US Women's Open
US Women's Open
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 Dates: Thursday, May 31st through Sunday, June 3rd
 Site: Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club, Southern Pines, North Carolina
 Course Architect: Donald Ross (1927)
 Par: 70
 Yardage: 6,256
 Hole-by-Hole: 1 - Par 5 481 yds         10 - Par 5 451 yds
               2 - Par 4 413 yds         11 - Par 4 367 yds
               3 - Par 3 134 yds         12 - Par 4 351 yds
               4 - Par 4 360 yds         13 - Par 3 200 Yds
               5 - Par 3 175 yds         14 - Par 4 401 yds
               6 - Par 4 393 yds         15 - Par 4 409 yds
               7 - Par 4 401 yds         16 - Par 3 177 yds
               8 - Par 4 327 yds         17 - Par 4 429 yds
               9 - Par 4 376 yds         18 - Par 4 411 yds
                   -------------              -------------
                    35 3,060 yds               35 3,196 yds
 Annual: 56th
 Defending Champion: Karrie Webb
 Runner-Up: Cristie Kerr, Meg Mallon
 Tournament Record: 272 (Annika Sorenstam, 1996 - Pine Needles - Par 70)
 Tournament Record: 274 (Alison Nicholas, 1997 - Pumpkin Ridge GC - Par 71)
 Tournament Record: 272 (Juli Inkster, 1999 - Old Waverly GC - Par 72)
 54-Hole Record: 201 (Juli Inkster, 1999 - Old Waverly GC)
 36-Hole Record: 132 (Helen Alfredsson, 1994 - Indianwood Golf and CC)
 18-Hole Record: 63 (Helen Alfredsson, 1994 - Indianwood Golf and CC)
 9-Hole Record: 30 (Pamela Wright, 1994 - Indianwood Golf and CC)
                    Juli Inkster, 1997 - Pumpkin Ridge GC)
 Course Record: 66 (Annika Sorenstam, Kris Tschetter, 1996)
 Total Purse: $2,900,000
 Shares: 1st Place - $520,000; 2nd Place - 310,000; 3rd-Place - 198,399
         4th Place - 138,275; 5th Place - 111,963
                            Key Players to Watch
                                     Finish Last Eight Years
 Player                1993   1994   1995   1996   1997   1998   1999  2000
 ------                ----   ----   ----   ----   ----   ----   ----  ----
 Karrie Webb           dnp    dnp    dnp    T-19   4th    T-31   7th   Won
 Meg Mallon            21st   T-6    2nd    T-19   T-43   mc     T-5   T-2
 Cristie Kerr          dnp    dnp    mc     T-36   dnp    60th   mc    T-2
 Rosie Jones           mc     mc     T-5    T-29   T-33   T-19   T-25  T-4
 Mi Hyun Kim           dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   T-4
 Kelli Kuehne          dnp    dnp    dnp    mc     T-21   dnp    3rd   T-6
 Grace Park            dnp    dnp    T-63   dnp    mc     dnp    T-8   T-6
 Beth Daniel           T-53   T-18   mc     T-19   dnp    T-31   T-47  8th
 Kelly Robbins         T-26   T-9    T-13   T-58   3rd    mc     T-30  T-9
 Laura Davies          T-11   T-12   T-24   6th    mc     T-11   mc    T-9
 Annika Sorenstam      dnp    dnp    Won    Won    mc     T-41   mc    T-9
 Pat Hurst             dnp    dnp    T-47   mc     T-21   T-4    dnp   T-12
 Jennifer Rosales      dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   T-12
 Dorothy Delasin       dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   T-12
 Se Ri Pak             dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-21   Won    T-14  T-15
 Lorie Kane            dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-48   T-19   4th   T-17
 Janice Moodie         dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    mc    T-17
