83rd US PGA Championship
83rd US PGA Championship
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Event Features
Garcia & Parnevik aiming to seal Ryder Cup place In depth preview
Records could be broken in Atlanta Mickelson may skip Tour Championship
US Ryder Cup race ends this week Mickelson under pressure to claim first Major
Rees Jones happy with Atlanta redesign Hal Sutton suffering from sleep disorder
Woods, Duval & Goosen tee up at PGA Courses for Majors are changing
24 Europeans line up to try and break PGA duck Tiger Woods poked in face by fan
John Daly happy to be where he is Nick Faldo not hopeful at Atlanta
Tough choices for Curtis Strange ahead Woods & Duval rivalry back on course
Bob May hoping to shine again  
 Dates: Thursday, August 16th through Sunday, August 19th
 Site: Atlanta Athletic Club (Highlands Course), Duluth, Georgia
 Course Architects: Robert Trent Jones, Sr. (1967), Joe Finger (1970),
                    Rees Jones (1995); George Fazio (redesign, 1976);
                    Arnold Palmer/Ed Seay (redesign, 1987)
 Par: 70
 Yardage: 7,213
 Hole-by-Hole: 1 - Par 4 430 Yds         10 - Par 4 439 Yds
               2 - Par 4 471 Yds         11 - Par 4 454 Yds
               3 - Par 4 469 Yds         12 - Par 5 547 Yds
               4 - Par 3 204 Yds         13 - Par 4 364 Yds
               5 - Par 5 541 Yds         14 - Par 4 442 Yds
               6 - Par 4 425 Yds         15 - Par 3 227 Yds
               7 - Par 3 183 Yds         16 - Par 4 441 Yds
               8 - Par 4 463 Yds         17 - Par 3 207 Yds
               9 - Par 4 416 Yds         18 - Par 4 490 Yds
                   -------------              -------------
                    35 3,602 Yds               35 3,611 Yds

 Annual: 83rd
 Defending Champion: Tiger Woods
 Runner-Up: Bob May
 Tournament Record: 267 (S.Elkington, C.Montgomerie, 1995 - Riviera C.C.)
 54-Hole Record: 197 (Ernie Els, 1995 - Riviera Country Club)
 36-Hole Record: 131 (Hal Sutton, 1983 - Riviera Country Club)
                     (Vijay Singh, 1993 - Inverness Country Club)
                     (Mark O'Meara, 1995 - Riviera Country Club)
                     (Ernie Els, 1995 - Riviera Country Club)
 18-Hole Record: 63 (Bruce Crampton, 1975 - Firestone Country Club)
                    (Ray Floyd, 1982 - Southern Hills Country Club)
                    (Gary Player, 1984 - Shoal Creek Country Club)
                    (Vijay Singh, 1993 - Inverness Country Club)
                    (Michael Bradley, 1995 - Riviera Country Club)
                    (Brad Faxon, 1995 - Riviera Country Club)
                    (Jose Maria Olazabal, 2000 - Valhalla Golf Club)
 9-Hole Record: 28 (Brad Faxon, 1995 - Riviera Country Club)
 Course Record: 66 (Bob Murphy, Larry Nelson (2), Isao Aoki, Bill Rogers,
                    Tommy Valentine, Curtis Strange, Bob Gilder, 1981)
 Total Purse: $5,000,000 (2000 figures)
 Shares: 1st Place - $900,000; 2nd Place - 540,000; 3rd Place - 340,000 (2000)

