US Senior Open
US Senior Open
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 Dates: Thursday, June 28th through Sunday, July 1st
 Site: Salem Country Club, Peabody, Massachusetts
 Course Architect: Donald Ross (1925)
 Par: 70
 Yardage: 6,709
 Hole-by-Hole: 1 - Par 4 406 Yds         10 - Par 4 406 Yds
               2 - Par 4 460 Yds         11 - Par 4 393 Yds
               3 - Par 3 148 Yds         12 - Par 3 163 Yds
               4 - Par 4 340 Yds         13 - Par 4 399 Yds
               5 - Par 3 207 Yds         14 - Par 5 503 Yds
               6 - Par 5 526 Yds         15 - Par 3 223 Yds
               7 - Par 4 418 Yds         16 - Par 4 388 Yds
               8 - Par 4 420 Yds         17 - Par 4 476 Yds
               9 - Par 4 410 Yds         18 - Par 4 423 Yds
                   -------------              -------------
                    35 3,335 Yds               35 3,374 Yds

 Annual: 22nd
 Defending Champion: Hale Irwin
 Runner-Up: Bruce Fleisher
 Tournament Record: 267 (Hale Irwin, 2000 - Saucon Valley Country Club)
 54-Hole Record: 199 (Simon Hobday, 1994 - Pinehurst Resort & Country Club)
 36-Hole Record: 133 (Dave Stockton, 1992 - Saucon Valley Golf Club)
                     (Simon Hobday, 1994 - Pinehurst Resort & Country Club)
                     (Bruce Fleisher, 2000 - Saucon Valley Country Club)
 18-Hole Record: 64 (Orville Moody, 1989 - Laurel Valley Golf Club)
                    (Bruce Fleisher, 2000 - Saucon Valley Country Club)
 9-Hole Record: 30 (Richard King, 1983 - Hazeltine National)
                   (Gordon Jones, 1987 - Brooklawn Country Club)
                   (Gary Player, 1990 - Ridgewood Country Club)
                   (Tom Weiskopf, 1993 - Cherry Hills Country Club)
                   (Ed Dougherty, 1999 - Des Moines Golf & Country Club)
                   (Jim Thorpe, John Jacobs, 2000 - Saucon Valley C.C.)
 Total Purse: $2,400,000
 Shares: 1st Place - $430,000; 2nd Place - 255,000; 3rd Place - 163,324