 Juli Inkster          T-39   T-18   T-37   T-34   T-14   mc     Won   T-23
 Michele Redman        T-22   mc     T-20   T-14   T-7    T-49   T-14  T-23
 Donna Andrews         T-2    T-9    mc     mc     T-9    T-19   T-20  T-23
 Kristi Albers         mc     mc     T-57   T-42   dnp    T-49   T-30  T-23
 Charlotta Sorenstam   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    mc     dnp    mc    T-27
 Carin Koch            dnp    dnp    T-40   mc     mc     T-13   T-5   T-31
 Sophie Gustafson      dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-20  T-31
 Hiromi Kobayashi      T-4    T-54   mc     T-36   mc     54th   T-37  T-31
 Jenny Lidback         mc     dnp    dnp    T-12   T-43   T-19   T-55  T-31
 Dani. Ammaccapane     T-22   mc     mc     T-52   mc     T-4    mc    T-31
 Val Skinner           mc     mc     T-10   T-8    mc     dnp    mc    T-40
 Catriona Matthew      dnp    dnp    dnp    T-52   27th   mc     T-8   T-44
 Leta Lindley          dnp    dnp    T-5    mc     mc     dnp    T-20  T-46
 Betsy King            T-7    T-6    T-3    mc     T-28   mc     T-47  T-46
 Jan Stephenson        mc     T-54   T-51   T-54   T-48   T-57   dnp   T-46
 Barb Mucha            T-17   mc     T-73   T-36   T-51   T-41   T-47  58th
 Michelle McGann       T-7    T-18   T-40   T-42   T-33   mc     dnp   60th
 Sherri Turner         dnp    T-51   T-51   T-58   dnp    dnp    2nd   mc
 Helen Dobson          dnp    mc     dnp    dnp    dnp    T-26   T-8   mc
 Maria Hjorth          dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-8   mc
 Helen Alfredsson      T-2    T-9    T-40   mc     T-48   T-13   T-12  mc
 Liselotte Neumann     62nd   3rd    T-21   T-8    T-14   3rd    T-17  mc
 Akiko Fukushima       dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-19   T-20  mc
 Sherri Steinhauer     T-13   T-22   mc     T-36   mc     mc     T-25  mc
 Mhairi McKay          dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-7    T-30  mc
 Maggie Will           dnp    dnp    T-63   T-14   mc     dnp    T-53  mc
 Rachel Teske          dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    mc     dnp    T-53  mc
 Alison Nicholas       dnp    mc     T-47   13th   Won    mc     T-55  mc
 Jenny Chuasiriporn    dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-56   2nd    mc    mc
 Chris Johnson         T-13   mc     T-16   T-58   T-9    T-4    mc    mc
 Hollis Stacy          mc     45th   mc     mc     T-53   T-63   mc    mc
 Brandie Burton        T-39   T-43   T-28   T-3    T-14   T-15   dnp   mc
 Patty Sheehan         6th    Won    T-10   T-14   T-9    mc     dnp   mc
 Dottie Pepper         T-17   T-12   T-13   mc     T-14   T-11   T-14  wd
 Catrin Nilsmark       dnp    dnp    mc     7th    T-33   mc     T-17  dnp
 Stefania Croce        dnp    dnp    mc     T-14   T-5    T-7    T-25  dnp
 Dawn Coe-Jones        T-22   T-35   T-7    mc     T-9    T-36   T-30  dnp
 Wendy Ward            dnp    mc     T-57   T-19   mc     T-19   T-40  dnp
 Kris Tschetter        T-17   T-25   T-13   2nd    mc     T-36   T-40  dnp
 Lisa Hackney          dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp    T-5    mc     T-55  dnp
 Tammie Green          mc     2nd    T-7    T-8    T-7    T-7    63rd  dnp
 Trish Johnson         mc     mc     mc     T-49   T-19   10th   mc    dnp