                           Key Players To Watch

                                      Finish Last Ten Years
 Player              1991  1992  1993  1994  1995  1996  1997  1998  1999  2000
 ------              ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----
 Tiger Woods         dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-29  T-10  Won   Won
 Bob May             dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   2nd
 Thomas Bjorn        dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-45  mc    mc    3rd
 Stuart Appleby      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-51  mc    mc    T-4
 Jose Maria Olazabal mc    mc    T-56  T-7   T-31  dnp   mc    mc    mc    T-4
 Greg Chalmers       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    dnp   T-4
 Franklin Langham    dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   7th
 Davis Love III      T-32  T-33  T-31  mc    mc    mc    Won   T-7   T-49  T-9
 Phil Mickelson      dnp   dnp   T-6   3rd   mc    T-8   T-29  T-34  T-57  T-9
 Scott Dunlap        dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-68  T-9
 Fred Funk           T-57  mc    T-44  T-55  T-39  T-26  T-61  T-23  73rd  T-9
 Tom Watson          mc    T-62  5th   T-9   T-58  T-17  mc    mc    mc    T-9
 Darren Clarke       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    dnp   mc    T-9
 Stewart Cink        dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    mc    T-3   T-15
 Lee Westood         dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-29  mc    T-16  T-15
 Robert Allenby      dnp   dnp   mc    dnp   mc    mc    T-49  T-13  mc    T-19
 Lee Janzen          dnp   T-21  T-22  T-66  T-23  T-8   4th   mc    mc    T-19
 Tom Kite            T-52  T-21  T-56  T-9   T-54  mc    5th   mc    mc    T-19
 Paul Azinger        dnp   T-33  Won   mc    T-31  T-31  T-29  T-13  T-41  T-24
 Steve Jones         dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    T-41  dnp   mc    T-24
 Skip Kendall        dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-10  T-21  T-27
 Brad Faxon          T-48  T-15  T-14  T-30  5th   T-17  mc    T-13  T-61  T-27
 Mike Weir           dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-10  T-30
 Kenny Perry         dnp   dnp   T-55  T-49  dnp   2nd   T-23  T-10  T-34  T-30
 Sergio Garcia       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   2nd   T-34
 Chris Perry         dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-49  74th  T-10  T-34
 Mark Calcavecchia   T-32  T-48  T-31  mc    mc    T-36  T-23  T-44  T-61  T-34
 Ernie Els           dnp   mc    mc    T-25  T-3   T-61  T-53  T-21  mc    T-34
 Colin Montgomerie   dnp   T-33  mc    T-36  2nd   mc    T-13  T-44  T-6   T-39
 Steve Pate          T-7   T-48  70th  dnp   T-58  dnp   dnp   mc    T-8   T-41
 Jeff Sluman         T-61  T-12  T-61  T-25  T-8   T-41  mc    T-27  T-54  T-41
 Justin Leonard      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-8   T-5   2nd   mc    mc    T-41
 Duffy Waldorf       dnp   T-9   mc    dnp   T-20  mc    mc    T-38  T-41  T-46
 Mark O'Meara        mc    mc    mc    dnp   T-6   T-26  T-13  T-4   T-57  T-46
 Bernhard Langer     mc    T-40  mc    T-25  dnp   76th  T-23  dnp   T-61  T-46
 Jesper Parnevik     dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    T-20  T-5   T-45  mc    T-10  T-51
 Nick Faldo          T-16  T-2   3rd   T-4   T-31  T-65  mc    T-54  T-41  T-51
 Brian Watts         dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    T-47  mc    T-56  T-41  T-51
 Andrew Coltart      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   69th  T-65  T-51
 Glen Day            dnp   dnp   dnp   T-15  mc    T-41  mc    T-29  mc    T-51
 Steve Lowery        dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    T-8   mc    T-58  T-44  dnp   T-51
 Carlos Franco       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-40  T-26  T-58
 Loren Roberts       T-27  dnp   T-28  T-9   T-58  mc    T-49  T-65  mc    T-58
 Jay Haas            dnp   T-62  T-20  14th  T-8   T-31  T-61  T-40  T-3   T-64
 Miguel A. Jimenez   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-13  T-24  dnp   dnp   T-10  T-64
 Craig Stadler       T-7   T-48  mc    T-19  T-8   mc    T-53  T-38  mc    T-64
 Kirk Triplett       dnp   mc    dnp   T-15  T-13  mc    T-13  mc    T-49  T-69
 Jim Furyk           dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-13  T-17  T-6   mc    T-8   T-72
 Scott Hoch          T-43  mc    T-6   mc    mc    T-61  T-6   T-29  T-21  T-74
 Billy Mayfair       mc    mc    T-28  T-39  T-23  T-52  T-53  T-7   T-34  T-74
 Nick Price          mc    Won   T-31  Won   T-39  T-8   T-13  T-4   5th   mc
 Bob Estes           dnp   T-76  T-6   T-47  T-6   mc    dnp   T-34  T-6   mc
 Corey Pavin         T-32  T-12  mc    2nd   mc    T-26  dnp   mc    T-10  mc
 Mark Brooks         mc    T-15  mc    mc    T-31  Won   mc    T-56  T-16  mc
 Fred Couples        T-27  T-18  T-31  T-39  T-31  T-41  T-29  T-13  T-26  mc
 Hal Sutton          T-7   mc    T-31  T-55  mc    mc    mc    T-27  T-26  mc
 Vijay Singh         dnp   T-48  4th   mc    mc    T-5   T-13  Won   T-49  mc
 Bob Tway            T-66  T-56  mc    mc    mc    mc    T-13  T-13  T-57  mc
 Steve Stricker      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-23  T-26  mc    2nd   mc    mc
 Ian Woosnam         T-48  mc    T-22  T-9   mc    T-36  mc    T-29  mc    mc
 Jeff Maggert        dnp   6th   T-51  mc    T-3   T-73  3rd   T-44  mc    mc
 Tim Herron          dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-31  T-13  75th  mc    mc
 Greg Norman         T-32  T-15  2nd   T-4   T-20  T-17  T-13  dnp   mc    mc
 Eduardo Romero      T-52  mc    T-21  dnp   dnp   dnp   T-41  mc    mc    mc
 John Daly           Won   82nd  T-51  mc    mc    mc    T-29  mc    dnp   mc
 Retief Goosen       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-61  mc    mc    mc
 Tom Lehman          dnp   dnp   mc    T-39  mc    T-14  T-10  T-29  T-34  wd
 Ben Crenshaw        wd    T-73  T-61  T-9   T-44  T-69  mc    mc    mc    wd
 David Duval         dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    T-41  T-13  mc    T-10  dnp
 David Frost         T-48  T-73  mc    T-25  T-67  mc    mc    T-56  T-21  dnp
 Frank Lickliter     dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-4   mc    dnp
 John Cook           mc    T-2   T-6   T-4   mc    T-47  T-23  9th   mc    dnp
 Steve Elkington     T-32  T-18  T-14  T-7   Won   T-3   T-45  3rd   dnp   dnp

