Senior PGA Championship
Senior PGA Championship
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 Dates: Thursday, May 24th through Sunday, May 27th
 Site: The Ridgewood Country Club (East, Center, West Nines), Paramus, NJ
 Course Architect: A.W. Tillinghast (1929)
 Par: 72
 Yardage: 6,904
 Hole-by-Hole: 1 - Par 4 370 yds         10 - Par 4 380 yds
               2 - Par 5 563 yds         11 - Par 4 384 yds
               3 - Par 4 458 yds         12 - Par 3 181 yds
               4 - Par 5 508 yds         13 - Par 5 547 yds
               5 - Par 3 192 yds         14 - Par 4 403 yds
               6 - Par 4 289 yds         15 - Par 3 151 yds
               7 - Par 4 407 yds         16 - Par 4 420 yds
               8 - Par 3 205 yds         17 - Par 5 559 yds
               9 - Par 4 460 yds         18 - Par 4 427 yds
                   -------------              -------------
                    36 3,452 yds               36 3,452 yds
 Annual: 62nd
 Defending Champion: Doug Tewell
 Runner-Up: Hale Irwin, Tom Kite, Dana Quigley, Larry Nelson
 Tournament Record: 268 (Sam Snead, 1973)
 54-Hole Record: 199 (Sam Snead, 1973)
 36-Hole Record: 132 (S.Snead, 1973; A.Palmer, 1984; J.Nicklaus, 1991)
 18-Hole Record: 63 (Arnold Palmer, 1984; Buck White, 1961 - PGA National, FL)
 Total Purse: $1,800,000 (2000 figures)
 Shares: 1st Place - $324,000; 2nd Place - 194,400; 3rd Place - 122,400
                              Key Players to Watch
                                   Finish Last Eight Years
 Player              1992  1993  1994   1995   1996   1997   1998  1999 2000
 ------              ----  ----  ----   ----   ----   ----   ----  ---- ----
 Doug Tewell         dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   Won
 Dana Quigley        dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    T-40   T-6   T-5   T-2
 Hale Irwin          dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    Won    Won    Won   T-11  T-2
 Larry Nelson        dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    2nd   T-43  T-2
 Tom Kite            dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   T-2
 Vicente Fernandez   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    3rd    T-35   T-6   2nd   T-6
 Hubert Green        dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    mc     mc    T-39  T-6
 John Mahaffey       dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   T-18  T-8
 Jim Ahern           dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   T-8
 Kermit Zarley       dnp   T-21  mc     T-21   DQ     T-11   T-39  T-58  T-10
 John Bland          dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    T-25   T-7    T-29  wd    T-10
 Ed Dougherty        dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   T-11  T-12
 Jay Sigel           dnp   dnp   13th   T-30   T-11   T-40   T-6   T-22  T-12
 Jack Nicklaus       T-10  T-9   9th    8th    T-22   T-2    T-6   dnp   T-12
 Allen Doyle         dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   Won   T-17
 Mike McCullough     dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    T-25   T-46   T-13  T-24  T-17
 Tom Watson          dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   T-17
 Bruce Summerhays    dnp   dnp   dnp    T-26   T-37   T-23   T-47  T-5   T-25
 Gibby Gilbert       T-19  T-27  T-29   13th   mc     T-4    mc    T-18  T-25
 Stewart Ginn        dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   T-25
 J.C. Snead          T-30  T-9   T-15   T-16   T-20   26th   T-36  T-8   T-28
 David Graham        dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    T-11   wd    T-50  T-28
