Players Championship
Players Championship
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 Dates: Thursday, March 22nd through Sunday, March 25th
 Site: TPC at Sawgrass (Stadium Course), Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
 Course Architect: Pete Dye (1980)
 Par: 72
 Yardage: 7,093
 Hole-by-Hole: 1 - Par 4 392 Yds       10 - Par 4 424 Yds
               2 - Par 5 532 Yds       11 - Par 5 535 Yds
               3 - Par 3 177 Yds       12 - Par 4 358 Yds
               4 - Par 4 384 Yds       13 - Par 3 181 Yds
               5 - Par 4 466 Yds       14 - Par 4 467 Yds
               6 - Par 4 393 Yds       15 - Par 4 449 Yds
               7 - Par 4 442 Yds       16 - Par 5 507 Yds
               8 - Par 3 219 Yds       17 - Par 3 137 Yds
               9 - Par 5 583 Yds       18 - Par 4 447 Yds
                   -------------            -------------
                    36 3,588 Yds             36 3,505 Yds
 Annual: 28th
 Defending Champion: Hal Sutton
 Runner-up: Tiger Woods
 Tournament Record: 264 (Greg Norman, 1994)
 54-Hole Record: 197 (Greg Norman, 1994)
 36-Hole Record: 130 (Greg Norman, 1994)
 Course Record: 63 (Fred Couples, 1992; Greg Norman, 1994)
 9-Hole Record: 30 (Held by several players)
 Total Purse: $6,000,000
 Shares: 1st Place - $1,080,000; 2nd Place - 648,000; 3rd Place - 408,000
                             2000 Finish
 Player                Score              Player                 Score
 ------                -----              ------                 -----
 Hal Sutton             278               Colin Montgomerie       284
 Tiger Woods            279               Nick Price              284
 Robert Damron          284               Tom Lehman              285
 Scott Dunlap           284               Greg Chalmers           286
 Jeff Maggert           284               Lee Janzen              286
                                          Len Mattiace            286
                                          Mark O'Meara            286
         Past THE PLAYERS Championship Winners and Runners-Up
 2000 -- Hal Sutton (278) -- Tiger Woods
 1999 -- David Duval (285) -- Scott Gump
 1998 -- Justin Leonard (278) -- Tom Lehman, Glen Day
 1997 -- Steve Elkington (272) -- Scott Hoch
 1996 -- Fred Couples (270) -- Colin Montgomerie, Tommy Tolles
 1995 -- Lee Janzen (283) -- Bernhard Langer
 1994 -- Greg Norman (264) -- Fuzzy Zoeller
 1993 -- Nick Price (270) -- Bernhard Langer
 1992 -- Davis Love III (273) -- I.Baker-Finch, P.Blackmar, N.Faldo, T.Watson
 1991 -- Steve Elkington (276) -- Fuzzy Zoeller
 1990 -- Jodie Mudd (278) -- Mark Calcavecchia
 1989 -- Tom Kite (279) -- Chip Beck
 1988 -- Mark McCumber (273) -- Mike Reid
 1987 -- *Sandy Lyle (274) -- Jeff Sluman
 1986 -- John Mahaffey (275) -- Larry Mize
 1985 -- Calvin Peete (274) -- D.A. Weibring
 1984 -- Fred Couples (277) -- Lee Trevino
 1983 -- Hal Sutton (283) -- Bob Eastwood
 1982 -- Jerry Pate (280) -- Brad Bryant, Scott Simpson
 1981 -- *Ray Floyd (285) -- Barry Jaeckel, Curtis Strange
 1980 -- Lee Trevino (278) -- Ben Crenshaw
 1979 -- Lanny Wadkins (283) -- Tom Watson
 1978 -- Jack Nicklaus (289) -- Lou Graham
 1977 -- Mark Hayes (289) -- Mike McCullough
 1976 -- Jack Nicklaus (269) -- J.C. Snead
 1975 -- Al Geiberger (270) -- Dave Stockton
 1974 -- Jack Nicklaus (272) -- J.C. Snead
 * - Won in Playoff.
 Note: Formerly called Tournament Players Championship (1974-87).
