Countrywide Tradition
Countrywide Tradition
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 Dates: Thursday, April 12th through Sunday, April 15th
 Site: Golf Club at Desert Mountain (Cochise Course), Scottsdale, Arizona
 Course Architect: Jack Nicklaus (1987)
 Par: 72
 Yardage: 6,990
 Hole-by-Hole: 1 - Par 4 397 yds         10 - Par 4 424 yds
               2 - Par 3 181 yds         11 - Par 3 189 yds
               3 - Par 4 475 yds         12 - Par 5 511 yds
               4 - Par 5 546 yds         13 - Par 3 146 yds
               5 - Par 4 448 yds         14 - Par 4 450 yds
               6 - Par 4 358 yds         15 - Par 5 548 yds
               7 - Par 3 194 yds         16 - Par 4 413 yds
               8 - Par 5 569 yds         17 - Par 3 197 yds
               9 - Par 4 433 yds         18 - Par 5 511 yds
                   -------------              -------------
                    36 3,601 yds               36 3,389 yds
 Annual: 13th
 Defending Champion: Tom Kite
 Runner-up: Tom Watson, Larry Nelson
 Tournament Record: 266 (Gil Morgan, 1997)
 54-Hole Record: 199 (Gil Morgan, 1997)
 36-Hole Record: 132 (Phil Rodgers, 1991; Gil Morgan, 1997)
 Course Record: 64 (Al Geiberger, 1993; Jim Colbert, 1995;
                    Rocky Thompson,1996)
 9-Hole Record: 30 (Simon Hobday, Jack Nicklaus, 1997)
 Total Purse: $1,700,000
 Shares: 1st Place - $255,000; 2nd Place - 149,600; 3rd Place - 122,400
                             2000 Finish
 Player                Score              Player                 Score
 ------                -----              ------                 -----
 Tom Kite *             280               Gary McCord             284
 Tom Watson             280               Andy North              284
 Larry Nelson           280               John Jacobs             286
 Bruce Fleisher         282               Six players at          287
 Joe Inman              283
 * - Won in playoff.
             Past The Countrywide Tradition Winners and Runners-up
 2000 -- *Tom Kite (280) -- Tom Watson, Larry Nelson
 1999 -- #Graham Marsh (136) -- Larry Nelson
 1998 -- Gil Morgan (276) -- Tom Wargo
 1997 -- Gil Morgan (266) -- Isao Aoki
 1996 -- Jack Nicklaus (272) -- Hale Irwin
 1995 -- *Jack Nicklaus (276) -- Isao Aoki
 1994 -- *Ray Floyd (271) -- Dale Douglass
 1993 -- Tom Shaw (269) -- Mike Hill
 1992 -- Lee Trevino (274) -- Jack Nicklaus
 1991 -- Jack Nicklaus (277) -- Jim Colbert, Jim Dent, Phil Rodgers
 1990 -- #Jack Nicklaus (206) -- Gary Player
 1989 -- Don Bies (275) -- Gary Player
 * - Won in Playoff.
 # - Weather Shortened.
 Note: Formerly called The Tradition at Desert Mountain (1989-91); The
       Tradition (1992-99).
                        Key Players to Watch
                                   Finish Last Nine Years
 Player              1992  1993  1994  1995  1996   1997   1998   1999  2000
 ------              ----  ----  ----  ----  ----   ----   ----   ----  ----
 Tom Kite            dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   Won
 Tom Watson          dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   T-2
 Larry Nelson        dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    T-44   2nd   T-2
 Bruce Fleisher      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    27th  4th
 Joe Inman           dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dq     T-60  5th
 Gary McCord         dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    T-5   T-6
 Andy North          dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   T-6
 John Jacobs         dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-31   3rd    T-6    T-36  8th
 John Bland          dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-7    T-25   T-25   T-9   T-9
 Mike McCullough     dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    T-17   T-6    T-14  T-9
 Bruce Summerhays    dnp   dnp   dnp   T-8   T-23   T-25   9th    T-14  T-9
 Jack Nicklaus       2nd   T-9   T-4   Won   Won    T-25   T-25   dnp   T-9
 Jim Thorpe          dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    T-7   T-15
 Jose M. Canizares   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    T-25   T-20  T-15
 Dave Eichelberger   dnp   dnp   72nd  T-28  T-50   T-21   T-49   T-36  T-15
 Gil Morgan          dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    Won    Won    dnp   T-15
 Graham Marsh        dnp   dnp   T-33  T-17  T-19   T-6    T-13   Won   T-19
 Vicente Fernandez   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    T-46   3rd    T-3   T-19
 Walt Morgan         dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-5    T-15   T-60   T-14  T-19
 Bob Eastwood        dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-37   T-8    T-20   T-45  T-19
 Howard Twitty       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    T-9   T-25
 George Archer       T-12  T-25  T-12  T-17  T-7    T-8    T-13   T-14  T-25
 John Mahaffey       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    T-28  T-25
 Doug Tewell         dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   T-25
 Lanny Wadkins       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   T-25
 Dave Stockton       T-5   T-14  T-9   T-12  T-19   T-15   T-6    T-20  T-31
 Dale Douglass       T-60  T-3   2nd   T-8   T-23   T-46   T-53   T-28  T-31
 David Graham        dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    T-21   wd     59th  T-31
 Gary Player         T-20  T-17  T-27  T-17  T-9    T-51   T-17   T-50  T-34
