US Open
US Open
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Montgomerie will play US Open Sergio Garcia hoping good form will continue
Future sites of the US Open Europeans looking for first US Open win since 1970
Profiles of the leading contenders Southern Hills all set for 101st US Open
Veterans may prove Tiger's biggest threat Tiger Woods is centre of everyones attention
Heat and fitness may be decisive factor USGA take action to fix "unfair" 9th & 18th greens
Keeping it straight is the key says Tiger Mickelson hopeful despite recent putting woes
Tiger Woods aiming for fifth straight major Lee Westwood confident of success

 Dates: Thursday, June 14th through Sunday, June 17th
 Site: Southern Hills Country Club, Tulsa, Oklahoma
 Course Architect: Perry Maxwell (1936), Robert Trent Jones (1957),
                   George and Tom Fazio (1977)
 Club Professional: Dave Bryan
 Par: 70
 Yardage: 6,973
 Hole-By-Hole: 1 - Par 4 454 yds         10 - Par 4 374 yds
               2 - Par 4 467 yds         11 - Par 3 165 yds
               3 - Par 4 408 yds         12 - Par 4 456 yds
               4 - Par 4 368 yds         13 - Par 5 534 yds
               5 - Par 5 642 yds         14 - Par 3 215 yds
               6 - Par 3 175 yds         15 - Par 4 412 yds
               7 - Par 4 382 yds         16 - Par 4 491 yds
               8 - Par 3 225 yds         17 - Par 4 365 yds
               9 - Par 4 374 yds         18 - Par 4 466 yds
                   -------------              -------------
                    35 3,495 yds               35 3,478 yds

 Course Set-Up: The fairway widths in the drive zone will be between
                24 (No. 4) and 32 yards (No. 18). The primary rough
                will be grown to 3-4 inches (about one inch lower than in
                2000), and the intermediate rough will be 1 inches.
                The greens will be set to run at 11" on the Stimpmeter
                at the beginning of the week.
 Annual: 101st
 Defending Champion: Tiger Woods
 Runner-Up: Ernie Els, Miguel Angel Jimenez
 Tournament Record: 272 (Jack Nicklaus, 1980; Lee Janzen, 1993 - Baltusrol;
                         Tiger Woods, 2000 - Pebble Beach)
 54-Hole Record: 203 (George Burns, 1981; TC Chen, 1985, Lee Janzen, 1993)
 36-Hole Record: 134 (Jack Nicklaus, 1980; TC Chen, 1985, Lee Janzen, 1993;
                      Tiger Woods, 2000 - Pebble Beach)
 18-Hole Record: 63 (Johnny Miller, 1973 - Oakmont)
                    (Jack Nicklaus, 1980 - Baltusrol)
                    (Tom Weiskopf, 1980 - Baltusrol)
 U.S. Open 9-Hole Record: 29 (Neal Lancaster, 1995 - Shinnecock)
                             (Neal Lancaster, 1996 - Oakland Hills)
 Course Record: 63 (Ray Floyd, 1982)