 Gil Morgan          dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    T-15   3rd   T-11  T-32
 Jose M. Canizares   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    T-35   T-22  T-3   T-38
 Bruce Fleisher      dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   T-3   T-38
 John Jacobs         dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    T-31   mc     T-13  T-8   T-38
 Graham Marsh        dnp   dnp   T-24   T-5    T-15   T-20   T-18  T-18  T-38
 Bob Charles         T-7   T-4   T-10   T-5    T-15   T-7    T-29  T-32  T-44
 Gary Player         5th   T-16  T-19   T-60   T-31   T-20   T-39  T-43  T-46
 Andy North          dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   T-46
 Hugh Baiocchi       dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    T-35   T-36  7th   T-51
 Ray Floyd           dnp   T-13  T-3    Won    19th   T-35   15th  T-24  T-51
 Jim Albus           T-22  T-7   T-38   T-10   dnp    T-27   T-39  T-39  T-51
 Joe Inman           dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   T-11  T-54
 Jim Colbert         T-30  T-45  2nd    9th    T-41   T-32   T-44  31st  T-54
 Walt Morgan         dnp   dnp   dnp    T-55   T-11   10th   T-6   mc    T-54
 Simon Hobday        T-51  T-27  T-29   T-51   mc     mc     T-22  mc    T-54
 DeWitt Weaver       T-10  T-23  T-5    T-16   T-37   T-15   mc    mc    T-54
 Lanny Wadkins       dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp   T-54
 Isao Aoki           dnp   3rd   T-5    T-5    2nd    T-20   T-44  T-15  T-62
 Tommy Horton        mc    T-32  T-60   T-30   T-46   T-11   mc    T-34  T-66
 Leonard Thompson    dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-22  mc    T-66
 Tom Wargo           dnp   Won   T-10   T-30   T-15   mc     T-11  T-39  74th
 Larry Ziegler       T-22  T-39  T-24   T-21   T-15   dnp    T-47  T-8   mc
 Frank Conner        dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    T-25   T-46   mc    T-29  mc
 Dave Stockton       4th   T-23  T-3    mc     dnp    T-15   T-4   T-32  mc
 Dave Eichelberger   dnp   dnp   dnp    38th   mc     mc     mc    T-67  mc
 Arnold Palmer       T-47  T-27  mc     mc     mc     mc     mc    mc    mc
 Lee Trevino         Won   T-23  Won    T-2    T-22   T-27   mc    T-15  wd
 mc  - Missed Cut.
 wd  - Withdrew.
 dnp - Did Not Play.
          Past Senior PGA Championship Winners and Runners-up
 2000 -- #Doug Tewell (201) -- Hale Irwin, Tom Kite, Dana Quigley,
         Larry Nelson
 1999 -- Allen Doyle (274) -- Vicente Fernandez
 1998 -- Hale Irwin (275) -- Larry Nelson
 1997 -- Hale Irwin (274) -- Dale Douglass, Jack Nicklaus
 1996 -- Hale Irwin (280) -- Isao Aoki
 1995 -- Ray Floyd (277) -- Lee Trevino, John Paul Cain, Larry Gilbert
 1994 -- Lee Trevino (279) -- Jim Colbert
 1993 -- *Tom Wargo (275) -- Bruce Crampton
 1992 -- Lee Trevino (278) -- Mike Hill
 1991 -- Jack Nicklaus (271) -- Bruce Crampton
 1990 -- Gary Player (281) -- Chi Chi Rodriguez
 1989 -- Larry Mowry (281) -- Miller Barber, Al Geiberger
 1988 -- Gary Player (284) -- Chi Chi Rodriguez
 1987 -- Chi Chi Rodriguez (282) -- Dale Douglass
 1986 -- Gary Player (281) -- Lee Elder
 1985 -- Not Held
 1984 -- Peter Thomson (286) -- Don January
 1984 -- Arnold Palmer (282) -- Don January
 1983 -- Not Held
 1982 -- Don January (288) -- Julius Boros
 1981 -- Miller Barber (281) -- Arnold Palmer
 1980 -- *Arnold Palmer (289) -- Paul Harney
 1979 -- Don January (270) -- George Bayer
 1979 -- *Jack Fleck (289) -- Bob Erickson, Bill Johnston
 1978 -- Joe Jimenez (286) -- Joe Cheves, Manuel de la Torre
 1977 -- Julius Boros (283) -- Fred Haas, Jr.