 Dale Eggeling         dnp    T-31   T-16   mc     T-33   T-31   mc    dnp
 Marianne Morris       dnp    dnp    T-10   mc     T-33   mc     mc    dnp
 Jane Geddes           T-50   T-35   T-40   T-3    wd     mc     mc    dnp
 Cindy Flom            T-39   mc     dnp    T-8    mc     dnp    mc    dnp
 Cathy Johnston-Forbes mc     mc     mc     T-19   mc     mc     dnp   dnp
 mc - Missed cut
 dq - Disqualified
 wd - Withdrew
 dnp - Did not play
              Past U.S. Open Champions and Runner-up (Sites)
 2000 -- Karrie Webb (282) -- Cristie Kerr, Meg Mallon
         (Merit Club, Libertyville, Illinois)
 1999 -- Juli Inkster (272) -- Sherri Turner
         (Old Waverly Golf Club, West Point, Mississippi)
 1998 -- *Se Ri Pak (290) -- Jenny Chuasiriporn
         (Blackwolf Run Golf Course, Kohler, Wisconsin)
 1997 -- Alison Nicholas (274) -- Nancy Lopez
         (Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club (Witch Hollow Course), North Plains, Oregon)
 1996 -- Annika Sorenstam (272) -- Kris Tschetter
         (Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club, Southern Pines, North Carolina)
 1995 -- Annika Sorenstam (278) -- Meg Mallon
         (Broadmoor Golf Club (East Course), Colorado Springs, Colorado)
 1994 -- Patty Sheehan (277) -- Tammie Green
         (Indianwood Golf & Country Club (Old Course), Lake Orion, Michigan)
 1993 -- Lauri Merten (280) -- Helen Alfredsson, Donna Andrews
         (Crooked Stick Golf Club, Carmel, Indiana)
 1992 -- *Patty Sheehan (280) -- Juli Inkster
         (Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, Pennsylvania)
 1991 -- Meg Mallon (283) -- Pat Bradley
         (Colonial Country Club, Fort Worth, Texas)
 1990 -- Betsy King (284) -- Patty Sheehan
         (Atlanta Athletic Club (Riverside Course), Duluth, Georgia)
 1989 -- Betsy King (278) -- Nancy Lopez
         (Indianwood Golf & Country Club (Old Course), Lake Orion, Michigan)
 1988 -- Liselotte Neumann (277) -- Patty Sheehan
         (Baltimore Country Club (Five Farms East), Baltimore, Maryland)
 1987 -- *Laura Davies (285) -- Ayako Okamoto, JoAnne Carner
         (Plainfield Country Club, Edison, New Jersey)
 1986 -- *Jane Geddes (287) -- Sally Little
         (NCR Country Club, Kettering, Ohio)
 1985 -- Kathy Baker (280) -- Judy Dickinson
         (Baltusrol Golf Club (Upper Course), Springfield, New Jersey)
 1984 -- Hollis Stacy (290) -- Rosie Jones
         (Salem Country Club, Peabody, Massachusetts)
 1983 -- Jan Stephenson (290) -- JoAnne Carner, Patty Sheehan
         (Cedar Ridge Country Club, Tulsa, Oklahoma)
 1982 -- Janet Anderson (283) -- Beth Daniel, Donna White, S.Haynie,
         J.Carner (Del Paso Country Club, Sacramento, California)
 1981 -- Pat Bradley (279) -- Beth Daniel
         (La Grange Country Club, La Grange, Illinois)
 1980 -- Amy Alcott (280) -- Hollis Stacy
         (Richland Country Club, Nashville, Tennessee)
 1979 -- Jerilyn Britz (284) -- Debbie Massey, Sandra Palmer
         (Brooklawn Country Club, Fairfield, Connecticut)
 1978 -- Hollis Stacy (289) -- JoAnne Carner, Sally Little
         (Country Club of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana)
 1977 -- Hollis Stacy (292) -- Nancy Lopez
         (Hazeltine National Golf Club, Chaska, Minnesota)
 1976 -- *JoAnne Carner (292) -- Sandra Palmer
         (Rolling Green Golf Club, Springfield, Pennsylvania)
 1975 -- Sandra Palmer (295) -- Sandra Post, Nancy Lopez, JoAnne Carner