 mc - Missed cut
 wd - Withdrew
 dnp - Did not play

             Past PGA Championship Winners and Runners-up (Sites)

 2000 -- *Tiger Woods (270) -- Bob May
         (Valhalla Golf Club, Louisville, Kentucky)
 1999 -- Tiger Woods (277) -- Sergio Garcia
         (Medinah Country Club (Number 3), Medinah, Illinois)
 1998 -- Vijay Singh (271) -- Steve Stricker
         (Sahalee Country Club, Redmond, Washington
 1997 -- Davis Love III (269) -- Justin Leonard
         (Winged Foot Golf Club (West Course), Mamaroneck, New York)
 1996 -- *Mark Brooks (277) -- Kenny Perry
         (Valhalla Golf Club, Louisville, Kentucky)
 1995 -- *Steve Elkington (267) -- Colin Montgomerie
         (Riviera Country Club, Pacific Palisades, California)
 1994 -- Nick Price (269) -- Corey Pavin
         (Southern Hills Country Club, Tulsa, Oklahoma)
 1993 -- *Paul Azinger (272) -- Greg Norman
         (Inverness Club, Toledo, Ohio)
 1992 -- Nick Price (278) -- Nick Faldo, John Cook, Gene Sauers, J.Gallagher,Jr
         (Bellerive Country Club, St. Louis, Missouri)
 1991 -- John Daly (276) -- Bruce Lietzke
         (Crooked Stick Golf Club, Carmel, Indiana)
 1990 -- Wayne Grady (282) -- Fred Couples
         (Shoal Creek Country Club, Birmingham, Alabama)
 1989 -- Payne Stewart (276) -- Mike Reid
         (Kemper Lakes Golf Club, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois)
 1988 -- Jeff Sluman (272) -- Paul Azinger
         (Oak Tree Golf Club, Edmond, Oklahoma)
 1987 -- *Larry Nelson (287) -- Lanny Wadkins
         (PGA National Golf Club, Palm Beach Gardnes, Florida)
 1986 -- Bob Tway (276) -- Greg Norman
         (Inverness Club, Toledo, Ohio)
 1985 -- Hubert Green (278) -- Lee Trevino
         (Cherry Hills Country Club, Denver, Colorado)
 1984 -- Lee Trevino (273) -- Gary Player, Lanny Wadkins
         (Shoal Creek Country Club, Birmingham, Alabama)
 1983 -- Hal Sutton (274) -- Jack Nicklaus
         (Riviera Country Club, Pacific Palisades, California)
 1982 -- Ray Floyd (272) -- Lanny Wadkins
         (Southern Hills Country Club, Tulsa, Oklahoma)
 1981 -- Larry Nelson (273) -- Fuzzy Zoeller
         (Atlanta Athletic Club (Highlands Course), Duluth, Georgia)
 1980 -- Jack Nicklaus (274) -- Andy Bean
         (Oak Hill Country Club, Rochester, New York)
 1979 -- *David Graham (272) -- Ben Crenshaw
         (Oakland Hills Country Club (South Course), Birmingham, Michigan)
 1978 -- *John Mahaffey (276) -- Jerry Pate, Tom Watson
         (Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, Pennsylvania)
 1977 -- *Lanny Wadkins (282) -- Gene Littler
         (Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pebble Beach, California)
 1976 -- Dave Stockton (281) -- Ray Floyd, Don January
         (Congressional Country Club (Blue Course), Bethesda, Maryland)
 1975 -- Jack Nicklaus (276) -- Bruce Crampton
         (Firestone Country Club, Akron, Ohio)
 1974 -- Lee Trevino (276) -- Jack Nicklaus
