McDonald's LPGA Championship
McDonald's LPGA Championship
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 Dates: Thursday, June 21st through Sunday, June 24th
 Site: DuPont Country Club (DuPont Course), Wilmington, Delaware
 Course Architect: Alfred Tull (1946); Redesign work by William Gordon (1960s);
                   Geoffrey Cornish
 Par: 71
 Yardage: 6,408
 Hole-by-Hole: 1 - Par 4 384 yds         10 - Par 4 360 yds
               2 - Par 4 400 yds         11 - Par 5 528 yds
               3 - Par 4 372 yds         12 - Par 4 375 yds
               4 - Par 4 370 yds         13 - Par 3 184 yds
               5 - Par 3 167 yds         14 - Par 4 390 yds
               6 - Par 4 391 yds         15 - Par 4 382 yds
               7 - Par 4 391 yds         16 - Par 5 465 yds
               8 - Par 3 192 yds         17 - Par 3 156 yds
               9 - Par 5 502 yds         18 - Par 4 399 yds
                   -------------              -------------
                    35 3,169 yds               36 3,239 yds

 Annual: 47th
 Defending Champion: Juli Inkster
 Runner-Up: Stefania Croce
 Tournament Record (Par 71): 267 (Betsy King, 1992)
 Tournament Record (Par 72): 272 (Patty Sheehan, 1984)
 54-Hole Record (Par 71): 201 (Betsy King, 1992)
 54-Hole Record (Par 72): 204 (Patty Sheehan, 1984)
 36-Hole Record (Par 71): 133 (Se Ri Pak, 1998)
 36-Hole Record (Par 72): 135 (Alexandra Reinhardt, 1983)
 18-Hole Tournament Record: 63 (Patty Sheehan, 1984)
 9-Hole Record: 30 (Nancy Ramsbottom, 1998; Meg Mallon, Laura Davies, Rosie
                    Jones, 1999)
 Course Record: 63 (Brandie Burton, 1992; Meg Mallon, 1999)
 Total Purse: $1,500,000
 Shares: 1st Place - $225,000; 2nd Place - 139,639; 3rd Place - 101,899