         (Atlantic City Country Club, Northfield, New Jersey)
 1974 -- Sandra Haynie (295) -- Carol Mann, Beth Stone
         (La Grange Country Club, La Grange, Illinois)
 1973 -- Susie Berning (290) -- Gloria Ehret, Shelley Hamlin
         (Country Club of Rochester, Rochester, New York)
 1972 -- Susie Berning (299) -- Kathy Ahern, Judy Rankin, Pam Barnett
         (Winged Foot Golf Club (East Course), Mamaroneck, New York)
 1971 -- JoAnne Carner (288) -- Kathy Whitworth
         (Kahkwa Club, Erie, Pennsylvania)
 1970 -- Donna Caponi (287) -- Sandra Haynie, Sandra Spuzich
         (Muskogee Country Club, Muskogee, Oklahoma)
 1969 -- Donna Caponi (294) -- Peggy Wilson
         (Scenic Hills Country Club, Pensacola, Florida)
 1968 -- Susie Berning (289) -- Mickey Wright
         (Moselem Springs Golf Club, Fleetwood, Pennsylvania)
 1967 -- Catherine Lacoste (294) -- Susie Berning, Beth Stone
         Virginia Hot Springs G.C. (Cascades Course), Hot Springs, Virginia)
 1966 -- Sandra Spuzich (297) -- Carol Mann
         (Hazeltine National Golf Club, Chaska, Minnesota)
 1965 -- Carol Mann (290) -- Kathy Cornelius
         (Atlantic City Country Club, Northfield, New Jersey)
 1964 -- *Mickey Wright (290) -- Ruth Jessen
         (San Diego Country Club, Chula Vista, California)
 1963 -- Mary Mills (289) -- Sandra Haynie, Louise Suggs
         (Kenwood Country Club, Cincinnati, Ohio)
 1962 -- Murle Lindstrom (301) -- Ruth Jessen, JoAnn Prentice
         (Dunes Golf & Beach Club, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)
 1961 -- Mickey Wright (293) -- Betsy Rawls
         (Baltusrol Golf Club (Lower Course), Springfield, New Jersey)
 1960 -- Betsy Rawls (292) -- Joyce Ziske
         (Worcester Country Club, Worcester, Massachusetts)
 1959 -- Mickey Wright (287) -- Louise Suggs
         (Churchill Valley Country Club, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
 1958 -- Mickey Wright (290) -- Louise Suggs
         (Forest Lake Country Club, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan)
 1957 -- Betsy Rawls (299) -- Patty Berg
         (Winged Foot Golf Club (East Course), Mamaroneck, New York)
 1956 -- *Kathy Cornelius (302) -- Barbara McIntire
         (Northland Country Club, Duluth, Minnesota)
 1955 -- Fay Crocker (299) -- Mary Lena Faulk, Louise Suggs
         (Wichita Country Club, Wichita, Kansas)
 1954 -- Babe Zaharias (291) -- Betty Hicks
         (Salem Country Club, Peabody, Massachusetts)
 1953 -- *Betsy Rawls (302) -- Jacqueline Pung
         (Country Club of Rochester, Rochester, New York)
 1952 -- Louise Suggs (284) -- Marlene Bauer, Betty Jameson
         (Bala Golf Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
 1951 -- Betsy Rawls (293) -- Louise Suggs
         (Druid Hills Golf Club, Atlanta, Georgia)
 1950 -- Babe Zaharias (291) -- Betsy Rawls
         (Rolling Hills Country Club, Wichita, Kansas)
 1949 -- Louise Suggs (291) -- Babe Zaharias
         (Prince Georges Golf & Country Club, Landover, Maryland)
 1948 -- Babe Zaharias (300) -- Betty Hicks
         (Atlantic City Country Club, Northfield, New Jersey)
 1947 -- Betty Jameson (295) -- Sally Sessions, Polly Riley
         (Starmount Forest Country Club, Greensboro, North Carolina)
 1946 -- Patty Berg (5 & 4) -- Betty Jameson
         (Spokane Country Club, Spokane, Washington)
 * - Won in Playoff.