         (Tanglewood Golf Club, Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
 1973 -- Jack Nicklaus (277) -- Bruce Crampton
         (Canterbury Golf Club, Cleveland, Ohio)
 1972 -- Gary Player (281) -- Tommy Aaron, Jim Jamieson
         (Oakland Hills Country Club (South Course), Birmingham, Michigan)
 1971 -- Jack Nicklaus (281) -- Billy Casper
         (PGA National Golf Club, Palm Beach Gardnes, Florida)
 1970 -- Dave Stockton (279) -- Arnold Palmer, Bob Murphy
         (Southern Hills Country Club, Tulsa, Oklahoma)
 1969 -- Ray Floyd (276) -- Gary Player
         (NCR Country Club, Dayton, Ohio)
 1968 -- Julius Boros (281) -- Arnold Palmer, Bob Charles
         (Pecan Valley Country Club, San Antonio, Texas)
 1967 -- *Don January (281) -- Don Massengale
         (Columbine Country Club, Littleton, Colorado)
 1966 -- Al Geiberger (280) -- Dudley Wysong
         (Firestone Country Club, Akron, Ohio)
 1965 -- Dave Marr (280) -- Billy Casper, Jack Nicklaus
         (Laurel Valley Country Club, Ligonier, Pennsylvania)
 1964 -- Bobby Nichols (271) -- Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer
         (Columbus Country Club, Columbus, Ohio)
 1963 -- Jack Nicklaus (279) -- Dave Ragan, Jr.
         (Dallas Athletic Club, Dallas, Texas)
 1962 -- Gary Player (278) -- Bob Goalby
         (Aronimink Golf Club, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania)
 1961 -- *Jerry Barber (277) -- Don January
         (Olympia Fields Country Club, Olympia Fields, Illinois)
 1960 -- Jay Hebert (281) -- Jim Ferrier
         (Firestone Country Club, Akron, Ohio)
 1959 -- Bob Rosburg (277) -- Jerry Barber, Doug Sanders
         (Minneapolis Golf Club, St. Louis Park, Minnesota)
 1958 -- Dow Finsterwald (276) -- Billy Casper
         (Llanerch Country Club, Havertown, Pennsylvania)
 1957 -- Lionel Hebert (2 & 1) -- Dow Finsterwald
         (Miami Valley Country Club, Dayton, Ohio)
 1956 -- Jack Burke (3 & 2) -- Ted Kroll
         (Blue Hill Country Club, Boston, Massachusetts)
 1955 -- Doug Ford (4 & 3) -- Cary Middlecoff
         (Meadowbrook Country Club, Detroit, Michigan)
 1954 -- Chick Harbert (4 & 3) -- Walter Burkemo
         (Keller Golf Club, St. Paul, Minnesota)
 1953 -- Walter Burkemo (4 & 3) -- Felice Torza
         (Birmingham Country Club, Birmingham, Michigan)
 1952 -- Jim Turnesa (1 up) -- Chick Harbert
         (Big Spring Country Club, Louisville, Kentucky)
 1951 -- Sam Snead (7 & 6) -- Walter Burkemo
         (Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, Pennsylvania)
 1950 -- Chandler Harper (4 & 3) -- Henry Williams, Jr.
         (Scioto Country Club, Columbus, Ohio)
 1949 -- Sam Snead (3 & 2) -- Johnny Palmer
         (Hermitage Country Club, Richmond, Virginia)
 1948 -- Ben Hogan (7 & 6) -- Mike Turnesa
         (Norwood Hills Country Club, St. Louis, Missouri)
 1947 -- Jim Ferrier (2 & 1) -- Chick Harbert
         (Plum Hollow Country Club, Detroit, Michigan)
 1946 -- Ben Hogan (6 & 4) -- Ed Oliver        (Portland Golf Club, Portland,
