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US Open
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Pinehurst No.2

----   ---   -----    -----------

  1     4     401     The opening hole of Pinehurst No. 2 is
                      not overly difficult, but it keeps you
                      on your toes.  It is a short, straight hole
                      that enables players to use a fairway wood
                      off the tee to keep the ball in play.  Those
                      who fail to hit the fairway and find the right
                      rough will have to clear a bunker that is
                      positioned about 20 yards in front of the green.
                      Out of bounds runs down the left side of the hole.

  2     4     469     Things begin to get a little more difficult with
                      this slight dogleg to the right.  The target off
                      the tee is the left-center of the fairway, but
                      that leaves the player open to finding the four
                      fairway bunkers on the left side, not to mention
                      out of bounds just past the bunkers.  This green
                      lends itself to several good hole locations and is
                      a very demanding target.

  3     4     336     Donald Ross liked to give players plenty of room
                      off the tee, but with a narrow fairway, this short
                      par-4 forces a player have to make a decision.
                      Players have the option of laying up in front of the
                      bunker and away from the pair of bunkers on the left,
                      or they can risk trying to clear all the bunkers.
                      Among other things, a player's standing in the
                      Championship will dictate what strategy is chosen.
                      The green is a steep back-to-front slope, typical of
                      a Ross design.

  4     5     565     The first par-5 on the course offers players a good
                      birdie opportunity.  Players will need to stay right
                      off the tee and will have the option of going for the
                      green or laying up between two bunkers 80-90 yards off
                      the green.  An accurate short iron will make for easy
                      putting as this green has less crown than many others
                      on the course.

  5     4     472     Donald Ross considers this par-4 to be one of the most
                      difficult holes on the course.  It requires a long iron
                      approach with the ball above your feet into a green with
                      some of the most difficult hole locations on the course.
                      Players and caddies will be challenged reading putts on
                      this green.

  6     3     220     The first par-3 on the course is guarded by two
                      green-side bunkers and a large slope, or false front,
                      in the front of the green.

  7     4     404     This hole is the sharpest dogleg on the course and is
                      heavily guarded by bunkers on the right side of the
                      fairway and around the green.  Long drivers may attempt
                      to cut the corner and get close to the green, leaving
                      them a short iron play into a green sloping from back
                      to front.

  8     4     467     Most players will favor the right side of the fairway
                      and allow for the right-to-left slope to bring the ball
                      into the middle of the fairway.  The approach is crucial
                      on this hole as the green slopes dramatically from back
                      to front.  If a player misses left or long, he could
                      find a collection area nearly 20 yards off the green.

  9     3     175     This par-3 is the shortest hole on the course but
                      being accurate off the tee is critical as the green is
                      surrounded by bunkers.  The green is wide and shallow and
                      slopes from left to right, with a ridge running from back
                      to front.

Out    35   3,509

 10     5     607     The longest hole on the course may be reachable in two
                      to some of the long drivers on the tour but they will
                      need two long, accurate shots to get there.  Most players
                      will need a good drive, and a solid second shot avoiding a
                      fairway bunker should leave them with a wedge into the
                      green.  The green slopes left to right and the putting
                      surface drops off into a collection area behind the green.

 11     4     476     This marks a critical stretch of par-4s on the back nine.
                      The fairway appears wide but is bordered on the right
                      side by wire grass and harpan sand.  Players will stay left
                      off the tee and will look to hit the right-center portion
                      of green for a safe approach.

 12     4     449     A solid tee shot to the left-center of the fairway will
                      give the player the best look at the green but if the
                      fairway is missed, holding the green becomes a difficult
                      task.  A deep swale runs from the left across the green
                      and can kick a workable approach well off to the left.

 13     4     378     This short par-4 will force players to make a decision.
                      They easily should clear the bunkers on the right side
                      of the fairway but the green sits 15-20 feet above the
                      fairway, and any ball left short will roll well back into
                      the fairway.

 14     4     468     A very straight hole that accentuates Ross' use of
                      swales around the green.  A player who goes long could
                      roll 25 yards beyond the green while missing right could
                      put the player into a bunker that sits well below the
                      putting surface.

 15     3     203     This par-3 provides players with one of the toughest
                      putting surfaces on the course.  The green is severely 
                      crowned and getting the ball to rest on it is
                      diffcult.  Any shots missed right will be swallowed by a
                      deep green-side bunker and false front will repel any shots
                      left short.

 16     4     492     The only water on the course and a fairway bunker should
                      not come into play on this hole but the green-side bunkers
                      will be in play.  A long drive and middle iron are all
                      that is needed reach this long par-4 but the green is
                      surrounded by bunkers on the right and left.

 17     3     190     This par-3 is guarded by five bunkers and is especially
                      tough with a right-side hole location. Bunkers in the
                      right front and back right are ready to swallow up any
                      misjudged shots.

 18     4     442     The last hole on this Donald Ross masterpiece is an uphill
                      right to left par-4.  A long tee shot over the right-side
                      fairway bunker will leave a mid-to-short iron into the
                      green.  Hitting the green is critical as the green-side
                      bunker is very tough and getting up and down from beyond
                      the green is very rare.

 In    35   3,705

 Total 70   7,214