mahaffey/Tom Wargo
 1998 -- *Charles Coody/Dale Douglass (192) -- Hugh Baiocchi/David Graham
 1997 -- John Bland/Graham Marsh (192) -- Hubert Green/Gil Morgan
 1996 -- M.Hill/Trevino (198) -- Moody/Powell, Nicklaus/Player,
 1995 -- Mike Hill/Lee Trevino (195) -- Gibby Gilbert/J.C.Snead
 1994 -- Charles Coody/Dale Douglass (188) -- C.Rodriguez/Dent, Murphy/Colbert
 1993 -- *Harold Henning (204) -- Don January
 1992 -- Mike Hill/Lee Trevino (251) -- Jim Colbert/Tommy Aaron
 1991 -- Mike Hill/Lee Trevino (252) -- Al Geiberger/Harold Henning
 1990 -- Charles Coody/Dale Douglass (249) -- Al Geiberger/Harold Henning
 1989 -- Al Geiberger/Harold Henning (251) -- Bob Charles/Bruce Devlin
 1988 -- *Bruce Crampton/Orville Moody (254) -- Aaron/L.Graham,
 1987 -- Bruce Crampton/Orville Moody (251) -- B.Baird/Haas, Hawkins/Nichols
 1986 -- Don January/Gene Littler (255) -- Jim Ferree/Charles Sifford
 1985 -- D.January/G.Littler (257) -- Barber/Brewer, Casper/Elder,
 1984 -- Gay Brewer/Billy Casper (258) -- Miller Barber/Julius Boros
 1983 -- Roberto De Vicenzo/Rod Funseth (258) -- Jack Burke/Paul Harney
 1982 -- #January/Snead (183) -- Littler/Rosburg, Shei-Ha/Toski,
 1981 -- Gene Littler/Bob Rosburg (257) -- Peter Thomson/Kel Nagle
 1980 -- Tommy Bolt/Art Wall (187) -- Sam Snead/Don January
 1979 -- *Roberto De Vicenzo/Julius Boros (195) -- Tommy Bolt/Art Wall
 1978 -- Gardner Dickinson/Sam Snead (193) -- Kel Nagle/Peter Thomson
 * - Won in Playoff.
 # - Rain Shortened.
 Note: Formerly called Legends of Golf (1978-79).
                               Teams in the Field
 LEGENDS - 50-59 years old
 Buddy Allin and Jerry Heard         John Bland and Graham Marsh
 * Jim Colbert and Andy North        Bruce Fleisher and David Graham
 Bob Gilder and Jim Thorpe           Hubert Green and Gil Morgan
 Tony Jacklin and Larry Laoretti     Bob Lunn and Calvin Peete
 John Mahaffey and Tom Wargo         Doug Tewell and Leonard Thompson
 LEGENDARY - 60-69 years old
 Tommy Aaron and Don Bies            Jim Albus and Simon Hobday
 George Archer and Jim Dent          Butch Baird and Bobby Nichols
 Miller Barber and Jim Ferree        Gay Brewer and Billy Casper
 Charles Coody and Dale Douglass     Bruce Devlin and Larry Ziegler
 Lee Elder and Doug Sanders          Al Geiberger and Tom Shaw
 Gibby Gilbert and J.C. Snead        Lou Graham and Rik Massengale
 * Mike Hill and Lee Trevino         Harold Henning and Chi Chi Rodriguez
 Tommy Jacobs and Bob Toski          Orville Moody and Jimmy Powell
 Larry Mowry and Ken Still           Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer
 Johnny Pott and Mason Rudolph
 DEMARET - age 70 and above
 Al Balding and Billy Maxwell        George Bayer and Howie Johnson
 Tommy Bolt and Bob Goalby           Roberto De Vicenzo and Mike Fetchick
 Dow Finsterwald and Bob Rosburg     Doug Ford and Art Wall
 Marty Furgol and Johnny Palmer      Freddie Haas and Fred Hawkins
 Don January and Gene Littler        * Joe Jimenez and Charles Sifford
 * - Defending champions
 Golftoday Network Selections
 Pick to Win - Bruce Fleisher and David Graham
 Darkhorse   - Bob Gilder and Jim Thorpe
 Last week's Pick to Win (Gil Morgan) - Finished tied for 6th
 Last week's Darkhorse (John Jacobs) - Finished tied for 21st
 The format has been modified for 2001. It will be best ball in the first and
 final rounds (Friday and Sunday) and modified alternate shot in the second
 round (Saturday). In the modified alternate shot (also known as Pinehurst or
 Chapman), partners play tee shots on all holes. On par five holes, partners
 will exchange balls after their tee shots, playing second strokes, exchange
 balls again prior to playing third shots, then select one ball and play
 alternate strokes until the ball is holed. On par four holes, partners only
 exchange balls after tee shots, hitting second shots, then select one ball
 and play alternate strokes until the ball is holed. On par three holes, the
 partners shall select one ball after the tee shot and play alternate strokes
 until the ball is holed. This event spawned the creation of the Senior PGA
 Tour. In 1978, two years before the Senior Tour formally came into
 being, the Legends of Golf featured a purse of $400,000, the largest in
 professional golf at the time. Sam Snead and Gardner Dickinson captured
 the inaugural event. Last year, Jim Colbert and Andy North led from start to
 finish to capture last season's event by one shot over Bruce Flesher and
 David Graham. Colbert and North led by three shots most of the final round,
 but following a bogey on 16 and a birdie by Graham and Fleisher on 18,
 the lead was trimmed to one. On the closing hole, Colbert sank a four-foot
 putt for par for the win. North, who made last year's event his debut on the
 Senior Tour, won for the first time since the 1985 U.S. Open. Colbert and
 North became the seventh team to win this event wire-to-wire. This event is
 the longest-running televised golf tournament, but it is not an official
 event. Mike Hill and Lee Trevino have won this tournament four times. There
 have been only two holes-in-one in the 23 previous tournaments -- Chi Chi
 Rodriguez in 1993 and Tommy Jacobs in 1991. Sam Snead and Don January 
 the biggest winning margin in 1982, when they won by 12 strokes over three
 other teams. Snead, Roberto de Vicenzo, Gene Littler and Don January are the
 only players to win this event with two different partners. The purse was
 increased by $60,000 from last year. Hill and Trevino captured the Legendary
 Division last year by one shot over three teams and Joe Jimenez and Charlie
 Sifford won the Demaret Division last year for the third straight year. This
 year's event marks the debut for The King and The Bear golf course designed
 by Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. The Slammer & The Squire course at the
 World Golf Village, hosted this event the last three years. Onion Creek
 Country Club in Austin, Texas played host to this tournament the first 12
 years while Barton Creek in Austin hosted the event the next five years.
 PGA West in California was host for three years while the Golf Club of
 Amelia Island in Florida held the event in 1998. Seven members of the World
 Golf Hall of Fame are in the field this week: Nicklaus, Palmer, Billy Casper,
 Trevino, Roberto De Vicenzo, Gene Littler and Chi Chi Rodriguez. Five players
 from the first Legends of Golf are in the field: Tommy Bolt, Bob Rosburg,
 Doug Ford, De Vicenzo and Bob Toski. Bob Gilder and Jim Thorpe are competing
 in this event for the first time. The Senior Tour takes a couple of weeks off
 heading into the first "major" on the schedule, The Countrywide Tradition in
 Arizona where Tom Kite will defend his title.

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