                           Key Players To Watch

                                     Finish Last Ten Years
 Player             1991  1992  1993  1994  1995  1996  1997  1998  1999  2000
 ------             ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----  ----
 Tiger Woods        dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   wd    T-82  T-19  T-18  T-3   Won
 Miguel A. Jimenez  dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-28  dnp   dnp   dnp   T-23  T-2
 Ernie Els          dnp   dnp   T-7   Won   mc    T-5   Won   T-48  mc    T-2
 John Huston        mc    dnp   mc    mc    mc    T-82  dnp   T-32  T-17  4th
 Lee Westwood       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-19  T-7   mc    T-5
 Padraig Harrington dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    T-32  dnp   T-5
 Nick Faldo         T-16  T-4   T-72  mc    T-45  T-16  T-48  mc    mc    7th
 Vijay Singh        dnp   dnp   mc    dnp   T-10  T-7   T-77  T-25  T-3   T-8
 David Duval        dnp   mc    dnp   dnp   T-28  T-67  T-48  T-7   T-7   T-8
 Stewart Cink       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-16  T-13  T-13  T-32  T-8
 Loren Roberts      T-49  dnp   T-11  T-2   wd    T-40  T-13  T-18  dnp   T-8
 Paul Azinger       mc    T-33  T-3   dnp   mc    T-67  T-28  T-14  T-12  T-12
 Jose M. Olazabal   T-8   mc    mc    mc    T-28  dnp   T-16  T-18  wd    T-12
 Michael Campbell   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-32  dnp   dnp   dnp   T-12
 Retief Goosen      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    mc    T-12
 Phil Mickelson     T-55  mc    dnp   T-47  T-4   T-94  T-43  T-10  2nd   T-16
 Justin Leonard     dnp   dnp   T-68  dnp   dnp   T-50  T-36  T-40  T-15  T-16
 Fred Couples       T-3   T-17  T-16  T-16  mc    dnp   T-52  T-53  mc    T-16
 Scott Hoch         6th   mc    T-5   T-13  T-56  T-7   T-10  mc    mc    T-16
 Mike Weir          dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    T-16
 David Toms         dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    wd    dnp   mc    T-16
 Hal Sutton         mc    dnp   dnp   dnp   T-36  dnp   T-19  dnp   T-7   T-23
 Tom Lehman         dnp   T-6   T-19  T-33  3rd   T-2   3rd   T-5   T-28  T-23
 Steve Stricker     dnp   dnp   83rd  dnp   T-13  T-60  T-36  T-5   5th   T-27
 Nick Price         T-19  T-4   T-11  mc    T-13  dnp   T-19  4th   T-23  T-27
 Steve Jones        mc    dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   Won   T-60  mc    mc    T-27
 Tom Watson         T-16  mc    T-5   T-6   T-56  T-13  64th  mc    T-57  T-27
 Tom Kite           T-37  Won   mc    T-33  T-67  T-82  T-68  T-43  T-60  T-32
 Craig Parry        T-11  T-33  T-3   T-25  dnp   T-90  T-43  dnp   T-34  T-37
 Lee Janzen         mc    mc    Won   mc    T-13  T-10  T-52  Won   T-46  T-37
 Angel Cabrera      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-37
 Colin Montgomerie  dnp   3rd   T-33  T-2   T-28  T-10  2nd   T-18  T-15  T-46
 Thomas Bjorn       dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-68  T-25  mc    T-46
 Sergio Garcia      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-46
 Mark O'Meara       mc    mc    mc    mc    dnp   T-16  T-36  T-32  mc    T-51
 Darren Clarke      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    T-43  T-43  T-10  T-53
 Jim Furyk          dnp   dnp   dnp   T-28  dnp   T-5   T-5   T-14  T-17  60th
 Carlos Franco      dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-34  T-61
 Tim Herron         dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc    mc    dnp   T-53  6th   mc
 Jeff Maggert       dnp   dnp   T-52  T-9   T-4   T-97  4th   T-7   T-7   mc
 Billy Mayfair      T-37  T-23  dnp   mc    dnp   T-32  dnp   dnp   T-10  mc
 Davis Love III     T-11  T-60  T-33  T-28  T-4   T-2   T-16  mc    T-12  mc
 Paul Goydos        dnp   dnp   dnp   T-44  T-62  mc    T-28  dnp   T-12  mc
 Jesper Parnevik    dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-48  T-14  T-17  mc
 Corey Pavin        T-8   mc    T-19  mc    Won   T-40  mc    mc    T-34  mc
 Jeff Sluman        mc    2nd   T-11  T-9   T-13  T-50  T-28  T-10  mc    mc
 Stuart Appleby     dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   T-36  T-10  mc    mc
 Jack Nicklaus      T-46  mc    T-72  T-28  mc    T-27  T-52  T-43  mc    mc
 Curtis Strange     mc    T-23  T-25  4th   T-36  T-27  mc    mc    mc    mc
 Greg Norman        wd    dnp   mc    T-6   2nd   T-10  mc    dnp   mc    mc
 Frank Nobilo       dnp   dnp   dnp   T-9   T-10  T-13  T-36  T-40  dnp   mc
 Brad Faxon         mc    mc    T-68  T-33  T-56  T-82  T-65  T-48  dnp   mc
 Bernhard Langer    mc    T-23  mc    T-23  T-36  dq    mc    mc    dnp   mc
 Duffy Waldorf      dnp   T-57  T-72  T-9   T-13  mc    T-60  dnp   dnp   mc
 Jean Van de Velde  dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   dnp   mc
 John Daly          dnp   mc    T-33  mc    T-45  T-27  wd    T-53  68th  wd
 Steve Elkington    T-55  mc    T-33  dnp   T-36  T-40  T-24  mc    T-51  dnp