                                 Key Players to Watch

                                      Finish Last Nine Years
 Player              1992  1993   1994   1995  1996  1997  1998  1999  2000
 ------              ----  ----   ----   ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----
 Juli Inkster        9th   T-65   T-14   T-47  T-5   T-53  T-16  Won   Won
 Stefania Croce      dnp   T-62   dnp    dnp   T-41  mc    mc    T-47  2nd
 Nancy Scranton      T-22  T-8    T-49   T-18  dnp   T-60  T-25  T-3   T-3
 Se Ri Pak           dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   dnp   Won   T-7   T-3
 Wendy Ward          dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   mc    dnp   T-4   mc    T-3
 Laura Davies        T-52  T-45   Won    2nd   Won   T-4   T-44  T-7   T-6
 Jane Crafter        T-35  T-17   mc     T-55  T-3   T-60  dnp   T-26  T-6
 Jan Stephenson      T-12  T-11   T-63   wd    dnp   mc    mc    T-16  T-9
 Akiko Fukushima     dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-22  T-9
 Karrie Webb         dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   T-41  T-9   T-4   mc    T-9
 Annika Sorenstam    dnp   dnp    dnp    10th  T-14  3rd   T-30  T-16  T-12
 Leta Lindley        dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   2nd   mc    T-26  T-12
 Mi Hyun Kim         dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-26  T-12
 Kelly Robbins       T-22  T-50   mc     Won   T-18  T-11  T-9   66th  T-12
 Meg Mallon          T-26  T-45   T-11   T-15  T-10  T-22  T-6   T-11  T-17
 Jane Geddes         T-22  T-17   mc     T-29  T-26  T-67  T-11  mc    T-17
 Dawn Coe-Jones      T-64  mc     T-77   T-47  dq    T-6   T-44  mc    T-17
 Pat Hurst           dnp   dnp    dnp    T-33  T-34  T-75  T-21  dnp   T-17
 Dottie Pepper       T-5   T-30   T-11   T-6   T-26  T-37  mc    T-19  T-23
 Pat Bradley         T-15  mc     T-3    T-8   T-51  T-11  T-44  65th  T-23
 Betsy King          Won   T-4    T-17   T-11  T-14  T-53  T-37  T-69  T-23
 Rosie Jones         T-35  T-17   mc     T-33  T-69  mc    mc    T-5   T-28
 Emilee Klein        dnp   dnp    dnp    T-72  T-58  T-67  T-6   T-7   T-33
 Beth Daniel         T-35  T-17   T-7    T-18  T-26  dnp   T-58  mc    T-33
 Sherri Steinhauer   T-44  mc     T-7    mc    T-18  T-4   T-37  T-19  T-40
 Barb Mucha          T-72  mc     T-17   T-15  T-34  T-9   T-51  T-26  T-40
 Carin Koch          dnp   dnp    dnp    mc    T-18  T-53  T-18  T-36  T-40
 Sophie Gustafson    dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-54  T-40
 Kris Tschetter      T-74  T-11   T-49   T-18  T-18  mc    T-30  T-54  T-46
 Patty Sheehan       T-7   Won    T-7    T-3   T-10  mc    mc    dnp   T-46
 Jill McGill         dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   T-26  T-60  dnp   T-7   T-52
 Catrin Nilsmark     dnp   dnp    dnp    mc    mc    dnp   T-9   T-54  T-56
 Val Skinner         T-44  mc     13th   T-47  T-5   T-80  mc    mc    T-62
 Nancy Lopez         T-18  T-25   wd     T-18  T-18  T-37  T-44  dnp   T-65
 Liselotte Neumann   T-2   T-25   T-3    T-38  T-41  mc    T-37  2nd   mc
 Mardi Lunn          dnp   dnp    T-17   mc    T-58  T-22  mc    T-3   mc
 Hiromi Kobayashi    T-44  T-62   T-3    wd    T-5   T-60  mc    T-19  mc
 Lorie Kane          dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   T-16  T-30  T-26  mc
 Trish Johnson       mc    T-8    mc     T-38  T-34  8th   mc    T-26  mc
 Kelli Kuehne        dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    T-26  mc
 Hollis Stacy        T-18  mc     45th   mc    mc    T-53  T-66  T-36  mc
 Dana Dormann        T-52  T-53   T-14   mc    T-51  T-11  T-25  T-42  mc
 Michelle McGann     T-30  T-4    T-26   wd    T-41  T-31  T-25  T-47  mc
 Tina Barrett        T-30  mc     T-28   mc    mc    T-22  mc    T-47  mc
 Chris Johnson       T-15  T-30   T-14   T-38  T-58  Won   T-6   T-54  mc
 Penny Hammel        mc    mc     mc     mc    T-3   mc    T-68  T-54  mc
 Lisa Hackney        dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   mc    T-2   mc    mc
 Joan Pitcock        T-35  T-11   mc     T-11  mc    T-46  T-11  mc    mc
 Helen Alfredsson    T-5   mc     T-35   T-38  mc    T-67  T-51  mc    mc
 Charlotta Sorenstam dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   dnp   T-56  mc    mc
 Kristi Albers       T-18  T-53   mc     T-11  T-10  T-46  T-58  mc    mc
 Gail Graham         T-74  mc     T-28   mc    T-51  T-6   T-66  mc    mc
 Amy Alcott          T-10  mc     T-7    mc    mc    T-67  mc    mc    mc
 JoAnne Carner       T-2   T-37   T-26   T-38  dnp   mc    mc    mc    mc
 Donna Andrews       T-12  T-11   T-17   mc    T-63  T-16  T-2   dnp   mc
 Brandie Burton      T-10  T-37   T-28   mc    T-63  T-11  T-68  dnp   mc
 Grace Park          dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc
 Cristie Kerr        dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   mc    mc    T-5   wd
 Tammie Green        T-26  T-4    T-17   T-8   T-63  mc    T-14  T-11  dnp
 Marianne Morris     mc    dnp    T-49   T-3   T-74  T-46  T-70  mc    dnp
 Elaine Crosby       T-49  T-17   T-3    mc    mc    mc    mc    mc    dnp