                             Key Players to Watch

                                 Finish Last Nine Years
 Player              1992  1993  1994   1995   1996   1997   1998   1999  2000
 ------              ----  ----  ----   ----   ----   ----   ----   ----  ----
 Hale Irwin          dnp   dnp    dnp    T-5   2nd    T-5    Won    T-3   Won
 Bruce Fleisher      dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    mc    2nd
 Tom Kite            dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   3rd
 Ray Floyd           dnp   T-7    12th   T-8   3rd    T-44   3rd    T-11  4th
 Hubert Green        dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    T-12   mc     mc    5th
 Jim Thorpe          dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    T-27  T-6
 Dave Stockton       T-3   T-30   T-4    T-21  Won    mc     6th    T-29  T-6
 Allen Doyle         dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    T-13  T-8
 John Jacobs         dnp   dnp    dnp    mc    T-17   T-40   T-48   T-13  T-10
 Tom Jenkins         dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    dnp    T-13   T-18  T-10
 Jim Colbert         2nd   12th   T-20   53rd  T-12   dnp    T-16   T-18  T-10
 Jose M. Canizares   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    T-10   T-7    T-27  T-10
 Tom Watson          dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   T-10
 Gil Morgan          dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    T-3    T-7    T-3   T-15
 Vicente Fernandez   dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   T-35   T-32   2nd    mc    T-15
 Larry Nelson        dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    dnp    wd     T-23  T-19
 Graham Marsh        dnp   dnp    T-2    T-8   4th    Won    mc     T-38  T-19
 Jack Nicklaus       T-3   Won    T-7    2nd   16th   T-5    T-13   dnp   T-21
 John Bland          dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   T-8    2nd    dnp    dnp   T-21
 Doug Tewell         dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   T-21
 Dana Quigley        dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    T-12   T-16   T-11  T-26
 Leonard Thompson    dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    T-5    T-38   T-23  T-26
 Bob Murphy          dnp   T-15   T-7    T-3   T-27   T-32   T-28   mc    T-26
 Bob Charles         T-49  T-13   dq     T-11  7th    T-18   T-33   dnp   T-26
 Joe Inman           dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    T-3   T-31
 Lee Trevino         T-18  9th    11th   7th   dnp    T-15   dnp    dnp   T-31
 Dave Eichelberger   dnp   dnp    T-13   T-48  T-35   T-5    56th   Won   T-34
 Tom Wargo           dnp   T-17   T-4    T-27  T-35   T-3    T-43   6th   T-34
 Ed Dougherty        dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    dnp    T-7    2nd   T-37
 John Mahaffey       dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    dnp    12th   T-29  T-37
 Chi Chi Rodriguez   7th   T-4    T-32   T-29  T-17   T-21   mc     mc    T-37
 Hugh Baiocchi       dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    T-5    T-7    T-8   T-41
 Gary McCord         dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    dnp    T-33   52nd  T-41
 Dale Douglass       T-14  T-4    T-25   T-51  T-22   mc     T-28   mc    T-45
 Frank Conner        dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   T-12   T-15   T-26   T-8   T-47
 Jim Albus           T-26  T-35   T-2    T-29  T-27   mc     mc     T-13  T-47
 Simon Hobday        T-8   T-10   Won    T-35  T-54   mc     T-20   T-42  T-47
 Isao Aoki           dnp   T-20   10th   T-3   11th   T-49   T-4    mc    T-47
 David Graham        dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   T-22   T-40   19th   mc    T-47
 J.C. Snead          T-27  T-40   T-50   T-5   dnp    T-32   T-22   T-13  T-58
 Bruce Summerhays    dnp   dnp    dnp    T-29  T-8    T-12   T-20   7th   mc
 Jim Dent            T-8   dnp    T-42   dnp   T-22   wd     dnp    T-8   mc
 DeWitt Weaver       T-20  T-15   T-17   10th  T-17   T-57   37th   T-23  mc
 Kermit Zarley       T-24  3rd    T-17   T-14  mc     T-21   T-38   T-46  mc
 Rocky Thompson      T-32  T-23   T-13   T-14  mc     T-21   61st   T-58  mc
 Jay Sigel           dnp   dnp    T-7    T-21  T-5    T-10   T-28   mc    mc
 Arnold Palmer       T-32  T-52   T-57   T-51  T-43   68th   51st   mc    mc
 Gary Player         T-3   T-17   T-13   T-19  T-60   T-21   dnp    dnp   mc
 Andy North          dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp    dnp   mc
 Charles Coody       T-16  T-35   T-36   dnp   T-22   T-63   T-26   T-32  dnp
 Mike McCullough     dnp   dnp    dnp    T-44  T-22   T-21   T-13   T-53  dnp
 Walter Morgan       dnp   dnp    dnp    dnp   T-8    T-21   T-38   mc    dnp