 1976 -- Pete Cooper (283) -- Fred Wampler
 1975 -- Charlie Sifford (280) -- Fred Wampler
 1974 -- Roberto De Vicenzo (273) -- Julius Boros, Art Wall
 1973 -- Sam Snead (268) -- Julius Boros
 1972 -- Sam Snead (286) -- Tommy Bolt, Julius Boros
 1971 -- Julius Boros (285) -- Tommy Bolt
 1970 -- Sam Snead (290) -- Fred Haas, Jr.
 1969 -- Tommy Bolt (278) -- Pete Fleming
 1968 -- Chandler Harper (279) -- Sam Snead
 1967 -- Sam Snead (279) -- Bob Hamilton
 1966 -- Fred Haas, Jr. (286) -- John Barnum, Dutch Harrison
 1965 -- Sam Snead (278) -- Joe Lopez, Sr.
 1964 -- Sam Snead (279) -- John Barnum
 1963 -- Herman Barron (272) -- John Barnum
 1962 -- Paul Runyan (278) -- Errie Ball, Dutch Harrison, Joe Brown
 1961 -- Paul Runyan (278) -- Jimmy Demaret
 1960 -- Dick Metz (284) -- Tony Longo, Paul Runyan
 1959 -- Willie Goggin (284) -- Leland Gibson, Paul Runyan, Denny Shute
 1958 -- Gene Sarazen (288) -- Charles Sheppard
 1957 -- *Al Watrous (210) -- Bob Stupple
 1956 -- Pete Burke (215) -- Ock Willoweit
 1955 -- Mortie Dutra (213) -- Mike Murra, Gene Sarazen, Denny Shute
 1954 -- Gene Sarazen (214) -- Perry Del Vecchio, Al Watrous
 1953 -- Harry Schwab (142) -- Charles McKenna, Gene Sarazen
 1952 -- Ernie Newnham (146) -- Al Watrous
 1951 -- *Al Watrous (142) -- Jock Hutchison
 1950 -- Al Watrous (142) -- Bill Jelliffe
 1949 -- Marshall Crichton (145) -- Louis Chiapetta, J.Hutchison, G.Smith
 1948 -- Charles McKenna (141) -- Ben Richter
 1947 -- Jock Hutchison (145) -- Ben Richter
 1946 -- Eddie Williams (146) -- Jock Hutchison
 1945 -- Eddie Williams (148) -- Jock Hutchison
 1944 -- Not Held due to World War II
 1943 -- Not Held due to World War II
 1942 -- Eddie Williams (138) -- Jock Hutchison
 1941 -- Jack Burke, Sr. (142) -- Eddie Williams
 1940 -- Otto Hackbarth (146) -- Jock Hutchison
 1939 -- Not Held
 1938 -- *Fred McLeod (154) -- Otto Hackbarth
 1937 -- Jock Hutchison (223) -- George Gordon
 * - Won in Playoff.
 # - Rain shortened.
                       2001 Grand Slam Finishes
 Doug Tewell                     Won
 Mike McCullough                 2nd
 Hale Irwin                      3rd
 Gil Morgan                      4th
 J.C. Snead                      T-5
 Larry Nelson                    T-5
 John Bland                      T-7
 Bruce Fleisher                  T-7
 Allen Doyle                     T10
 Hubert Green                    T10
 Jim Ahern                       T12
 Jose Maria Canizares            T12
 Walter Hall                     T12
 Ray Floyd                       T16
 John Jacobs                     T16
 Stewart Ginn                    T19
 Gary Player                     T19
 Jim Thorpe                      T19
 Tom Wargo                       T19
 Bob Dickson                     T24
 Ed Dougherty                    T24
 Tom Kite                        T24
 Bruce Summerhays                T24
 Jim Colbert                     T29
 Vicente Fernandez               T29
 Bob Gilder                      T29
 Jack Nicklaus                   T29
 Dave Eichelberger               T34
 Andy North                      T34
 Dana Quigley                    T34
 Hugh Baiocchi                   T40
 Lanny Wadkins                   46th
 Isao Aoki                       T47
 Frank Conner                    T47
 Leonard Thompson                T47
 Joe Inman                       T52
 Dave Stockton                   T52
 Jim Albus                       T55
 Graham Marsh                    T55
 David Graham                    T59
 Chi Chi Rodriguez               T67
 Larry Ziegler                   T67
 John Mahaffey                   T73
 Golftoday Network Selections
 Pick to Win - Larry Nelson
 Darkhorse   - Lee Trevino
 Last week's Pick to Win (Hale Irwin) - Finished tied for 26th
 Last week's Darkhorse (Stewart Ginn) - Finished tied for 21st
      Only one shot clear of the field after two rounds of the rain-plagued
 event last year, Doug Tewell carded a five-under 67, his third straight
 round in the 60s, to cruise to a seven-shot win over four players and
 capture his first Senior Tour title. Tewell's three-round total of 201 was
 just two shy of the all-time, 54-hole mark of 199 set by Sam Snead in 1973.