                      2001 Grand Slam Finishes
 Annika Sorenstam         Won
 Karrie Webb              T-2
 Janice Moodie            T-2
 Dottie Pepper            T-2
 Akiko Fukushima          T-2
 Rachel Teske             T-2
 Sophie Gustafson         T-7
 Brandie Burton           T-7
 Laura Diaz               T-9
 Pat Hurst                T-9
 Laura Davies             T-11
 Dorothy Delasin          T-11
 Se Ri Pak                T-11
 Mi Hyun Kim              T-15
 Carin Koch               T-15
 Juli Inkster             T-15
 Liselotte Neumann        T-18
 Michele Redman           T-18
 Tammie Green             T-24
 Maria Hjorth             T-24
 Kelly Robbins            T-24
 Meg Mallon               T-28
 Grace Park               T-28
 Rosie Jones              T-28
 Kelli Kuehne             35th
 Charlotta Sorenstam      T-36
 Lorie Kane               T-42
 Helen Alfredsson         46th
 Donna Andrews            T-48
 Beth Daniel              T-55
 Hiromi Kobayashi         T-63
 Cristie Kerr             T-66
 Dawn Coe-Jones           72nd
 Betsy King               74th
 Barb Mucha               mc
 Sherri Steinhauer        mc
 Catriona Matthew         mc
 Michelle McGann          mc
 Kristi Albers            mc
 Patty Sheehan            mc
 Golftoday Network Selections
 Pick to Win - Annika Sorenstam
 Darkhorse   - Michele Redman
 Last week's Pick to win (Rosie Jones) - Finished tied for 4th
 Last week's Darkhorse (A.J. Eathorne) - Missed the cut
      In the end, Karrie Webb won the 2000 U.S. Women's Open by five
 strokes over Meg Mallon and Cristie Kerr. But during the course of the 
 final day, Webb squandered her four-stroke lead to fall into a tie with 
 Mallon when Meg, playing in the same group, birdied the ninth hole. Webb 
 rebounded with a birdie on the 10th and held the lead the rest of the way. 
 She birdied the final hole for good measure, and finished with a 6-under-
 par 282 total. Webb  is attempting to become the seventh woman to win 
 consecutive Women's Opens.  Annika Sorenstam was the last player to 
 accomplish this feat in 1995-96. Last  year's win was Webb's 20th of her 
 career and gave her enough points to enter  the LPGA Hall-of-Fame, 
 although she cannot be inducted until she has been on  the tour for 10 
 years. Dottie Pepper withdrew from last year's event after  seven holes of 
 the second round due to back ailments. Webb is the all-time  money winner 
 at this event with $638,032 in earnings. Meg Mallon is second  with 
 $606,852. Webb also holds the lowest scoring average at the U.S. Women's
 open at 71.45. Nancy Lopez is the only player in Women's Open history to 
 shoot  all four rounds in the 60's when she finished second to Alison 
 Nicholas in  1997. This is the only "Major" in which Lopez has not won, 
 finishing second  four times. Lopez, however will not be on hand this 
 week, as she failed to  quailfy for the tournament. The purse was 
 increased by $150,000 from last  year. Besides the prize money, the
 champion receives a gold medal, custody of  the U.S. Women's Open
 Championship Cup for the ensuing year and an exemption  from sectional 
 qualifying for the next 10 U.S. Women's Opens. JoAnne Carner is the only 
 player to participate in two playoffs, winning in 1976 and losing in
 1987. This year's special exemption was handed out to Liselotte Neumann. 
 In case of a tie after 72 holes, an 18-hole playoff will be held on 
 Monday, June  4th. There have been eight 18-hole playoffs in the history 
 of the Women's  Open, the last coming in 1998. Lauri Merten was the last 
 player to birdie the  final  hole and win the U.S. Open when she 
 accomplished the feat in 1993.  Mickey Wright and Betsy Rawls share the 
 record for most U.S. Women's Open  wins  with four each. Brandie Burton 
 won the 1989 U.S. Girls' Junior Championship at  Pine Needles. When the 
 U.S. Open was last held at this venue, Annika Sorenstam  cruised to a six-
 shot win over Kris Tschetter. This is the second "Major" of  the LPGA 
 season. Sorenstam won the Nabisco Championship earlier this year.  Next 
 year's U.S. Women's Open will be held at Prairie Dunes Country Club in
 Kansas while the 2003 Open will be conducted at Lake Merced Golf Club in
 California. Morgan Pressel, a 12-year-old from Boca Raton, Florida, earned 
 a  spot into the Women’s Open by winning a qualifier round at Bear Lakes 
 Country  Club in West Palm Beach. A seventh-grader from Omni Middle 
 School, Pressel  shot a two-under-par 70 -- including five birdies -- to 
 lead the field of 107  players that included local amateurs and 
 professionals. Next week the LPGA  Tour moves to New York for the Wegmans 
 Rochester International where Mallon  will defend her title.


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