 mc  - Missed Cut
 wd  - Withdrew
 dnp - Did Not Play

                2001 Grand Slam Finishes


 Tiger Woods            Won
 David Duval            2nd
 Phil Mickelson         3rd
 Mark Calcavecchia      T-4
 Jim Furyk              T-6
 Bernhard Langer        T-6
 Ernie Els              T-6
 Angel Cabrera          T-10
 Steve Stricker         T-10
 Miguel Angel Jimenez   T-10
 Brad Faxon             T-10
 Jose Maria Olazabal    T-15
 Paul Azinger           T-15
 Vijay Singh            T-18
 Tom Lehman             T-18
 Jesper Parnevik        T-20
 Jeff Maggert           T-20
 John Huston            T-20
 Mark O'Meara           T-20
 Darren Clarke          24th
 Fred Couples           26th
 Mike Weir              T-27
 Padraig Harrington     T-27
 Steve Jones            T-27
 Justin Leonard         T-27
 David Toms             T-31
 Stuart Appleby         T-31
 Lee Janzen             T-31
 Hal Sutton             36th
 Carlos Franco          46th
 Sergio Garcia          mc
 Davis Love III         mc
 Thomas Bjorn           mc
 Nick Price             mc
 Colin Montgomerie      mc
 Stewart Cink           mc
 Retief Goosen          mc
 Nick Faldo             mc
 Greg Norman            mc
 Michael Campbell       mc

 Golftoday  Network Selections
 Pick to Win - Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Vijay Singh
 Darkhorse   - Loren Roberts, Paul Azinger, Scott Hoch

 Last week's Pick to Win (Nick Price) - Finished tied for 8th
 Last week's Darkhorse (Bob May) - Finished tied for 28th

     Tiger Woods led from start to finish and shot a 12-under-par 272 at Pebble
 Beach (Calif.) Golf Links to win the 2000 U.S. Open by a record margin of 15
 strokes. Ernie Els and Miguel Angel Jimenez tied for second place, at 3 over
 par. Woods' margin of victory was the largest in the history of major
 championship golf, beating the previous mark of 13 strokes by Old Tom Morris
 at the 1862 British Open. At age 25, Woods has already won seven USGA titles,
 including the U.S. Amateur (1994-96) and the U.S. Junior Amateur (1991-93)
 each three times. Woods opened with a six-under 65, leading Jimenez by one

The top ranked player in the world then opened up a six-shot advantage
 at the halfway point, as he carded a two-under 69. Despite an even-par third
 round, Woods increased his lead to 10 shots over Ernie Els, who carded the
 days best round, a three-under 68. Woods finished off his record setting
 performance with a bogey-free 67. He played the first 22 holes and the last 26
 holes without a bogey and didn't have a single 3-putt green all week. Since
 1991, no champion has finished better than 40th in trying to defend his Open

Three champions missed the cut the next year. The best among the group,
 beginning with 1991 champion Payne Stewart, was Corey Pavin's 40th place
 finish at Oakland Hills CC in 1996. Besides Woods, Hale Irwin was the only
 other golfer to post two rounds in the 60's. Irwin, who will be competing in
 his 31st straight U.S. Open, opened with 68 and closed with 69 as he finished
 tied for 27th. Irwin and Tom Kite are the only players in the field to have
 participated in the U.S. Open when it was last staged at Southern Hills. In
 1977, Kite tied for 27th while Irwin tied for 41st. 