 mc  - Missed Cut
 dnp - Did Not Play
 dq  - Disqualified

        Past U.S. Senior Open Champions and Runner-up and Sites

 2000 - Hale Irwin (267) -- Bruce Fleisher
        (Saucon Valley Country Club (Old Course), Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
 1999 - Dave Eichelberger (281) -- Ed Dougherty
        (Des Moines Golf & Country Club, West Des Moines, Iowa)
 1998 - Hale Irwin (285) -- Vicente Fernandez
        (Riviera Country Club, Pacific Palisades, California)
 1997 - Graham Marsh (280) -- John Bland
        (Olympia Fields C.C. (North Course), Olympia Fields, Illinois)
 1996 - Dave Stockton (277) -- Hale Irwin
        (Canterbury Golf Club, Beachwood, Ohio)
 1995 - Tom Weiskopf (275) -- Jack Nicklaus
        (Congressional Country Club (Blue Course), Bethesda, Maryland)
 1994 - Simon Hobday (274) -- Graham Marsh, Jim Albus
        (Pinehurst Country Club (Number Two), Pinehurst, North Carolina)
 1993 - Jack Nicklaus (278) -- Tom Weiskopf
        (Cherry Hills Country Club, Denver, Colorado)
 1992 - Larry Laoretti (275) -- Jim Colbert
        (Saucon Valley Country Club (Old Course), Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
 1991 - *Jack Nicklaus (282) -- Chi Chi Rodriguez
        (Oakland Hills Country Club (South Course), Birmingham, Michigan)
 1990 - Lee Trevino (275) -- Jack Nicklaus
        (Ridgewood Country Club (Center and West Nines, Paramus, New Jersey)
 1989 - Orville Moody (279) -- Frank Beard
        (Laurel Valley Country Club, Ligonier, Pennsylvania)
 1988 - *Gary Player (270) -- Bob Charles
        (Medinah Country Club (Number Three, Medinah, Illinois)
 1987 - Gary Player (270) -- Doug Sanders
        (Brooklawn Country Club, Fairfield, Connecticut)
 1986 - Dale Douglass (279) -- Gary Player
        (Scioto Country Club, Columbus, Ohio)
 1985 - Miller Barber (285) -- Roberto De Vicenzo
        (Edgewood Tahoe Golf Club, Stateline, Nevada)
 1984 - Miller Barber (286) -- Arnold Palmer
        (Oak Hill Country Club, Rochester, New York)
 1983 - *Billy Casper (288) -- Rod Funseth
        (Hazeltine National Golf Club, Chaska, Minnesota)
 1982 - Miller Barber (282) -- Gene Littler, Dan Sikes
        (Portland Golf Club, Portland, Oregon)
 1981 - *Arnold Palmer (289) -- Billy Casper, Bob Stone
        (Oakland Hills Country Club (South Course), Birmingham, Michigan)
 1980 - Roberto De Vicenzo (285) -- William C. Campbell
        (Winged Foot Golf Club (East Course), Mamaroneck, New York)

 * - Won in Playoff.

                         2001 Grand Slam Finishes

                               Tradition     Senior PGA

 Doug Tewell                     Won            T-8
 Tom Watson                      dnp            Won
 Mike McCullough                 2nd            T-65
 Hale Irwin                      3rd            T-5
 Gil Morgan                      4th            dnp
 J.C. Snead                      T-5            dnp
 Larry Nelson                    T-5            T-27
 John Bland                      T-7            T-17
 Bruce Fleisher                  T-7            7th
 Allen Doyle                     T10            4th
 Hubert Green                    T10            T-27
 Jim Ahern                       T12            T-40
 Jose Maria Canizares            T12            T-61
 Walter Hall                     T12            T-10
 Ray Floyd                       T16            T-40
 John Jacobs                     T16            T-40
 Stewart Ginn                    T19            T-5
 Gary Player                     T19            T-8
 Jim Thorpe                      T19            2nd
 Tom Wargo                       T19            T-20
 Bob Dickson                     T24            mc
 Ed Dougherty                    T24            T-49
 Tom Kite                        T24            T-23
 Bruce Summerhays                T24            T-10
 Jim Colbert                     T29            T-36
 Vicente Fernandez               T29            T-25
 Bob Gilder                      T29            3rd
 Jack Nicklaus                   T29            12th
 Dave Eichelberger               T34            T-40
 Andy North                      T34            mc
 Dana Quigley                    T34            T-15
 Hugh Baiocchi                   T40            T-40
 Lanny Wadkins                   46th           T-15
 Isao Aoki                       T47            T-20
 Frank Conner                    T47            T-27
 Leonard Thompson                T47            mc
 Joe Inman                       T52            T-20
 Dave Stockton                   T52            T-56
 Jim Albus                       T55            79th
 Graham Marsh                    T55            T-27
 David Graham                    T59            mc
 Chi Chi Rodriguez               T67            dnp
 Larry Ziegler                   T67            T-67
 John Mahaffey                   T73            dnp

 Golftoday Network Selections
 Pick to Win - Hale Irwin
 Darkhorse   - Allen Doyle