                          Top Contenders in the Field
                                       Finish last 10 years
 Player             1991  1992  1993  1994  1995  1996   1997  1998  1999  2000
 ------             ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----   ----  ----  ----  ----
 Hal Sutton         T-68  mc    mc    T-19  mc    T-53   T-50  T-18  T-4   Won
 Tiger Woods        dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    T-31  T-35  T-10  2nd
 Nick Price         T-9   8th   Won   mc    T-37  T-46   T-24  T-8   3rd   T-3
 Colin Montgomerie  dnp   mc    dnp   T-9   T-14  T-2    T-7   mc    T-23  T-3
 Jeff Maggert       mc    T-54  mc    3rd   T-18  T-53   mc    T-51  T-46  T-3
 Robert Damron      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    T-53  mc    T-52  T-3
 Scott Dunlap       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    mc    dnp   dnp   T-3
 Tom Lehman         dnp   T-13  T-11  mc    T-14  T-8    6th   T-2   mc    8th
 Mark O'Meara       mc    T-9   5th   mc    mc    T-29   T-70  T-42  T-6   T-9
 Len Mattiace       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    T-24  T-5   mc    T-9
 Lee Janzen         mc    mc    T-34  T-35  Won   T-46   T-37  T-13  mc    T-9
 Greg Chalmers      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp   dnp   dnp   T-9
 David Duval        dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    T-4    T-43  T-18  Won   T-13
 Scott Hoch         mc    dnp   mc    mc    wd    T-19   2nd   T-5   T-6   T-13
 Fred Funk          mc    T-60  T-39  T-78  T-61  T-13   T-14  T-69  T-38  T-13
 Jeff Sluman        mc    T-40  T-46  mc    T-49  T-41   mc    mc    T-46  T-17
 Billy Mayfair      T-73  T-67  T-52  mc    18th  mc     mc    T-42  mc    T-17
 Paul Azinger       T-3   T-29  T-6   dnp   mc    mc     T-14  mc    mc    T-17
 Ernie Els          dnp   dnp   mc    T-45  T-68  T-8    T-10  T-11  T-17  T-20
 Justin Leonard     dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-34  T-65   T-37  Won   T-23  T-22
 Craig Parry        T-15  T-6   mc    T-14  mc    T-53   T-22  mc    69th  T-22
 Stuart Appleby     dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    T-14  mc    mc    T-22
 Thomas Bjorn       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp   dnp   dnp   T-22
 Joe Ozaki          dnp   dnp   T-6   T-45  T-8   mc     T-65  T-18  T-10  T-27
 Kenny Perry        T-57  wd    T-65  T-62  T-55  T-4    mc    mc    wd    T-27
 Steve Jones        T-41  dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-33   mc    T-25  mc    T-27
 Carlos Franco      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp   dnp   mc    T-27
 Fred Couples       T-23  T-13  T-39  dnp   T-29  Won    T-10  T-42  T-4   T-33
 Vijay Singh        dnp   dnp   T-28  T-55  T-43  T-8    T-31  T-54  T-20  T-33
 David Toms         dnp   mc    mc    mc    dnp   mc     mc    mc    T-20  T-38
 Scott Gump         dnp   66th  mc    dnp   dnp   T-19   T-65  T-54  2nd   T-42
 Bernhard Langer    T-6   T-29  2nd   T-27  2nd   dnp    T-31  mc    T-38  T-42
 Lee Westwood       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp   T-5   T-6   T-48
 Davis Love III     mc    Won   T-67  T-6   T-6   T-46   dq    T-57  T-10  T-48
 John Daly          mc    72nd  mc    mc    dnp   T-19   wd    T-16  wd    T-48
 Nick Faldo         T-57  T-2   dnp   5th   mc    mc     T-24  T-18  dq    T-53
 Greg Norman        T-63  T-35  T-3   Won   T-37  mc     T-53  dnp   mc    T-53
 Mark Brooks        mc    T-9   mc    mc    mc    mc     T-7   mc    T-10  T-57
 David Frost        T-41  mc    mc    mc    T-37  T-17   wd    T-42  T-52  T-57
 Jim Furyk          dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    T-13   T-53  T-35  T-17  T-61
 Brad Faxon         mc    T-67  dq    T-6   T-49  dnp    4th   T-35  T-46  T-77
 Steve Stricker     dnp   dnp   dnp   T-23  T-11  mc     mc    T-51  T-6   mc
 Mark Calcavecchia  mc    73rd  mc    T-23  T-18  T-29   T-24  4th   T-10  mc
 Joey Sindelar      T-41  T-46  T-16  T-35  dnp   mc     T-31  T-61  T-10  mc
 Skip Kendall       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp   68th  T-10  mc
 Duffy Waldorf      dnp   T-35  T-52  mc    mc    mc     T-43  mc    T-17  mc
 John Huston        T-15  T-40  mc    T-35  mc    mc     T-69  mc    T-20  mc
 Jesper Parnevik    dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-49  T-53   mc   T-25   T-23  mc
 Phil Mickelson     dnp   mc    mc    dnp   T-14  T-33   mc    T-8   T-32  mc
 Jose M. Olazabal   mc    T-9   mc    T-14  T-23  dnp    dnp   T-25  T-52  mc
 Billy Andrade      T-27  mc    T-20  mc    T-8   mc     5th   T-35  T-62  mc