 dnp - Did Not Play
 mc  - Missed Cut
 wd  - Withdrew

         Past McDonald's LPGA Championship Winners and Runner-up

 2000 -- *Juli Inkster (281) -- Stefania Croce
 1999 -- Juli Inkster (268) -- Liselotte Neumann
 1998 -- Se Ri Pak (273) -- Donna Andrews, Lisa Hackney
 1997 -- *Chris Johnson (281) -- Leta Lindley
 1996 -- #Laura Davies (213) -- Julie Piers
 1995 -- Kelly Robbins (274) -- Laura Davies
 1994 -- Laura Davies (279) -- Alice Ritzman
 1993 -- Patty Sheehan (275) -- Lauri Merten
 1992 -- Betsy King (267) -- JoAnne Carner, Karen Noble, Liselotte Neumann
 1991 -- Meg Mallon (274) -- Pat Bradley, Ayako Okamoto
 1990 -- Beth Daniel (280) -- Rosie Jones
 1989 -- Nancy Lopez (274) -- Ayako Okamoto
 1988 -- Sherri Turner (281) -- Amy Alcott
 1987 -- Jane Geddes (275) -- Betsy King
 1986 -- Pat Bradley (277) -- Patty Sheehan
 1985 -- Nancy Lopez (273) -- Alice Miller
 1984 -- Patty Sheehan (272) -- Beth Daniel, Pat Bradley
 1983 -- Patty Sheehan (279) -- Sandra Haynie
 1982 -- Jan Stephenson (279) -- JoAnne Carner
 1981 -- Donna Caponi (280) -- Jerilyn Britz, Pat Meyers
 1980 -- Sally Little (285) -- Jane Blalock
 1979 -- Donna Caponi (279) -- Jerilyn Britz
 1978 -- Nancy Lopez (275) -- Amy Alcott
 1977 -- Chako Higuchi (279) -- Pat Bradley, Sandra Post, Judy Rankin
 1976 -- Betty Burfeindt (287) -- Judy Rankin
 1975 -- Kathy Whitworth (288) -- Sandra Haynie
 1974 -- Sandra Haynie (288) -- JoAnne Carner
 1973 -- Mary Mills (288) -- Betty Burfeindt
 1972 -- Kathy Ahern (293) -- Jane Blalock
 1971 -- Kathy Whitworth (288) -- Kathy Ahern
 1970 -- * Shirley Englehorn (285) -- Kathy Whitworth
 1969 -- Betsy Rawls (293) -- Susie Berning, Carol Mann
 1968 -- * Sandra Post (294) -- Kathy Whitworth
 1967 -- Kathy Whitworth (284) -- Shirley Englehorn
 1966 -- Gloria Ehret (282) -- Mickey Wright
 1965 -- Sandra Haynie (279) -- Clifford A. Creed
 1964 -- Mary Mills (278) -- Mickey Wright
 1963 -- Mickey Wright (294) -- Mary Lena Faulk, Mary Mills, Louise Suggs
 1962 -- Judy Kimball (282) -- Shirley Spork
 1961 -- Mickey Wright (287) -- Louise Suggs
 1960 -- Mickey Wright (292) -- Louise Suggs
 1959 -- Betsy Rawls (288) -- Patty Berg
 1958 -- Mickey Wright (288) -- Fay Crocker
 1957 -- Louise Suggs (285) -- Wiffi Smith
 1956 -- * Marlene Hagge (291) -- Patty Berg
 1955 -- Beverly Hanson (220) -- Louise Suggs