 Last week's Pick to Win (Hale Irwin) - Finished tied for 13th
 Last week's Darkhorse (Jay Sigel) - Finished tied for 48th

      Two shots off the torrid pace of Bruce Fleisher after three rounds, Hale
 Irwin carded his second straight 65 to defeat Fleisher by three shots and
 capture his fifth USGA Championship. Irwin, who birdied 23 of the 72 holes and
 15 of the last 36, set a new 72-hole scoring mark at 267, breaking the
 previous mark of 270 set by Gary Player in 1987. Irwin also captured this
 event in 1998 when he defeated Vicente Fernandez by one shot at Riviera
 Country Club in California. In his six appearances at the Senior Open, Irwin
 has two wins, a second, a third and two fifths. Irwin will try to join Miller
 Barber and Gary Player as the only players to win this event two straight
 years. Jack Nicklaus has finished in the top-10 seven times in the 10
 appearances at this event, with two wins. The seven players who have won both
 the U.S. Senior Open and the U.S. Open are: Orville Moody, Gary Player, Billy
 Casper, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino and Irwin. The championship
 is played at stroke play over 72 holes. There are 156 players in the
 championship field, comprised of those advancing from sectional qualifying,
 and those exempt from sectional qualifying. After 36 holes, the field is cut
 to the 60 lowest scores and ties and anyone within 10 strokes of the leader.
 If a playoff is needed, the U.S. Senior Open will use a multiple-hole,
 aggregate score format. If there is a tie or ties at the end of 72 holes,
 a 3- or 4-hole playoff will follow immediately. If the playoff results in a
 tie, play will continue hole-by-hole until a champion is determined. There
 have only been four playoffs in U.S. Senior Open history, the last in 1991
 when Nicklaus defeated Chi Chi Rodriguez by four shots. This is the third
 major on the Senior Tour. Doug Tewell won the Tradition in April and Tom
 Watson captured the Senior PGA Championship in May. The Senior Open is
 making its first stop at Salem C.C., but the USGA has visited four times previously,
 the most recent being the 1984 U.S. Women's Open won by Hollis Stacy. The
 other USGA championships contested at Salem C.C. were the 1954 U.S. Women's
 Open (won by Babe Didrikson Zaharius by eight strokes), the 1977 USGA Senior
 Amateur (won by Dale Morey) and the 1932 U.S. Women's Amateur (won by
 Virginia Van Wie, the first of three consecutive titles). The Commonwealth of
 Massachusetts will be hosting its 48th USGA championship when the Senior
 Open arrives in Peabody. The most recent was the 1997 U.S. Women's Amateur at
 Brae Burn C.C. in Newtonville. With the 1897 U.S. Women's Amateur at Essex C.C. in
 Manchester, the USGA conducted its first championship in the Bay State. Only
 two other Massachusetts clubs - The Country Club in Brookline with 15 and Brae
 Burn C.C. with 7 have hosted more USGA championships than Salem C.C. Only
 Pennsylvania, New Jersey and California have been more frequent hosts than
 Massachusetts. The USGA accepted 2,953 entries in 2001. A record 3,007 entries
 were accepted in 2000. In contrast, 631 entries were accepted in 1980, the
 first year of the U.S. Senior Open. The Senior Open is open to any
 professional or amateur with a USGA Handicap Index not exceeding
 3.4 who turns 50 on or before June 28, 2000. The purse was increased by
 $150,000 from last year. Gary Player and Tom Weiskopf are the only players to
 post four consecutive rounds in the 60's and win -- Player in 1987 and
 Weiskopf in 1995. Not only will the winner of this year's event receive an
 automatic berth into the Senior Slam, but he will also be exempt for next
 year's U.S. Open at Bethpage in New York. Next year's Senior Open will be held
 at Caves Valley Golf Club in Maryland, Inverness Club in Ohio in 2003,
 Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis in 2004, Plainfield Country Club in 2005
 and Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club in North Plains, Oregon in 2006. Lanny Wadkins
 and Stewart Ginn withdrew from the tournament. Next week the Senior Tour moves to
 Michigan for the Farmers Charity Classic where Larry Nelson will defend his


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