 Bob Charles         T-24  T-11  T-15  T-12  T-19   T-17   T-31   75th  36th
 Hale Irwin          dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   2nd    T-13   4th    T-20  T-37
 Rocky Thompson      T-36  T-40  73rd  T-12  T-17   T-67   T-39   T-40  T-37
 Al Geiberger        T-17  7th   dnp   40th  T-5    T-51   T-23   T-20  T-43
 Leonard Thompson    dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    T-51   42nd   T-3   46th
 Jim Albus           T-28  T-17  T-15  T-54  T-65   dnp    T-53   T-45  T-43
 Hugh Baiocchi       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    dnp    T-25   T-45  T-47
 J.C. Snead          T-8   T-23  T-17  T-20  T-9    T-13   T-25   T-14  T-51
 John D. Morgan      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    T-46   10th   T-7   T-51
 Butch Baird         T-31  T-52  T-25  66th  T-12   T-34   T-49   T-40  T-51
 Gibby Gilbert       T-36  T-3   T-7   T-36  T-43   T-51   T-60   T-50  T-58
 Terry Dill          T-31  T-17  T-45  59th  T-31   T-8    T-17   T-9   T-61
 Tom Wargo           dnp   T-17  T-9   T-45  T-37   T-11   2nd    T-28  T-61
 Jimmy Powell        T-12  T-65  T-4   5th   T-17   T-11   T-13   T-50  T-66
 Tom Shaw            T-24  Won   T-23  T-25  T-43   T-34   43rd   T-69  72nd
 Ray Floyd           dnp   T-3   Won   T-6   3rd    T-19   5th    T-20  wd
 Chi Chi Rodriguez   3rd   T-30  T-37  wd    T-12   T-43   70th   T-65  wd
 Jim Colbert         T-33  T-14  3rd   4th   T-31   T-59   T-11   wd    wd
 Isao Aoki           dnp   6th   T-9   2nd   T-12   2nd    T-13   T-28  dnp
 Jim Dent            T-24  T-35  T-17  T-12  T-43   T-6    dnp    T-60  dnp
 Hubert Green        dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp    T-51   T-47   wd    dnp
 dnp - Did Not Play.
 mc  - Missed Cut.
 wd  - Withdrew.
 Golftoday Network Selections
 Pick to Win - Larry Nelson
 Darkhorse   - Graham Marsh
 Last week's Pick to Win (Bruce Fleisher/David Graham) - Finished 2nd
 Last week's Darkhorse (Bob Gilder/Jim Thorpe) - Finished tied for 7th
     Tom Kite knocked his 6-iron to within six inches of the cup on the six
 extra hole to defeat Tom Watson and Larry Nelson and capture his first career
 Senior Tour victory. All three players finished regulation tied at 8-under-
 par, but Nelson, who finished runner-up at this event in 1999, bogeyed the
 second extra hole to fall out of the playoff. The extra session began on the
 18th hole and all three players birdied the par-5. On the second hole, Nelson
 missed from 5-feet to save par and dropped out of the playoff. On the fifth
 playoff hole, Watson missed a seven-foot putt for birdie which would have
 given him the title. On the final playoff hole, Watson's tee shot went over
 the green while Kite's landed just six inches from the hole. Joking with the
 crowd, Watson, knowing that he needed to hole his chip, nearly pulled off the
 trick, as his 30-foot chip hit the flagstick, finishing two feet from the
 hole. The playoff was the longest on the Senior Tour since the 1997 Pittsburgh
 Senior Classic. Kite's win made him the ninth player in Senior Tour history to
 make a major his first win. Eight players have participated in all 12
 Traditions: Bob Charles, Dale Douglass, Harold Henning, Gary Player, Jimmy
 Powell, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Tom Shaw and Walter Zembriski. Eight of the 12
 Traditions have been won by players 52 or younger. The par-3 17th hole was the
 most difficult last year with a scoring average of 3.380, making it the fourth
 toughest hole on the Senior Tour last year. Only six birdies were made during
 the event, including Kite's winning shot. The 280 winning score was the
 highest in tournament history, breaking the previous mark of 277 shot by Jack
 Nicklaus in 1991. In his first official start, Andy North posted a tie for
 sixth. Gil Morgan and Nicklaus are the only player's to defend their
 titles at this tournament. Nicklaus has won this event four times, finished
 second once and has eight top-10 finishes in his nine appearances at this
 event. Nicklaus is the first player to win the same Senior Tour event four
 times. His last victory at this event in 1996 was his 100th professional win.
 Of Nicklaus' 10 career Senior Tour wins, eight have been "majors". This is the
 first "major" on the Senior Tour this year. There have been six holes-in-one
 in tournament history: Doug Dalziel (13th hole, 1989), Gibby Gilbert (11th
 hole, 1991), Gary Player (7th hole, 1995), Jimmy Powell (13th hole, 1995), Ed
 Sneed (5th hole, 1996) and J.C. Snead last year. Nicklaus made the only
 double-eagle in event history when he holed his eight iron on the 12th in
 round three back in 1996. The purse was increased by $100,000 from last year.
 The Cochise Course has hosted this event since its inception in 1989. The
 Cochise Course has five par-5's and in 1998, Morgan was 12 under par on the
 par-5's. In 1997, Morgan was 15-under on the par-5's. This week's dates are
 the latest for the event since 1989. Part of the change has been the strange
 weather that has shadowed this event over the years. In 1990, an ice storm
 postponed the opening round, in 1997, temperatures were in the low 40s with 20
 m.p.h. winds, in 1998, another ice storm, in 1999 snow shortened the event to
 36 holes and last year, lightning and rain suspended play for one day. Next
 week the Senior Tour moves to Nevada for the Las Vegas Senior Classic where
 Larry Nelson will defend his title.

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