This will be the eighth national championship to be conducted at Southern Hills. The first USGA
 championship at Southern Hills was the 1946 U.S. Women's Amateur. The U.S.
 Junior Amateur was held there in 1953, followed by the U.S. Open in 1958 and
 the USGA Senior Amateur in 1961. The U.S. Amateur was conducted there in 1965,
 the U.S. Open in 1977 and the first U.S. Women's Mid-Amateur - in 1987.
 Southern Hills has hosted other major championships: 1970, 82 and 94 PGA
 Championships and the 1995-96 Tour Championships. 

More than 12,000 golf balls are used on the practice range at an Open. The 642-yard 5th hole will be the
 longest par 5 in U.S. Open history and the 491-yard 16th hole will be the
 longest par 4. The fairway widths in the drive zone will be between 24 (No. 4)
 and 32 yards (No. 18). The primary rough will be grown to 3-4 inches (about
 one inch lower than in 2000), and the intermediate rough will be 1 inches.
 The greens will be set to run at 11" on the Stimpmeter at the beginning of the

In 2001, the USGA accepted 8,398 entries, the second-highest total in
 Open history. It's just 59 shy of last year's record of 8,457 entries.
 Twenty-four percent (2,045 entries) of the total was logged via the USGA
 Internet. Another 1,088 entries were received via overnight mail delivery in
 the last two days before the April 25 deadline, and 82 more entries arrived a
 day too late. There have been 31 playoffs in U.S. Open history, the last in
 1994 at Oakmont, won by Ernie Els. Curtis Strange was the last player to
 successfully defend his title when he followed up his four-shot playoff
 victory over Nick Faldo at The Country Club in 1988 with a one-shot win over
 Chip Beck, Mark McCumber and Ian Woosnam at Oak Hill in 1989. 

For the 15th consecutive year, the U.S. Open is a sellout, with 35,000 tickets sold for
 each day of the championship. Lee Trevino and Lee Janzen are the only players
 ever to shoot four rounds in the 60's -- Trevino in 1978 and Janzen in 1993.
 Woods is looking to become the first player since Jack Nicklaus in 1972 to win
 both the Masters and the U.S. Open in the same year. Only four players have
 ever won the Masters and Open titles in the same year -- Craig Wood (1941),
 Ben Hogan (1951 and 53), Arnold Palmer (1960) and Nicklaus (1972). 

This is the second major on the PGA Tour. An American has won this event in 17 of the last
 19 years. The purse was increased by $500,000 from last year. Not only will
 the winner receive a check for $900,000, but the victor also receives an Open
 exemption for the next 10 years, an invitation to the next five Masters, an
 invitation to the next 10 British Opens, an invitation to the next 10 Players
 Championships, an invitation to the next five PGA Championships and exempt
 status on the PGA Tour for the next five years. 

Payne Stewart is the all-time money winner at this event with $1,455,880 in earnings followed by Ernie Els
 with $1,307,306 in earnings followed by Woods at $1,070,540. Tony Jacklin was
 the last European player to win the U.S. Open when he captured the event in

Woods became the first player since Jacklin to win this event wire-to-
 wire. Only four other players have accomplished that feat: Ben Hogan in 1953;
 James Barnes in 1921, Walter Hagen in 1914 and Jacklin. Next week the PGA Tour
 moves to New York for the Buick Classic where Dennis Paulson will defend his
 title at Westchester Country Club.