 Hale Irwin matched Tewell and Ed Sabo for low score of the final round (67)
 and tied for second with Tom Kite, Larry Nelson and Dana Quigley. Quigley,
 who trailed Tewell by one shot heading into Monday's final round, shot a
 one-over 73. Numerous delays for thunderstorms plagued the event from the
 beginning, as the first round was completed Saturday morning. Round two was
 completed Sunday afternoon, with round three begining Sunday at 3:15 p.m.
 (et). However, play was suspended at 5:29 p.m. (et) with 75 players on the
 course. The tournament was then reduced to 54 holes and the final round
 resumed Monday morning at 7:45 a.m. (et). It marked the first time since
 the 1990 Tradition that a four-day event was shortened to 54 holes. Tewell
 will look to join Hale Irwin, Sam Snead, Paul Runyan, Al Waltrous and Eddie
 Williams as the only players to successfully defend their titles at this
 event. Irwin was the last player to accomplish this feat (1996-98). This
 is the second major of the Senior Tour season, as Tewell captured the
 Countrywide Tradition earlier this year. The 62nd Senior PGA Championship
 has a new name and site this year. After more than 60 years as the PGA
 Seniors' Championship, the event is now known as the Senior PGA
 Championship. In addition, for the first time since 1981, when it was held
 at Turnberry Isle Country Club in North Miami, Florida, the event will move
 to a new venue. This year's tournament will be held at Ridgewood Country
 Club in New Jersey. This tournament was held at Augusta National Golf Club
 for the first two years of its existence and had been held at PGA National
 in Palm Beach Gardens since 1982. This is the oldest major championship in
 Senior golf, beginning in 1937 at the suggestion of Bobby Jones. Ridgewood
 Country Club has hosted other championship events: the 1935 Ryder Cup, 1957
 U.S. Senior Amateur, 1974 U.S. Amateur and the 1990 U.S. Senior Open. When
 Tewell won last year's event, he became the 10th player in Senior Tour
 history to claim his first victory at a major championship. Tom Kite was
 the last player to do so (2000 Tradition) while Arnold Palmer was the first
 (1980 PGA Seniors'). At the 1997 PGA Seniors', Irwin set a Senior Tour
 record for the largest winning margin (12) in a 72-hole event, breaking
 the record of 11 strokes shared by Arnold Palmer and Orville Moody. Sam
 Snead holds the record for the largest winning margin of 15 when he won
 this tournament in 1973, when it was not a Senior Tour event. Irwin is the
 all-time money winner at this tournament with $837,800 in earnings. Chi Chi
 Rodriguez owns the record for the biggest come-from-behind victory in this
 event's history, when he came from six strokes down to win in 1987. The
 winner of this event will join Tewell at this year's Our Lucaya Senior Slam
 on Grand Bahama Island in November, matching the winners of the four Senior
 Tour major championships. The purse for this year's event will be announced
 later this week. Next year's Senior PGA Championship will be held at
 Firestone Country Club, followed by Aronimink Golf Club in 2003 and Valhalla
 Golf Club. The Senior Tour moves to Nashville, Tennessee next week for the
 BellSouth Senior Classic at Opryland where Irwin will defend his title.



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