 1945 -- Byron Nelson (4 & 3) -- Sam Byrd
         (Moraine Country Club, Dayton, Ohio)
 1944 -- Bob Hamilton (1 up) -- Byron Nelson
         (Manito Golf and Country Club, Spokane, Washington)
 1943 -- Not held due to World War II
 1942 -- Sam Snead (2 & 1) -- Jim Turnesa
         (Seaview Country Club (Bay Course), Atlantic City, New Jersey)
 1941 -- Vic Ghezzi (1 up) -- Byron Nelson
         (Cherry Hills Country Club, Denver, Colorado)
 1940 -- Byron Nelson (1 up) -- Sam Snead
         (Hershey Country Club, Hershey, Pennsylvania)
 1939 -- Henry Picard (1 up) -- Byron Nelson
         (Pomonok Country Club, Flushing, New York)
 1938 -- Paul Runyan (8 & 7) -- Sam Snead
         (Shawnee Country Club, Shawnee-On-Delaware, Pennsylvania)
 1937 -- Denny Shute (1 up) -- Harold McSpaden
         (Pittsburgh FC, Aspinwall, Pennsylvania)
 1936 -- Denny Shute (3 & 2) -- Jimmy Thomson
         (Pinehurst Country Club (Number Two), Pinehurst, North Carolina)
 1935 -- Johnny Revolta (5 & 4) -- Tommy Armour
         (Twins Hills Country Club, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
 1934 -- Paul Runyan (1 up) -- Craig Wood
         (Park Country Club, Williamsville, New York)
 1933 -- Gene Sarazen (5 & 4) -- Willie Goggin
         (Blue Mound Country Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
 1932 -- Olin Dutra (4 & 3) -- Frank Walsh
         (Keller Golf Club, St. Paul, Minnesota)
 1931 -- Tom Creavy (2 & 1) -- Denny Shute
         (Wannamoisett Country Club, Rumford, Rhode Island)
 1930 -- Tommy Armour (1 up) -- Gene Sarazen
         (Fresh Meadows Country Club, Flushing, New York)
 1929 -- Leo Diegel (6 & 4) -- Johnny Farrell
         (Hillcrest Country Club, Los Angeles, California)
 1928 -- Leo Diegel (6 & 5) -- Al Espinosa
         (Five Farms Country Club, Baltimore, Maryland)
 1927 -- Walter Hagen (1 up) -- Joe Turnesa
         (Cedar Crest Country Club, Dallas, Texas)
 1926 -- Walter Hagen (5 & 3) -- Leo Diegel
         (Salisbury Golf Club, Westbury, Long Island, New York)
 1925 -- Walter Hagen (6 & 5) -- William Mehlhorn
         (Olympia Fields Country Club, Olympia Fields, Illinois)
 1924 -- Walter Hagen (2 up) -- James M. Barnes
         (French Lick Country Club, French Lick, Indiana)
 1923 -- Gene Sarazen (1 up) -- Walter Hagen
         (Pelham Country Club, Pelham Manor, New York)
 1922 -- Gene Sarazen (4 & 3) -- Emmet French
         (Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, Pennsylvania)
 1921 -- Walter Hagen (3 & 2) -- James M. Barnes
         (Inwood Country Club, Far Rockaway, New York)
 1920 -- Jock Hutchison (1 up) -- J. Douglas Edgar
         (Flossmoor Country Club, Flossmoor, Illinois)
 1919 -- James Barnes (6 & 5) -- Fred McLeod
         (Engineers Country Club, Roslyn, Long Island, New York)
 1918 -- Not held due to World War I
 1917 -- Not held due to World War I
 1916 -- James M. Barnes (1 up) -- Jock Hutchison
         (Siwanoy Country Club, Bronxville, New York)

