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Hottest ever major takes its toll

At least 264 people were treated for heat exhaustion during the U.S. PGA Championship which ended on Sunday after what are believed to be the hottest conditions ever for a major golf championship.

Temperatures hit 102 degrees (39 Celsius) during the final round as Tiger Woods claimed victory at Southern Hills Country Club.

Frank Mitchell, head of the tournament medical committee, told reporters so many people were being treated on Sunday that it was hard to keep count.

"It was overwhelming in the last couple of hours," Mitchell said. "It was like a war zone. People were out here for a long time and they wanted to stick around to see Tiger."

Some 85 people were treated at the course on Sunday, the hottest day of the tournament. Temperatures hit at least 100 degrees on each of the four days of the championship.

Nearly 40 people were hospitalised for heat-related complaints during the week, with one woman's vital signs being critical before she was revived and taken to hospital, Mitchell said.

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