 Glen Day           dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    mc     61st  T-2   mc    mc
 Rocco Mediate      T-15  mc    T-6   dnp   T-55  T-4    mc    T-57  mc    mc
 Loren Roberts      T-27  T-21  mc    T-14  T-34  T-33   3rd   mc    mc    mc
 Darren Clarke      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp   mc    T-71  mc
 Sergio Garcia      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp   dnp   dnp   mc
 Steve Elkington    Won   mc    T-16  T-51  wd    T-19   Won   dnp   T-38  dnp
 Joe Durant         dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    mc    mc    76th  dnp
 Michael Campbell   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-71   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp
 Golftoday Network Selections
 Pick to Win - Tiger Woods
 Darkhorse   - Craig Parry
 Last Week's Pick to Win (Tiger Woods) - Finished 1st
 Last Week's Darkhorse (Steve Flesch) - Missed the cut
 Hal Sutton became the oldest golfer to win this event, as he held off world
 number-one Tiger Woods by one shot in a Monday morning finish. With Sunday's
 final round suspended due to rain and lightning, Sutton and Woods were among
 a group of 20 players needing to return to the course on Monday. This was the
 fifth time in the tournament's history that the event was held over until
 Monday. The last time this occurred, Sutton also won in 1983. As the pair
 reached the 17th tee, Sutton held a slim one-shot lead over Woods. Both
 players parred 17 and Sutton iced the win with a brilliant second shot
 on the home hole to within eight feet while Woods' second shot finished
 some 30-feet from the hole, just off the green. Both players made par and
 finished the final 18 holes at one-under 71. At 41-years, 10 months and
 28 days, Sutton replaced Calvin Peete as the oldest winner of the event.
 Peete titled here in 1985 at 41-years, 8 months and 13 days. A quintet
 of golfers finished tied for third - Robert Damron, Scott Dunlap, Jeff
 Maggert, Colin Montgomerie and Nick Price. 1999 champion David Duval
 finished tied for 13th. Duval's winning total of 3-under-par 285 in 1999
 was the highest winning score at this event since moving to this site in 1982.
 Only two PLAYERS Championships have been decided in playoffs. In 1981, Ray
 Floyd defeated Barry Jaeckel and Curtis Strange on the first extra hole and
 in 1987 Sandy Lyle parred the third playoff hole to defeat Jeff Sluman. Steve
 Elkington, Fred Couples, Jack Nicklaus and Sutton are the only multiple
 winners of this event, with Nicklaus being the only three-time winner. No
 player has been able to win consecutive PLAYERS Championship
 titles in the tournament's 27 years. Elkington's victory in 1997 was the
 largest winning margin in tournament history, when he won by seven shots over
 Scott Hoch. Mark Hayes and Nicklaus own the highest winning score in
 tournament history (289), Hayes in 1977 and Nicklaus in '78. Tom Watson has
 made the most cuts at this event (21). In 1984, PGA players plunked 64 balls
 into the water on the 17th hole. The TPC at Sawgrass, designed by Pete
 Dye, has hosted this event 19 consecutive years. Al Geiberger, Greg Norman,
 Elkington and Sutton are the only wire-to-wire winners of this event. Only
 one player has competed in all 27 PLAYERS Championships: Ben Crenshaw, who
 is in this week's field. Bernhard Langer has the longest consecutive cut
 streak at 14. Last year, Langer tied for 42nd. Fred Funk has made the cut nine
 straight times while Vijay Singh has made eight straight. Both Funk and Singh
 call Ponte Vedra Beach home and practice at the TPC at Sawgrass. Only one ace
 was recorded last year at the island-green 17th hole when Paul Azinger
 recorded a hole-in-one during the third round. Elkington is the only player to
 birdie the final hole for victory when he captured the event in 1991.
 Nicklaus and Sutton are the only players to win this event on their first
 try, Nicklaus in 1974 and Sutton in 1983. Although never a winner at this
 tournament, Tom Lehman has enjoyed much success, finishing in the top-10
 four of the last five years. Forty-six of the top-50 players in the world are
 competing this week. Missing from the field are: Pierre Fulke, Jose Coceres,
 Shingo Katayaham and Toshi Izawa. The PGA Tour moves to Georgia for a couple
 of weeks as the players will be competing at the BellSouth Classic next
 week, the final tune-up for the season's first "major" The Masters, April
 5th through 8th. Phil Mickelson is the defending champion at the BellSouth,
 while Vijay Singh captured the Masters in 2000.





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