 * - Won in Playoff.

                            2001 Grand Slam Finishes

                       MASTERS     US OPEN     BRITISH OPEN

 Tiger Woods            Won         T-12           T-25
 Retief Goosen          mc          Won            T-13
 David Duval            2nd         T-16           Won
 Phil Mickelson         3rd         T-7            T-30
 Mark Calcavecchia      T-4         T-24           T-54
 Jim Furyk              T-6         T-62           mc
 Bernhard Langer        T-6         T-40           T-3
 Ernie Els              T-6         T-66           T-3
 Angel Cabrera          T-10        T-7            mc
 Steve Stricker         T-10        mc             T-42
 Miguel Angel Jimenez   T-10        mc             T-3
 Brad Faxon             T-10        mc             T-47
 Jose Maria Olazabal    T-15        mc             T-54
 Paul Azinger           T-15        T-5            dnp
 Vijay Singh            T-18        T-7            T-13
 Tom Lehman             T-18        T-24           mc
 Jesper Parnevik        T-20        T-30           T-9
 Jeff Maggert           T-20        T-44           mc
 John Huston            T-20        mc             mc
 Mark O'Meara           T-20        mc             T-42
 Darren Clarke          24th        T-30           T-3
 Fred Couples           26th        mc             mc
 Mike Weir              T-27        T-19           mc
 Padraig Harrington     T-27        T-30           T-37
 Steve Jones            T-27        T-30           mc
 Justin Leonard         T-27        mc             mc
 David Toms             T-31        T-66           mc
 Stuart Appleby         T-31        mc             61st
 Lee Janzen             T-31        mc             dnp
 Hal Sutton             36th        T-24           dnp
 Carlos Franco          46th        mc             T-54
 Sergio Garcia          mc          T-12           T-9
 Davis Love III         mc          T-7            T-21
 Thomas Bjorn           mc          T-22           mc
 Nick Price             mc          mc             T-21
 Colin Montgomerie      mc          T-52           T-13
 Stewart Cink           mc          3rd            T-30
 Nick Faldo             mc          T-72           mc
 Greg Norman            mc          dnp            dnp
 Michael Campbell       mc          mc             T-23