 * - Won in playoff
 # - Rain shortened

 Note: Formerly called LPGA Championship (1955-87), Mazda LPGA Championship

                   2001 Grand Slam Finishes

                       NABISCO   U.S. OPEN

 Annika Sorenstam         Won       T-16
 Karrie Webb              T-2       Won
 Janice Moodie            T-2       T-26
 Dottie Pepper            T-2       3rd
 Akiko Fukushima          T-2       mc
 Rachel Teske             T-2       mc
 Sophie Gustafson         T-7       11th
 Brandie Burton           T-7       T-26
 Laura Diaz               T-9       mc
 Pat Hurst                T-9       T-34
 Laura Davies             T-11      mc
 Dorothy Delasin          T-11      T-19
 Se Ri Pak                T-11      2nd
 Mi Hyun Kim              T-15      T-26
 Carin Koch               T-15      mc
 Juli Inkster             T-15      T-12
 Liselotte Neumann        T-18      T-39
 Michele Redman           T-18      T-16
 Tammie Green             T-24      dnp
 Maria Hjorth             T-24      T-19
 Kelly Robbins            T-24      T-12
 Meg Mallon               T-28      T-30
 Grace Park               T-28      T-39
 Rosie Jones              T-28      T-39
 Kelli Kuehne             35th      T-7
 Charlotta Sorenstam      T-36      mc
 Lorie Kane               T-42      T-7
 Helen Alfredsson         46th      T-26
 Donna Andrews            T-48      mc
 Beth Daniel              T-55      T-24
 Hiromi Kobayashi         T-63      dnp
 Cristie Kerr             T-66      T-4
 Dawn Coe-Jones           72nd      dnp
 Betsy King               74th      mc
 Barb Mucha               mc        mc
 Sherri Steinhauer        mc        T-50
 Catriona Matthew         mc        T-4
 Michelle McGann          mc        mc
 Kristi Albers            mc        T-7

 Golftoday Network Selections
 Pick to Win - Se Ri Pak
 Darkhorse   - Sherri Steinhauer

 Last week's Pick to win (Annika Sorenstam) - Finished tied for 25th
 Last week's Darkhorse (Catriona Matthew) - Finished tied for 11th

      Juli Inkster rolled in a two-foot par putt on the second playoff hole
 to defeat Stefania Croce and successfully defend her LPGA Championship
 title last year. The victory was Inkster's sixth win in a major championship,
 tying her for the most among active players with fellow LPGA Hall of Famers
 Pat Bradley, Patty Sheehan and Betsy King. Inkster joined Sheehan and Mickey
 Wright as the only players to win this event two straight years. Inkster
 followed up a tournament-low 65 on Saturday with a  four-over 75  -- the
 highest final-round score in the tournament's history since 1975. Inkster had
 a chance to win the event in regulation, but misfired on a five-foot par putt
 on the 72nd hole. After they each parred the first playoff hole,  Inkster  hit
 her approach to the back fringe on the second extra hole -- the 360-yard,
 par-four 10th -- and Croce flew her second shot over the green. Croce's
 downhill chip out of the thick rough slid 15 feet past the hole and she missed
 her par putt on the way back. Inkster then lagged her putt from the fringe to
 within two feet of the cup and sank the par putt. This is the third major on
 the LPGA Tour. Annika Sorenstam captured the Nabisco Championship and Karrie
 Webb won the U.S. Women's Open. This is the eighth straight year that the
 McDonald's LPGA Championship is being held at this course. Prior to DuPont
 Country Club, the event was held at Bethesda Country Club from 1990-93 and
 Jack Nicklaus Golf Club from 1978-89. Prior to that, the event was held at
 numerous venues. Before changing into the McDonald's LPGA Championship in
 1994, the tournament that was held at this site was known as the McDonald's
 Classic (1981-82), McDonald's Kids Classic (1983-84) and McDonald's
 Championship (1985-93). When Se Ri Pak captured the event in 1998, she
 became the only wire-to-wire winner of the event. Jane Geddes registered a hole-in-
 one during last year's first round on the 17th, the first ace at this event
 since 1996 when Robin Hood posted a one, also on the 17th. Inkster is
 attempting to become the first player in LPGA history to win the same modern-
 day major championship three consecutive years. Patty Berg is the only player
 to win an LPGA major on three consecutive occasions - she had a three-peat at
 the 1937-39 Titleholders Championships. Next week the LPGA Tour moves to
 Atlantic City, New Jersey for the ShopRite LPGA Classic at Marriot Seaview
 Resort where Janice Moodie will defend her title.


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