 Golftoday Network Selections
 Pick to Win - Tiger Woods, David Duval, Phil Mickelson
 Darkhorse   - Brad Faxon, Jim Furyk, Billy Mayfair

 Last week's Pick to Win (Tom Lehman) - Missed the cut
 Last week's Darkhorse (Hal Sutton) - Missed the cut

      Tiger Woods outdueled Bob May in a three-hole playoff, 12-to-13 to
 capture his second straight PGA Championship last year. One shot off the pace
 heading into Sunday's final round, May carded his third straight 66, which
 included a birdie on the final hole to force the extra session. Woods needed
 birdies on the final two holes to reach the playoff. On the first extra hole,
 Woods sank a 20-footer for birdie and then parred the next two holes while May
 parred all three holes. Woods is looking to become the first player to win
 three straight PGA Championship titles since Walter Hagen produced four
 straight from 1924 through 1927. This is the final major of the 2001 PGA Tour
 season. Woods captured The Masters in April, Retief Goosen defeated Mark
 Brooks in a playoff to win the U.S. Open and David Duval won the British Open
 in July. The method of play will be four rounds of stroke play. Following the
 first 36 holes, the field will be reduced to the 70 players having the lowest
 scores and those tied for 70th place. In the event of a tie after 72 holes,
 there will be a playoff. The PGA of America implemented a new playoff system
 last year, as Woods and May competed in a three-hole, cumulative score system
 in the event of a tie after the completion of regulation play. Playoffs have
 decided the PGA Championship four times in the last eight years. Players
 eligible for the Championship are: all former PGA Champions, winners of the
 last five U.S. Opens, Masters and British Opens, current PGA Seniors'
 Champion, low 15 scores from last year's PGA Championship, low 25 scores from
 the 2001 PGA Club Professional Championship, top-70 money leaders on the PGA
 money list through The International, members of the 1999 United States Ryder
 Cup team, winners of tournaments co-sponsored or approved by the PGA Tour and
 in addition, The PGA of America reserves the right to invite additional
 players not included in the categories above with a total field of a maximum
 of 150 players. Woods is the all-time money winner at this event with
 $1,612,625 in earnings. With a minimum of 30 rounds played, Steve Elkington
 has the lowest scoring average at 70.57. There have been five wire-to-wire
 winners of the PGA, the last coming in 1983 when Hal Sutton captured the
 event. Jack Nicklaus and Ray Floyd hold the record for the most cuts made at
 this event with 27. Hale Irwin and Arnold Palmer are next with 24. Americans
 have won four of the last five PGA Championships, however International
 players have captured five of the last 11. The Atlanta Athletic Club hosted
 the PGA Championship in 1981 when Larry Nelson captured the event. AAC has
 also hosted the 1976 U.S. Open won by Jerry Pate; 1982 Junior World Cup, 1984
 U.S. Mid-Amateur and the 1990 U.S. Women's Open. The 2002 PGA Championship
 will be held at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota. The total
 purse for the tournament will be announced on Tuesday. Next week, the PGA Tour
 has two events, as the WGC-NEC Invitational takes place at Firestone Country
 Club and the Reno Tahoe Open will be held in Nevada. Last year, Woods captured
 the NEC while Scott Verplank won in Reno.


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